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Ok so a can of beans is like... What, a dollar? And, yeah, a bag of dried beans works out to be marginally cheaper by the serving and that's cool and all but what if we're all missing something here? Like the plain and simple fact that beans can be *so much more* than just an inexpensive source of protein if we would just let them. They can be cheap, and there's nothing wrong with that; but let's look at these fancy blow-your-budget beans as we would ground beef and beef tenderloin. They're just a little extra special something to treat yourself to now and again, and at $7 a bag, they truly are worth every penny. Read more about why @sheela.m.prakash loves @rancho_gordo beans so much at the link in our profile! (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @cydmcdowell)

Everyone has been posting these confit tomatoes from @ciaosamin’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat in , and @arielknutson didn't understand the obsession... until she tried them. In her words: "OH BOY IS IT GOOD - especially when paired with ricotta and homemade focaccia. Approve strongly." (Image: @arielknutson)

Soft, custardy Australian folded eggs are the latest and greatest in breakfast trends. More custardy than an omelet, sturdier than typical scrambled eggs, and especially good on avocado toast. You won't even miss the runny yolk. Watch @graceelkus to see how it's done, and grab the link for the details in our bio.

Who knew that matching your kitchen to your KitchenAid stand mixer would be such a brilliant idea!? This fresh and bright space looks like the perfect place to enjoy a slice of pie and a hot cup of coffee. This month, we're counting down some of the most popular kitchens on our sister site, @apartmenttherapy. Click the link in our bio to see the rest! (Image: @ellie.lillstrom | Home: @neon_doves)

@quyenweng put an artful twist, inspired by the work of illustrator @wendymac, on her weeknight chicken pot pies from @ciaosamin's book (we'll let you guess the title 😉)! She noted an interesting step: you finely chop the chicken skin to add to the filling, which adds unmatched richness and flavor. Definitely worth a try. (Image: @quyenweng)

These tender, buttery sweet potatoes require just three simple ingredients – sweet potatoes, butter, and salt – but there is a fourth ingredient that's not listed there: patience! Give the little starchy coins plenty of time to sit and caramelize in the oven for maximum flavor. Serve alongside chicken or pork for a no-stress side. Recipe at the link in our profile! (Recipe: @meghan_splawn)

@meghan_splawn already knows her way around a chicken, but if you add her general kitchen badassery to @ciaosamin’s buttermilk chicken recipe, well: this is what you get. It's literally salt, buttermilk, and chicken. That's it. If there's one thing we've learned from Samin, it's that there's beauty in simplicity. And plenty of deliciousness too. (Image: @meghan_splawn)

Santa Barbara, California

The first stop [at the farmers market] is Roots Farm where I get my lettuce. Jacob knows my order and will set aside a case of the lettuces that I like, and tuck them out of sight. They have this very light pastel radicchio that’s pearly pink. Even if I get there late, he has it waiting for me. 🍽 I like to get there before the market bell rings though, because the farmers market is quite the social thing in Santa Barbara. You’ll bump into everyone, which is so nice — if you have the time. But I’m usually trying to get in and out as soon as possible. 🍽 Then I’ll go see Tom who has the most beautiful baby carrots and really nice, spicy, wild arugula. Then I go to my fruit stand for gorgeous plums, peaches, and apricots. BD is my favorite of all the stands. He has the most gorgeous flowers and herbs and is the sweetest human being who always asks about my family and Lulu. 🍽 @aydarobana is a personal chef, caterer, and food stylist. When she’s not shopping at the farmers market, Ayda is cooking for her family in her cozy blue kitchen, which reminds her of summers spent with her family in Tunisia. We got to talk to her about the Tunisian ingredients she loves to buy at Trader Joe’s, and the family recipe she hopes her daughter, Lulu, will master one day. Read the full story at the link in our bio. (Images: @leelacyd | Interview: @laurmasur)

If you're craving a rich and creamy dinner in a flash, this lemony ricotta pasta is the recipe for you. It all comes together in a no-cook sauce that melts almost immediately when tossed with hot pasta. Try it with @delallofoods' penne to catch all that lemon-ricotta goodness. Click the link in our bio for the recipe!

If you've seen @ciaosamin's hit show Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, you'll likely recognize this gorgeous Persian-ish rice. That crispy tahdig on @viviancomelately's take looks mighty fine, don't you think? Crispy, crunchy, and herbaceous, this is the kind of satisfying side that overshines the main dish (yes, even if that main dish is Samin's buttermilk chicken). We're cooking through Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat in our digital cookbook club this month, and announcing our upcoming featured book next week. If you want to join, click the link in our bio for details or search Facebook for "kitchn cookbook club." (Image: @viviancomelately)

It may be hard to believe that a 3-ingredient recipe could be enough to deliver a satisfying meal to your table, but believe you shall. On those nights where even *thinking* about dinner seems like too much work, a quick stop at the store (we're looking at Trader Joe's this week!), and a short grocery list are really all you need to pull off an easy dinner. Swipe through for five ideas ➡️➡️➡️ and click the link in our bio for all the details. (Images: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @mpearljones | Recipes: @forkandswoon)

Eat snacks for dinner! Pick a dip (or two), some veggies, some olives, some pita, some salty meats, and HEYOOOOO: some thick slices of cheese and you 👏 are 👏 in 👏 business 👏 It's our favorite way to clean out the fridge because it requires minimum effort for maximum payoff. Home alone? Load up a plate and dig in. Want to invite friends over? Pull a giant platter out of the cabinet, stack up some odds and ends, and bask in the oohs and ahhs. According to @sheela.m.prakash, "It’s actually not much harder than popping that bag of popcorn, yet it results in a meal that feels oh-so-fancy, any night of the week." Get all the details at the link in our bio. (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @brettregot)

@laurmasur said it best when she remarked that "fall cookbook season is Kitchn’s Fashion Week." Instead of figuring out what to wear (I mean, pajamas, obviously), we're plotting out what to cook! Fortunately, there are no coveted invites or assigned seats to hope for on this momentous occasion: you're ALL invited to see what's big, important, and new this season in the world of food. We asked some of our favorite authors to tell us which books they're most excited about, and they delivered. Click the link in our bio to read the full story!

We're counting down some of the most-loved kitchens from our sister site, @apartmenttherapy, and we weren't surprised to see this one from @saratoufali make the list. We're so inspired by how she created the illusion of open shelving by simply removing the doors from her upper cabinets. Swipe to see the before ➡️ and click the link in the bio to see more of the most popular kitchens on Apartment Therapy. (Images & Home: @saratoufali)

Feta crostini serve as the perfect canvas for a jammy sweet and tangy roasted tomato spread. @thedishonhealthy posted the recipe on her feed, so go get it; seems like an excellent way to use up tomatoes to us! If you're looking for even more inspo, check the link in our bio for 40 other ideas! (Image: @thedishonhealthy)

Garlic butter is good for a heck of a lot more than garlic bread, guys. For example ➡️ mushrooms ➡️ salmon ➡️ potatoes ➡️ shrimp ➡️ steak. Don't let this list limit you, but do let it inspire you. Whip up a batch of garlic butter, then go forth and dollop to your heart's content. See the world and paint it garlic, baby. (Images: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @mpearljones | Recipes: @meghan_splawn)

This is the ultimate in no-wilt satisfying salads. Protein-packed chickpeas and farro add substance, but the crunchy peppers, celery, onions, cucumber, and pepperoncinis give it texture and keep it feeling light. Tossed in an irresistible Greek dressing and finished with a sprinkle of feta, this is the kind of salad that keeps you coming back for more. Grab the recipe at the link in our bio. (Image: @vegetarianventures | Recipe: @graceelkus)

Coffee granita?! Oh yeah, she went there. @cookbookchronicles made this lovely dessert as her contribution to . It's from @ciaosamin's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat! Breanna topped each serving with homemade whipped cream with a dusting of cocoa, which sounds pretty dang delightful to us! Heck, we might even be into the idea of substituting our morning coffee for a bowl of this 🤔 Want to join the club? Click the link in our bio for all the details! (Image: @cookbookchronicles)

Caramelized onions are one of the tastiest things a person can make. And dangit, they ought to be considering how much time they take to make! The internet is lush with clever tips for lessening their burden, but we know how that goes: sometimes clever tips aren't always as clever as they seem. Or maybe they are, but there's just a smarter tip out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. What if you're wasting your time standing over a steamy pot of onions when you could be doing... I don't know, something else, instead and get the same result?! Spoiler: @jwaldbie put six unique recipes to the test and... well, none of these are really going to save you any time. Sorry about that. But, she did do a detailed comparison of each recipe's pros and cons, and the findings are *pretty* interesting. Click the link in the bio to learn which method she liked the most (hint: it was NOT the pressure cooker one, sorry @marthastewart 👀), and to read the rest of her thoughts. (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @brettregot)

Think of these creamy garlic Parmesan mushrooms like a festive party hat. Or maybe edible confetti. Yeah, anything festooned with the contents of this here skillet is gonna stick out, but we'd wager that that's pretty darn ok. Swirl in some cooked pasta or ladle it onto your favorite protein. There won't be *mushroom* left for dessert because you're definitely going back for seconds. Get the recipe at the link in our bio. (Image: @ghazallephoto | Styling: @christinecbuckley | Recipe: @sheela.m.prakash)

We like a nice slow-roasted salmon every now and again, but one of the true joys of salmon is how quickly you can cook it to a perfectly flaky doneness in just minutes. It's a fast, feel-good dinner that you don't really have to think about much, especially if you lean on pantry staples to really make it special. Go on, grab the honey bear and a bottle of soy sauce. You've got honey-glazed salmon to make. Grab the recipe at the link in our bio! (Image: @theoliveandmango)

Marinate some sliced chicken in curry spices, lime juice, and a little Sriracha, and you’re well on your way to a tangy, spicy, flavorful chicken dinner that cooks in just about 30 minutes. Get the details at the link in our bio! (Image: @platingsandpairings)

This owner of this Manhattan kitchen cites Stockholm and Istanbul as their two main sources of inspiration. The owner, Marika, has visited 55 countries and counting! We're counting down some of the most popular kitchens on our sister site, @apartmenttherapy, this month. Click the link in our profile to see the rest! (Image: @minettehand | Home: @marikafrumes)

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