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Macro iPhone Photographer - San Diego, California πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

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This is the first time I've seen/heard a cicada in person! Who needs maco lens when bugs are this big? . -> Swipe to listen

I don’t have a macro lens for my iPhone 8 yet, but this flower looked pretty from afar. Do you know what plant this is from?

I'll be right back. I'm off on mommy duty πŸ’™

A little one on the way πŸ’•

New Life - iPhone 6

Hermann Park

Bush Hopper on a thistle - iPhone 6

Hermann Park

Sunny days

If you could play his antennae like the fine strings on a guitar, I think this is what it would sound like. - Song: "Fail Safe" by @ketsamusic

Polyphemus Moth: Did you know that these moths don't eat? They don't have a mouth nor a stomach. They survive solely on stored nutrients that they ate during their larvae stage. Since they have a very short lifespan, like a week, their main purpose in life is to reproduce. Luckily, these beautiful antennaes can smell a bae moth from more than five miles away. When they finally find each other and umm... cuddle, the female will spend the remainder of her short life laying eggs while the male may go out several more times to find other moths to mate with.

My first macro shot in Texas! - iPhone 6 + Squidcam lens

I'm moving!

Saw this little guy this morning and he reminded me even being as "busy" as a bee, you have to take time hang out and relax.

This green guy is kind of famous on Facebook! We're going for 20k by the end of the day. I thank all of you for being a fan!

San Diego, California

Happy World Photo Day! I hope to show that you don't need an expensive camera to enjoy this hobby. Grab any image capturing device and share your world with us! - iPhone 6 + @squidcam lens

San Diego State University

As we bathed in the moonlight's silver beams, we gazed at each other in silence. For a moment we stared into each other's eyes with wonderment and awe. "Teresa", he said. "Your nostrils are so big, I can practically live in it." - iPhone 6 + @squidcam lens

Stylus & Groove Vinyl: Alabama Shakes iPhone 6 + @squidcam macro lens

Beauty is within everything and everyone. You just have to take the time to find it. - iPhone 6 + @squidcam macro lens - Song: "Goodnight Sleepy" by @ketsamusic

The incredible beauty of ordinary beach sand.

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