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The Conversation with @amandadecadenet is an alternative interview series. Now as a podcast! Listen to the first episode now. 👇🏻

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It is always such an honor when I get to interview women I admire, who trust me enough to share their brave and personal journeys on @theconversation Podcast . @lakebell is my guest this week and I’m deeply thankful she talked about how hard it was to recover from the extremely traumatic birth of her son and the depression that followed . We also talk about being kids from a divorced home and how that affects your relationship to marriage as well as how to overcome trust issues. Link in BIO ! @spotify

Insightful AND smart AND wise AND funny AND cute . That would be the exceptional @sophiabush , my guest on @theconversation this week . Such a joy to get into ALL of the good stuff with this one .. 🙋💗( link in Bio ) @spotify

@amandadecadenet ・・・ This weeks episode of @theconversation podcast is with @amberheard who has a lot to say about cyber exploitation , representation and why the most important parts of her “ story “ are not what you think they are . Link in Bio ..

This week on I talked with my friend @kirstengillibrand about running an unapologetically feminist presidential campaign, embracing ambition, and the magical messiness of being both a present mom and powerhouse politician. Click the link in the bio to listen now!

@amandadecadenet ・・・ Just in case you needed permission to embrace all your scary power @jameelajamilofficial is giving it to you !

I have big news. The Conversation that you know and love is BACK. This time as a podcast available starting today only on @Spotify Originals. You can subscribe now and listen to me talk to some of the most interesting people on the planet. We’ll be discussing gender roles, mental health, sex, politics, ambition, and so much more. What do you want to hear about on ? Link in bio to listen now!

This week someone asked me, “If you could make any show, what would it be?” I took a moment to really think about this ... and the truth is that I already made it. The Conversation was a from the heart show which had the clear objective of connecting women through our shared experiences and journeys. 8 years later, this is still the show I would make. I learn something every time I watch these women share their powerful stories. @moore2d what a magical show we made! @TheConversation @janefonda @gwynethpaltrow @SarahSilverman @zoesaldana @KellyPreston @joybeezy @ladygaga @mileycyrus @aliciakeys @ritawilson

In Season One of , @SarahKateSilverman quickly became one of our favorite ladies to interview. Not only is she hilarious, she is strong, thought provoking, perceptive, and feminist to the core. Who else wants to see more LOUD and FEARLESS women grace the covers of magazines? Pick up the new issue of to read the exclusive interview!

In honor of Mother's Day, we are supporting Every Mother Counts. Every year, there are over 300,000 fatalities at childbirth and 98% can be avoided. The Orange Rose is a new symbol for safer motherhood. An everlasting bloom representing a cycle that ends in life, not death. Please and share this amazing message for women everywhere! Learn more at

Truth and wisdom from @jaime_king.

We're loving these stunning new covers of 's issue starring , , + others. What do you think is powerful about these female pioneers? Who would you like to see grace more magazine covers? 🙋🙋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏿

Take a lesson from . Manners are a universal language. We love this quote from our wise, hilarious and inspiring friend. Do you think having matters in your life?

Have you ever wanted to answer @AmandadeCadenet's list of questions? We're opening up the floor to our community and can't wait for your raw, honest answers. Let's start here: What is your biggest regret? Challenge yourself by leaving a comment below. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Be brave and share your story.

The F-Word also stands for and . Authentic narratives from pioneering women truly bind us together. What's on your current reading list? {📷: @thisisstory}

Who are you? What do you stand for? When have you failed? How did you get through? What did you learn? ✨ These raw, honest questions reflect the genesis of . Our intention was to create a safe place where women could tell REAL stories. So what's your story? We want to know. Today, let's use the comment section below to TELL THE TRUTH. Why? Because you're perfect. Flaws and all. 💞

Brussels, Belgium

In the face of hatred and terror we must decide to chose love instead. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, , and all areas of the world that suffer violence, hatred, racism, sexism, and injustice daily. 💔☮

Who has the right to tell you what to do with your body? Visit our YouTube channel to watch an important episode of with best selling author . How do you weigh in on this subject? PS - Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more important delivered straight to your inbox!

Our beloved @LenaDunham proudly rocking her custom @HillaryClinton campaign jacket! Can we get a 👏👏 for women supporting other women? Who is a woman you can support this week? 💪🙋

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