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by @JustinaBlakeney & Co. Bring good vibes home. Join the jungaliciousness🌿🌞✌🏽🏡 Get inspired, shop, and decorate wild!

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What kind if cactus are you? Long and lean? Or short and round? 🌵🌵🌵

Check out @justinaBlakeney’s little ‘master’ bathroom with a color punch 💙, and get some space-saving tips along the way!

@javiersenosiaina’s Organic House, designed in 1984, is quite possibly one of the most plantastic and jungalicious home designs we’ve ever seen! How happy would planties be living here??? 🌿🌞🌿🌞🌿

Using thousands and thousands of glass beads, these Nigerian thrones made by Yoruba artists stopped me in my tracks last week at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Each throne takes three months to make — slide to see the stunning beadwork up close.

Who among us can claim we have never killed a plant!? 🥺 Who among us has hidden dead and/or dying plants before snapping a pic for the Gram or before guests come over?! 🙈 Who among us has dragged our friends (or perfect strangers) for the same offense! 😬🙋🏽‍♀️🙊. It’s time to purge our plant sins and be honest! Plants have died on my watch! Plants also thrive on my watch! You can’t be a good plant parent without trial end error, without learning curves and mistakes! So let’s stop 🛑 other plant parents!! And let’s let go of all that . The work / plant-life balance is rough, the struggle is real!! So next time you see a wilty, sad, dead or dying plant instead of , why not give that plant mom some encouragement (and tips are OK but no condescending BS pls) ! After all, being a bad plant parent is the best kind of bad parent to be, so give yourself (and others) a break, huh? 🌿🌱🍃🌵(where’s the dead plant emoji when we need one?!) Feel free to purge any plant parent guilt or make amends in the comments with anyone you may have plant shamed in the past 😌😅😅😅

Calling all plant parents! We've teamed up with @DominoMag and @ShopTerrain to transform your space into a jungalicious oasis! Want $1,500 to shop all sorts of colorful planters, fresh greenery, stands, vases, and more? (yes boo, that’s right we said $1500!!! 🤑🤑🤑 because we love allllllll the green thangs!!!)🌿🤑🌿🤑🌿🤑! Enter to win through the link in profile! . . . . . . .

Nasturtiums for the win!!

Oh hey @danielricefitness you made our day with this ☝🏽. We are 😭😭😭. And your room is giving us allllll the 🌿🤩🌞!!! If you’ve got Jungalow in your home, we wanna see! Please tag us, DM us or upload your pics to our shop so we can all revel in your creativity and jungaliciousness!! . . .

It’s OK to love stuff. It’s OK to not be a minimalist. It’s OK to hold onto things because they bring you back to a good memory or remind you of someone you love. Its OK to like weird sh%t. It’s OK to not constantly purge. We’re maximalists and we’re going to be OK 🤗🤗🤗. (House: @justinablakeney, photo @Dabito) . . . .

Bloom & Plume

...and speaking of “spiller” plants, how about this plantastic display at the wonderful @bloomandplumecoffee !!?!! Wouldn’t be amazing to have something like this in your home or yard?

It’s amazing what an extra long ‘spiller’ plant will do to add life to a room 🌿🌱🍃🌿🌱here we’re using ivy, but we also love pothos, fishhook succulents and string of pearl succulents!

Help!! We would love your opinion on our next wallpaper designs!! Which are your top two @justinablakeney patterns to add to our collection? 1.) Aisha 2.) Aire 3.) Into You 4.) Ganjalow 5.) Paradiso 6.) Limu Limu

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