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Here because, we are responsible! If we don't stand now, we can't have our earth to stand upon.

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@nrdc_org • • • • • • Not only is climate change bad for our health—it’s dangerously expensive. Climate change is fueling hurricanes, extreme weather, wildfires, dangerous heat waves, air pollution episodes, and infectious disease outbreaks. Just 10 climate-sensitive events in 2012 alone caused over 900 deaths, 17,000 trips to the emergency room, and 20,000 hospitalizations—to the tune of $10 billion dollars in health costs. Visit the link in our bio to read our full new report on the health costs of climate change. follow @TheGreenGlobe

The number of fires in the region this year is more than double the 19,229 that burned during the same period last year. But as international leaders raise the alarm about the fate of the planet's most biodiverse forest, many Brazilians say the world is overreacting. Fueling the situation is a defiant president, outraged environmentalists and conspiracy theories over foreigners' plans to take control of the Amazon. 📷: @dadogaldierihilaea for @wsjphotos Reposted from @wsj

Here is what the Earth would look like if there were only 100 animals living on it. Reposted from @brut.nature

Challenges for our oceans ⁣⁣🌊:⠀ ⠀ 🔹1/3 of the world’s fish stocks are overfished⠀ ⠀ 🔹Half of our coral reefs are lost 🔹Rise in ocean temperatures due to ⠀ ⠀ However, the quest for a healthy environment can be compatible with a prosperous economy and a global trading system. Reposted from @unenvironment

On September 20th and 27th the world strikes again for the climate! Everyone is welcome to join, everyone is needed. I will participate in the strikes in New York on the 20th and in Montreal the 27th. Find or register your local strike at or at local websites. Spread the word! Let’s do this!! Reposted from @gretathunberg

Please SHARE the amazing news that the Banda Aceh State Administrative Court has ruled a verdict to revoke the permits for the development of and save 250,000 citizens and the destruction of 4,000 hectares of critical forest! We appreciate the Panel of Judges’ verdict and hopes that this will be a precedent for future court decisions to protect the environment. HAkA supported Walhi Aceh's legal team throughout the legal process. Congratulations to the team of lawyers and everyone's support! Reposted from @leonardodicaprio @haka_sumatra

Bamboo-zling nature. Reposted from @worldeconomicforum

On today’s Global Day of Action for the Amazon, Earth Alliance is calling on you to make a commitment to a forest-friendly life! You have the power to help us curb deforestation to prevent future outbreaks of wildfires that threaten the Amazon’s indigenous communities and wildlife, and the health of our planet overall. Here’s how you can help. Reposted from @leonardodicaprio & @earthalliance

From the Arctic Ocean to the amazing Lost City, we’ve done climate change science and challenged the reckless deep sea mining industry. In this episode join us documenting the wonder of the Sargasso sea tragically filling with plastic. Now we're sailing on to the Amazon Reef... join us on our expedition and add your name to , check the link in our bio. * * Reposted from @greenpeace

CNN hosted an unprecedented seven-hour Democratic presidential focused on the climate crisis. See what candidates @berniesanders @elizabethwarren @pete.buttigieg @betoorourke and @corybooker had to say. Reposted from @cnnclimate

These satellite photos from NASA's Images of Change project show how parts of the planet have been affected by the — including melting, lakes shrinking and spreading.⁣ ⁣ - The Glacier, on the east coast of a small island in the southern , has shrunk more than 2.5 miles this century, according to @nasa - In 1999, Lake Powell's water levels were almost at full capacity. By May 2014, it had dropped to 42% of capacity.⁣ - Persistent heat waves in 2018 turned typically areas in northern to brown.⁣ ⁣ (📸: @nasaearth) Reposted from @cnnclimate

Governments and business leaders should pursue 10 “scaling interventions” to accelerate action to halve food loss and food waste, according to a new report from @worldresources Reposted from @unenvironment

We can’t afford to lose our forests now or EVER. Check the link in our bio to take action on this . . . . . Reposted from @greenpeace

A Super Solution for the ? Peatlands. Although they cover only 3% of land surface, they store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests. ➡ We need international commitments for peatland protection & restoration now. Reposted from @unenvironment

As the fires rage, members of this indigenous community are bracing for the worst. The Tenharim have called their land “Mother” for centuries, but now they're struggling to fight multiple fires in Campos Amazonicos National Park, located deep inside South America's interior. "Four days of fires on preserved land where you could breathe fresh, clean air. And now we breathe smoke," said Marcio Tenharim, the president of their association. “The next generation will have a darker future.” Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who initially balked at offers of international aid and has repeatedly insisted the Amazon should be opened to development, declared last week that he would send 43,000 troops to combat the fires. He also banned the use of fire to clear land throughout the country for 60 days. Reposted from @cnnclimate

The Waiapi believe they are the guardians of the and are wiling to do whatever it takes to protect it. Their way of life is under threat as the rainforest burns and the Brazilian government attempts to take over indigenous lands. CNN gained rare access to a Waiapi village and spoke to tribal leaders about why they are worried for their future. (📸: Apu Gomes) Reposted from @cnnclimate

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