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295 to the parking garage X 5 (technically 3 clean, @nealozier21 may have given me the "all you" spot for 2). But I will take it.

Writing this today on 9/11 with a very heavy heart. These are two of my brothers, and we did a track workout. I remember I was young with different priorities 18 years ago on this day. I remember I still drank, didn't have my driver's license yet from a DUI I got when I was 17, and was working full time for my dad's plumbing, heating, and electric company. Up to that point in my life I had experienced very little tragedy and loss. Watching the feed on Instagram and listening to the stories today, 18 years later, it hits me harder than it ever has. Now, having experienced major loss and tragedy and walking along side love ones who have, I can hardly hold tears back listening to the real and raw stories from that day. The compassion I feel for all that have lost loved ones, and for those that have sacrificed on the battlefield from war is real... so real. So today I want to truly say thank you to the service members and to all that have lost. Thank you to the brothers and sisters that lost siblings I am sorry and stand with you in sorrow. To the wife and husband that has to relive the phone call 18 years later that is as real as it was then, I am sorry and pray for peace that holds no understanding. And to the mother and father that will never again here on Earth get to smell their kids hair as I do when I hug my kids I am so so sorry and will never forget or take for granted my freedoms. I know today there is an ongoing daily battle that is fought for far too many of our brothers and sisters that never ceases, and rarely let's up, for those that are living through the loss of their loved ones. May God bless you all.

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

First FIT45 class got kicked off with a bang! Great work everyone!!

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

Flashback Friday! Both pics were taken when I was a full time plumber. The one on the left was 2006, and the one on the right that haters will say is photoshopped is 2010 after I won the 2010 spokesmodel contest. I didn't hardly lift at all on the first, and then the second was little to no prep, just solid training, nutrition, and good old fashion manual labor SON! ...................................... You might not know that I was a (, , and ) for 15 years before fitness. Funny thing is I got on a program in 2001, and stuck to that plan on and off for the next 10 years because it worked! No Facebook or Instagram in those days, just trial and error. ........................................ Be careful when falling into the quick fixes and fast fitness solutions. Really all it takes is a simple program, for complicated people. The good news is that social media has finally evolved enough that you can see through the fake people and lies if you simply do a little research. So stay steady and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves on that steady grind. Phot cred: @neveuxstudios @bodybuildingcom

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

5 sets of 15 reps with 90 seconds rest between sets.

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

5 sets of 30 lunges 90 seconds rest 5 sets 12-15 reps 90 second rest Side lateral cable raise Cable Ball tricep push down Lunges GHD sit ups

Mason James and I went on an all night fishing trip on the ole 99' this weekend. We had 3 poles out all night, and didn't catch a thing! We were for . But it was awesome spending time one on one with this guy! We played some poker and weathered an early morning storm before getting off in the rain!

Bethany, Illinois

Out here on the farm cutting wood for the fall fires and the winter wood burner in the shed. Gotta prepare!

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

Hundos for 10? Don't mind if I do!! 4 sets 8-10 reps press press machine Dual pulley lat pulldown 1 set 8-10 Alternating overhead DB press 2 sets 8-10 Calf raises 1 set 8-10 Straight bar cable push down Straight bar cable curls

Second Chance Lifestyle

Last set! 4 sets 10-12 reps 90 second rest Reverse grip bent over rows Decline DB bench 1 set 12 reps Side cable lateral raise 2 set 12 reps Calf raises in leg press 1 set 12 reps Cable rope curls Tricep rope push downs

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

The crew just got done with test of our AWESOME brand new class coming in less than 2 weeks. It's FIT 45! FUNCTIONAL INTERVAL TRAINING that is 45 minutes in duration from start to finish. Each station is 4 minutes and has a beginner and advanced option! It's gonna be amazing!!

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

Bringing back the intermittent ... for that light sprizzle. 4 sets 13-15 reps 99 second rest Cable front raise Rope cable triceps push down Hamstring curls Intermittent wipers

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

21-15-9 Push ups Box jumps Sprint down and back twice after each set Logan wanted a work out after swim practice. He got after it!!

Teutopolis High School

T-town got hit with the and today! @chetreeder22 has the log book from 2011 when we were hitting this program! So cool to look back on weights we were doing then, and what we are doing now. 3 sets 8-10 reps Squats DB bench with twist Reverse grip barbell bent over row 1 set 8-10 reps Standing strict barbell press 2 sets 8-10 reps Single DB press 1 set 8-10 reps Incline bench DB curls Skull crushers

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

Look out!!! Back on the pure once again. 18 weeks of . Party on Wayne!! 3 sets 10-12 reps Bent over rows Single arm hammer Single leg extensions 1 set 10-12 DB press 2 sets 10-12 Calf raises 1 set 10-12 Single cable curls Reverse grip single tricep cable push down

Second Chance Fitness 24 Hour Gym

✓ rearranged the entire gym ✓ tested first ever class coming to both locations second week of September ✓ 7 ring ✓ so much room for activities

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