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Be the change you wish to see in your feed 💫 @greysocial JC/ NYC based 🇵🇭 raised. Creating worldwide 📩JEANNE@GREYLAYERS.COM


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Neutral zone. When it comes to shopping I always keep to my personal style. I like selecting pieces that I can mix and match, layer and re-style all year long. @Marshalls never disappoints when it comes to finding the pieces that become my favorite staples like this leather waist bag and this name-brand blazer that is perfect for layering this fall. Head to toe in pieces I picked from @Marshalls for amazing prices -- which you’ll find me re-wearing all week long. AD

Jersey City, New Jersey

Loading fall feels at 75%.

I am extremely protective over the woman I’m becoming. Don’t fwm.

Puppies. Days by the ocean. Sunsets. A few of her favorite things. Soulful and Enigmatic. Thrives with a protector who stands guard over her solitude. An angel. Queen of fairies. An Enchantress and a lost soul. One that feels with Anima Mundi ~ soul of the world. Sees into the soul of a person, even if it’s deep down. - A healthy choice is a love that allows her to be tidal. Thrives with plenty of solitude so she may rediscover her own edges. Drawn to intimate circles where she can safely bare her soul. Above all she thrives with someone who lets her feel ~ even if it looks too all over the place. My Venus is in Pisces. Venus is ruled by our love style. What’s your Venus at?

New York, New York

You don’t have to be in the mix. That’s how you lose your flavor. Preserve yourself bb.✌🏼

New York, New York

Brought to you by lack of sleep. Drought sponsored by my new diet ft. fashion week. 🙃✌🏼

New York, New York

Backstage and bronzed with @code8beauty at Helmut Lang. SS20 is all about Healthy glowy skin and it’s done right by . AD

New York, New York

Pre @31philliplim show. When life gives you lemons make that chocolate cake and leave em wondering how you did it. Also totally matched with the collection & not on purpose ✌🏼🍋🍋

New York, New York

Post @helmutlang show, she dramatically looks for a @chipotle. • Wearing @adeam

Rain brought in the flowers. @bcbgmaxazria

New York, New York

My hands are tied. Probably thinking of what to eat for lunch tbh ✌🏼

New York, New York

Glowy skin is my favorite accessory. Never out of style and goes with all my outfits ✨. @innisfreeusa has been a part of my skincare routine for years! With its unbeatable price point and all green ingredients from the Jeju islands, how can I not! See my full routine in stories and grab your favorite @innisfreeusa products now available at your local @sephora! AD

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