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For all of you who are asking, yes. Wallis loves her new bed.

@WillSmith, just when I thought I couldn’t love you more.

This is Wallis’ father in his new home. His new name is Stan the Man. Thanks for rescuing him.

@theellenfund ・・・ Next Tuesday, Sept. 24, is ! There are only 1,000 gorillas left. But we can do something about it.

Brad Pitt was interviewed by my new favorite reporter, Jaden. Shout out, Toledo!

@edbyellen ・・・ This weekend only, help dogs like Mrs. Wallis Browning by shopping site-wide on 🐶 We’re donating 10% of the net profits to @wagmorpets to help place pets in loving homes ❤️ So, the more you shop, the more you help!

The one thing about being on TV is they never let you forget anything. Not even this. “It’s wonderful, it’s just crazy.”

The story of these sweet kids was all over the internet. Wait 'til you see the conclusion tomorrow. I love you, @WillSmith.

Special thanks to @ZachBraff.for being extra adorable. @theellenshop ・・・ Nobody works a pair of Ellen boxers like @ZachBraff.

@edbyellen ・・・ Introducing Mrs. Wallis Browning 🐶 Isn’t she a good girl? We love you @wagmorpets for this new bundle of joy ❤️

@wagmorpets ・・・ Meet Melvin!! This 3.5 year old pug was surrendered to us this morning. His owner is ill and can’t keep him. So of course we said yes!!

You don’t get to play "Make It Rain" without getting a little wet.

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