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💃 Don’t get messy, stay messy. 🔥 I do it for the (pop) culture. 🚮 backup @th0t.mess 🍆 dm or email for promos 🥃

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John F. Kennedy International Airport

As if flying on economy isn’t bad enough. (Collab/inspired by @bottomroyalty)

SV / Plausible Deniability

Do you ever see someone at a bar and wonder if you’ve slept with him before? No? It’s just me? Oh. Ok.

Yummy Mummy

I can’t even be a stripper because I have no rhythm.

Fun fact: In college I was a pothead for about a week and gained a smoooooth 10 pounds. The ganja is just not my friend. hate when I’m offered weed at a party and I turn it down, because I do not want people to think I’m a prude. I just reallllllly don’t like it. So I usually overcompensate by saying something like, “it’s just not my thing, but I do love cocaine” or something equally tragic.

....and you end up looking like a dark Korean horror movie villain.

Vertical Challenge

Sorry not sorry. (Collab: @itslitgayshit)

I Hate My Job

Now where’s my severance check? . . .


UPDATE: @foodgod blocked me 😂😂😂😂. . . . Yeah, sure.....alllllll natural. For the record, I love plastic surgery. What I find irritating is when people lie about it, thus contributing to unrealistic beauty standards blah blah blah.


*Beyonce has left the group chat* . . . .

ICloud Shop

Time for another mediocre meme. @trishapaytas

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