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💥A period should end a sentence not a girl's education. 🎥 Creators of the OSCAR®-WINNING doc @periodendofsentence 🤝To donate, visit our website:

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How much do we actually spend on tampons❓According to @huffpost , if a woman uses tampons and changes them every six hours, she will spend around 1770 dollars in her lifetime on just tampons(assuming she purchases a box of 36 tampons for $7)... Let’s make tampons more affordable/accessible for all‼️ 🔁 @unpunished.women

“My time in school was one of the most defining, transformative experiences of my life. It’s one thing to tell girls that they can do amazing things, and that they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but if we’re not giving them the tools and opportunities to do it, it’s pointless.” 🔺 This month we are celebrating by sharing actor and advocate, @hereisgina ‘s Op-Ed about why having access to menstrual products is a basic human right. Check it out here 🔺 Our goal at The Pad Project is to end period stigma and continue to create the dialogue around the world about period poverty. To support our mission consider donating menstrual hygiene products to your local homeless shelter.

It’s Monday, so waking up this morning definitely qualifies as hard… 💤 This morning in particular was both painful and exciting. We had a late and incredible fruitful call last night to coordinate some of our more exciting upcoming plans, including a partnership with a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan (!!!!!!!!) On top of all that excitement, school is back in full swing, and managing full course loads as students and all of the amazing work that comes out of The Pad Project is definitely an interesting balance 📒 Given all of that, this morning came way too soon. Regardless, it was also super exciting to wake up, already thinking about next steps and how we can continue to push our mission further! So this is your Monday Motivation! Because anything worth doing is going to be difficult, but that just makes the result even sweeter. Go grab your Monday’s and have wonderful and rewarding weeks! 💖 📸 @hollyrodfdn

It’s officially September, which means Back to School shopping! 📚For most people the search for color coordinated backpacks, notebooks, and gel pens is a fun experience, but for many without financial security, checking off that Back to School shopping list brings headaches about how to stretch an already tight budget. The challenge to afford books and school supplies burdens many families around the U.S. and world, and it’s unfortunately magnified by the inability to afford basic necessities like menstrual hygiene products. The Pad Project is working to solve this problem for those in need by taking menstrual products off the shopping list. We want to make menstrual products a given, not a luxury item. 👊🏼 📕1 in 4 girls in Kenya drops out of school by the time she reaches puberty 📕1 in 5 girls in India drops out of school by the time she reaches puberty 📕1 in 5 girls in the U.S. have missed school due to lack of period products The Pad Project was started by students, for students. We are comprised of students ranging from middle school to college. As students, we’ve seen first hand how few schools across the country regularly stock free menstrual products. Many times, if there are supplies, they are being provided by nurses, guidance counselors, and teachers who are going out of their way for their students. Teachers, we see you and love all that you are doing. Thank you!!! Consider making a donation today by texting 'MHM' to 71777 or by visiting the link in bio♥️ 📸 @fromwhereiteach

is a real issue that some trans-men deal with and no one should mock their experiences. Anyone who menstruates deserves sanitary products–no matter their gender identity or expression. This is just one of many reasons why menstrual products should be available in all publically used bathrooms, regardless of suggested gender assignments! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@theagenda.period is the first planner to help women sync their business tasks with their menstrual cycle. 📙For many menstruators around the world, harnessing the power of their period is out of the question as they are lacking the basic products they need to get through their cycle.💥 Everyone's cycle is different, but understanding your hormone or energy levels can help increase productivity. We are excited to be partnering with @theagenda.period where 10% of the proceeds from their agenda will be donated to The Pad Project! 🧡

@aknbooks purchased her @theluckyfeather X The Pad Project Giving Bracelet and you can too! 📿 50% of the funds go directly to The Pad Project to support partner communities all over the world and help break the stigma surrounding periods! 🤩 📸: @aknbooks


WE HAVE LOTS OF EXCITING UPDATES to share from our India-based partners at Action India! ❗️ Ajeya Deep (Pad Project coordinator) and Gaurav Sharma (Global Lead for The Pad Project) visited the Hapur district a few weeks ago to check in on the two pad machines set up in Kathikhera and Sudna and the women who operate them to better understand the state of the community and the work taking place. 🔴 Ever since Period. End of Sentence. brought the subject of menstruation and the pad machines in Hapur to the public eye, communities have grown to accept discussions about periods in a more dignified way. Male community members, especially husbands and brothers, have grown to support women in their communities’ ambition, entrepreneurship, and pursuit of income! 💪 🔴 In these communities, periods no longer remain taboo subjects and they even cut across some of the more conservative religious lines of thought. There is currently a demand for 20,000 pads per month and Action India projects that based upon their growth that number will grow to 30,000 pads in next 3 to 4 months! 🔴 This is just the beginning—for MORE information, keep an eye out for the release of our newsletter coming soon! 📝

It’s just our luck that the amazing @theluckyfeather created this beautiful bracelet, which can double as your donation to @thepadproject as a daily reminder of the importance of menstrual equity ♥️$5 from every bracelet sold will benefit The Pad Project and menstruators everywhere 🤩 Purchase it here:

Classes shouldn't be spent tracking the ticking of the ⏰ and waiting until the dreaded moment when you bleed through your tampon, hoping it will just hold till your next break. As we head back to school, it's so important to remember that menstruators may have to miss class because they don't have access to menstrual products, or waste energy panicking because they used their backup pad last week and need one now—undue burdens that non-menstruators take for granted. 📚 This Fall, remember that 1 in 10 menstruators in the UK has been unable to afford menstrual products. Consider including pads and other menstrual products in your next back-to-school donation‼️ 🎨: @jemima.ruby.illustration

Getty House Foundation

Today is Women’s Equality Day! What’s that? It’s a day commemorating the addition of the 19th amendment to the constitution (AKA the day that women were granted the right to vote!) While we celebrated Women’s Equality Day with a bunch of powerful feminists, we also want to take today to acknowledge all of the women who have worked tirelessly before us whose names may not be in our history books. Despite the fact that women technically earned the right to vote, many women of color and other marginalized groups still had to overcome the systematic oppression that often prevented them from voting. 💜🤝

‼️ As of last night, The Pad Project is now utilizing @mobilecause, a platform dedicated to peer-to-peer fundraising. MobileCause is a global platform, which has allowed us to streamline our donation process, as well as introduce Text to Donate (text PadProject to 717-77), which means that you can donate to us (and so many of your other favorite organizations!) via text . Even more exciting, MobileCause is the perfect platform for group fundraisers, meaning that you and your friends can join as a team, and fundraise together. You can challenge nearby schools and groups to see which fundraiser can raise the most! In the following months, we will also be rolling out different ways to “sponsor” machines, and introduce the opportunity to earmark your donation for a specific community or project within our organization that speaks to you the most! We are so excited for this new development, and know that this will be a wonderful way to engage with our amazing supporters, and continue to break down all barriers to ending period poverty across the globe! As always, if you have any questions, comment below, or email and we will be more than happy to clarify where possible. ‼️ ALSO, can we talk about what BABIES we are in these pictures?? Found in the depths of the yearbook, they’re the perfect bake sale TBT to announce MobileCause💗 Link in bio to set up your own page!

We’re excited to share our partnership with @mindfultshirt - an environmentally conscious clothing company that believes in giving back! They’ve decided to donate 10% of the proceeds of their new taboo-busting tee “period” to us ❤️➡️ Purchase it today,, to support us, as well as a small business (plus, you get a cute tee out of it 😉)

Happy National Nonprofit Day! We are a nonprofit organization created almost 7 years ago by a group of young women and girls who wanted to enact global change. It took years of hard work, support, and partnerships to earn the 501(c)(3) status we have today, but it was 100% worth it 💪 In honor of , donate to your favorite nonprofit! We definitely know ours 😉 🎨: @theresgoodinstore

The Wing

Last night we headed to The Wing, a women's community workspace, for a special screening of @periodendofsentence and a great conversation lead by the incredible @natasharothwell 🥰 Thank you @the.wing for having us! 👐

Very little research has been done on periods and period related pain making it even harder to diagnose endometriosis—something that 1 in 10 menstruators can suffer from! 🌡 It’s time we got more comfortable with our doctors and take our pain seriously! 🎨: @_thepeachfuzz & @nicolemjardim

is a timely reminder that age is truly just a number, and that anyone can make an impact, big or small, old or YOUNG! 👼 When we started The Pad Project almost 7 years ago many of us were as young as 13 years old. The first photo was way back in 2016 and it’s exciting to see how much our team has grown and changed since then! Hard to believe so much has happened with The Pad Project over the years and at the same time, this still feels like yesterday... 💞

Here’s your daily reminder that 35 states in the United States still consider sanitary products like tampons and pads to be a LUXURY GOOD! 🤯That means that every time you go to buy these items, you must pay a value-added tax, unlike the tax exemption status granted to other products considered basic necessities like most food, medicine, and CONDOMS💰Having access to menstrual products that you can afford is a necessity, NOT a luxury‼️ 🎨: @hellosunshine

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