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😂 @crom_usa ・・・ Nick from @thefirearmblog came out to play with our newest production model CR-7 .338LM, extreme long range, threat interdiction, battle rifle.... whew! That was a mouth full!!! But a rifle of this magnitude demands recognition.

This guy knows how to f*cking party. link in bio

Yes! A for effort. But no gat yet. @jacob.seigel ・・・ @thefirearmblog first nights haul some haha somehow i dont think im cut out for this. Ill keep trying!

Are Solvent Trap Kits a good idea? Link in bio.

It’s time to go Gatfishjng! Grab a magnet an check out the bottoms of your rivers, lakes and ponds. Link in bio.

Gold IRL please. @buffalodiller ・・・ I thought people were busting my balls when they were telling me that my Marlin was in a video game, until @rangerpointprecision actually showed me. Well, my Marlin 1894 SBR is in the game @warface_official .

No one needs a silencer to hunt. Who wants to hear their grandchildren complain anyway? @discreet.ballistics ・・・ “Real men can handle a little ringing in their ears once in a while.”

Our man on location @silencerco 💪💪 @solscud007 ・・・ Non-NFA @silencerco

Yes. Yes! A thousand times ye... is that a Barska? @everydaynodaysoff ・・・ She be on FaceTime like: "🤳OMG Chantel you'll never believe... Kevin went to PSA, Barska and 🥁 dun da da daaaa JARED. EeeeeeeeK I'm the happiest member of his flock right now. We should definitely do drinks soon babe I miss you 💋."

Not just for coats anymore. @mrgunsngear ・・・ 😂 *For informational purposes only* . .

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @gunshorts ・・・ If you wept the first time you saw the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; if the works of the old masters bring a tear to your eye; if outstanding human accomplishment in the arts makes you emotional and you don't want to cry today... Then I suggest you scroll past this visual symphony created by tfbtv viewer Tom S., who is a superhuman.

Pivot point! @everydaynodaysoff ・・・ Fellas, please tell me you've got with the times, ditched your janky-ass webbing sling and are carrying your AR-15 on your chest or leg like a real tier -23 piehitter. I upgraded last week and my increased mobility has increased my daily dew and donut to mouth count 5 fold. 📹@jxtactical via @tacgen81

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