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New prints just arrived and ready for the wall. What's that nude human female doing in there?

My take on some classic Greek art.

Purvis Sumrall, Horsefly

This is Raymond, he's a harlequin beetle. Wants to be a fashion designer.

Baela is a fan of Daphne the Damselfly.

Will Arielle be Lovi's new manager??

Jean Jean the Sewer Rat and Daphne enjoying life together at Indian Rock Park in Berkeley, CA.

Danielle is a fan of Harold Walkenshaw.

Doris the stinkbug doesn't know what to make of all the weirdness in SF.

Woody enjoys the beautiful outdoor patio at Wild West Side in Bernal Heights in SF.

Briony loves the Ant Sisters. Both Briony and the ants play rugby.

Lovi looks forward to a cup of chai at Nina's Cafe in Berkeley.

Julia says Stiletta is the most awesome mosquito!

Jess knows how cool the Lovebugs are.

Jasper, the most popular cat in San Fransisco, loves the Cercus.

The Cercus visits California, Peet plays giant chess.

The Cercus visits California, Stiletta hangs out at a local park.

Harold gets lunch at the Baltimore airport on his way to California.

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