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These photos represent the stories of six real BHF volunteers. Their backgrounds and experiences have all impacted their journey, and form part of their reasons for volunteering with us. Through this campaign, we’re hoping to shake the stereotypes associated with volunteering and hope these images will inspire people, whatever their age or background, to consider giving their time to support our life saving work. Find out more about volunteering with the BHF at Photo credit: Lucille Flood

Our new survey explores attitudes towards volunteering across the UK. The results revealed that Generation Z are more committed to volunteering and making a difference than any other age group. Our new report, ‘The Gift of Time,’ reveals that volunteering can have a positive impact on our wellbeing, with an incredible 7 in 10 volunteers saying that their charitable actions were beneficial for their mental health The report found that volunteering could be a potential way to combat feeling lonely or isolated, with over half of all respondents saying volunteering has helped them overcome loneliness. To find out more about volunteering with the BHF, please visit

Emma took part in @richmondrunfest today to support the BHF after her dad suffered a heart attack. A big well done to Emma and all of our other ! 👍🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🥇

Albert’s heart condition was diagnosed following a routine check-up when he was a baby. Read his story. When Albert was born he was given a clean bill of health, however, at a routine check-up when he was 10 days old then suddenly his breathing suddenly became laboured. An on-call paediatrician came to check him over, and he was very quickly put on a resuscitation trolley and given oxygen. Mum, Charlotte said: “I couldn’t believe what was happening, one minute we were attending a routine check-up and the next our new baby was struggling to breath.” An ambulance was called to take Albert to a different hospital with a paediatric ward. By the time the ambulance arrived he had deteriorated further and was rushed down to A&E. As soon as they arrived at hospital, Albert had a heart scan where they discovered he had a tight coarctation of his aorta, a VSD and a bicuspid valve. He was operated on the next morning and spent three days in intensive care and was allowed home a few days later. Charlotte said: “Just seeing his tiny body with so many wires and machines was heart-breaking. To go from having a baby who was so sick to being allowed home within a week was very scary at first but also goes to show how brilliant the hospital is. " “Since then, he has done amazingly well. He has just had a check-up and has now gone onto yearly check-ups. We will be forever grateful to all the staff at both hospitals who saved his life and thanks to them we have our gorgeous little boy.”

Lani underwent open heart surgery when she was just three months old – but look at her now! As a celebration of her recovery, Lani’s parents have decided to hold an annual fundraiser to help the charities that supported Lani when she was in and out of hospital. This year the fundraising day was in support of the BHF – the event was a great success complete with cakes, refreshments and a raffle!

Bethany suffered a stroke when she was just over a year old. Read her story. Alice gave birth to Bethany in July 2016 – it was a normal birth and Bethany was a fit and healthy baby, reaching all expected milestones. A year later, Alice had gone back to work and Bethany was being looked after by her grandparents when she suddenly collapsed. She was quickly rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Speaking about hearing the news from her mum, Alice said: “I will never forget the call I had from her. I just felt it wasn’t happening. It was like living a nightmare.” Doctors didn’t know what was wrong at first. They thought it might be meningitis or some sort of infection, after a CT it showed a bleed on the brain. She went on to have further scans which was when a stroke was confirmed. They did a scan on Bethany’s heart which showed a small hole. Bethany was soon allowed to return home, but five days after the first stroke she suffered a second aneurysm. Bethany's left side was weakened by the stroke and she's had to have extra physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help her learn to walk. Bethany’s parents, Alice and Phil said: “It has been really horrible. We have a strong network of friends and family. It’s just our new normal. We can’t imagine a time before it - it has been really hard.”

Looking for a tasty meal for tonight? Look no further! We’ve collaborated with our partners @borderfieldsoil on this aubergine, chickpea and spinach curry. A delicious, fresh meal which is easy to cook! Win win!

Six year old heart hero, Paige, has just undergone her third open heart surgery. Paige Blake was just 20 weeks old in the womb when she was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome - a rare congenital heart defect where the left ventricle is severely underdeveloped. The condition meant she had to have her first open-heart surgery at just four days old, and had another major procedure at four months. Paige spent the first six months of her life in hospital and her family came close to losing her several times. Earlier this month she underwent a ten and a half hour operation which dad, John, and mum, Claire, hope will be her last one for some time Speaking about their daughter, they said: "She is a heart warrior princess. We just want to get her back and get her back to normal. She is nearly seven now and this is hopefully her last surgery for many years.”

This July, you dug out your needle and thread, dusted off your sewing machine, and got crafty for our annual sewing competition, . We were blown away by the creativity on display from everyone who got involved, and loved seeing how you transformed items you . We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s competition is @prudence.dailey who turned a pair of men’s shirts and an old sun hat, into a seriously elegant bolero jacket with matching hat! In second place, @allied1962 crafted an adorable baby playsuit from a shirt and Angela won our third place prize with a dog coat made from a denim shirt and tartan dress! A huge thanks to everyone who got involved this year - by supporting our shops you help fund life saving research, bringing us one step closer to beating heartbreak forever.

Drumroll please! We are thrilled to has announce the winners of our annual ‘Reflections of Research’ image competition today. By uniting science and art, BHF-funded scientists showcase cutting-edge research into heart and circulatory diseases across the UK through the creation of captivating images. This year’s winning image ‘A Sea of Cells’, is a close-up of smooth muscle cells that surround the blood vessels in mice. The winning researcher, Iona Cuthbertson, is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. She is exploring the ways in which rare types of smooth muscle cells in the walls of arteries rapidly grow after injury. Iona is investigating what the rapid growth means in relation to conditions such as atherosclerosis, where there’s a build-up of fatty substances inside arteries – a condition associated with increased stroke and heart attack risk.

The BHF Wales team have been at the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst this week. Over 375,000 people live with heart and circulatory diseases in Wales so our stall at the festival is vital for raising awareness and for people to learn about how we’re beating heartbreak in Wales.

The Wilkin family are taking part in our Blenheim Palace running event this October in honour of, son, Arthur who was born with two holes in his heart. Speaking about Arthur’s diagnosis, mum, Sarah said: “It came totally out of the blue, as there was no prior family history.” At just three months old, and on Christmas Eve 2018, Arthur underwent open heart surgery at Southampton Hospital. Thanks to the surgery, Arthur – who is now aged 11 months - is a happy and healthy baby. He will join Sarah and her son, Luke, for the family fun run at Blenheim. Sarah and her partner, Chris, hope that by taking part in the event, they will raise money for future BHF-funded research that could benefit families like theirs. “We are really excited about the event and it’s at a wonderful venue. I think the atmosphere is going to be brilliant with so many people there with similar experiences and getting together to raise money for the BHF’s vital research.”

What a day! We want to say a HUGE thank you to the 620 incredible riders who took part in Prudential RideLondon! They made their way round the legendary circuit through London and Surrey, inspired by the 2012 Olympic Road Race. And so far they have raised an incredible £250,000! Every penny will go towards the , helping to better identify and understand genetic causes of heart disease.

Our Teen Heart members have been putting their survival skills to the test on an adventure weekend with @pgltravel. It’s been loads of fun! Here’s to the next adventure 💪❤️

Looking for a tasty mid-week meal? Look no further! We’ve collaborated with our partners @borderfieldsoil on this quinoa, chicken and courgette salad. It's healthy, nutritious and refreshing – perfect for the summer!

Nicola has gone above and beyond when it comes to her entry this year! The crafty seamstress has transformed a gingham shirt and red dress she bought at her local BHF shop into a string of beautiful bunting – it even features the competition hashtag! With just over a week to go until the challenge ends, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and submit your entries. Simply upload a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of your creations using to be in the with chance of winning some incredible prizes!

In 2018 Simon completed the London Marathon dressed as the 😍emoji! He was running in memory of his father who passed away after suffering a heart attack aged 51. “I wanted to come up with an idea for the marathon that would help me raise as much money as I could for this amazing charity. After a few initial ideas, I asked my wife Christine and daughters Layla and Ruby what they thought. Layla said around the dinner table one night, ‘Dad, you are running for the Heart Foundation again right? So why don’t you run as an emoji, you know, the heart eyes one?” And that’s just what he did, going on to raise over £2,200 for our life saving research!

Little Ellie was diagnosed with a number of heart conditions just weeks after being born. Read her incredible story of survival. Ellie and her twin sister, Isabelle, were born eight weeks early and were both taken straight to NICU. Ellie needed extra support for a few days, but after a week she was struggling more and more to regulate her sats and needed support breathing. At this point, doctors tested for infections, but all results came back clear. They then decided to do an ECO on her heart which identified a heart defect - pulmonary atresia of fallows with a large VSD and ASD. As she was far too small to have any kind of surgery, Ellie was put on medication to keep the ductose arteriolsus open. However, her health continued to deteriorate and she suffered a cardiac arrest at 18 days old. Her parents were told that she might not make it through the night. Thankfully, Ellie went on to prove the doctors wrong. She grew stronger and was soon big enough for her first open heart surgery. The operation was a success and Ellie was finally allowed to return home, at five months old.

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