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Official page for on Netflix. This page is hosted by Carnival Films.
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Repost from @jeppeblinsta - Here i am waiting for the call for action with my riding double Gábor Békési and "my" horse Joker. @thelastkingdom

Repost from @magnusbruun - Hanging up Cnut’s hair and losing the beard after wrapping my scenes for season 4. 👊 I’m looking forward to you all seeing just how much of a Cnut I’ve been. Because as you know; Once a Cnut always a Cnut.. 🦊🤘

Celebrating the 100th day of filming The Last Kingdom season 4, Vicki Delow, producer, and the crew bring a new meaning to the word warriors! 🍻 here's to many more. - -

Aelswith and Aethelflaed always find something to laugh about on set for Season 4. - -

Repost from @magnusbruun - Back in the makeup trailer getting ready to be a Cnut once again.🔥

Reposted from @pixxpickles - I am honoured and blessed to work with this truely professional one of the first new pictures of the lord @netflix @carnivalfilms @alexander.dreymon

Repost - Summer, the heat is on.

Farewell .

Repost from @alexander.dreymon - Horsing around on set for season 4.

The official first look images of The Last Kingdom season 4 are here! Join Uhtred next year on Netflix as the battle continues. ⚔️🛡 -

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