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@laurentbaheux managed to capture these beautiful creatures on Film in Kenya. A reminder that these animals belong in the wild. ----- 🔎 The Family Album of Wild Africa, link in bio ✨ • • • Kenya, Photo © Laurent Baheux,

In breathtaking splendor and scope, @york_hovest‘s images remind us of the immense diversity and beauty of marine life and urge us to protect the abundant life forms for whom the ocean is home. ------ 🔎 Heroes of the Sea, link in bio ✨ • • • # Photo © 2019 York Hovest

As much an inspiration for sustainable living as a staggering collection of nature photography, Amaze by @cristinamittermeier is a must-have book for all those who care about our planet and those we share it with. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • •

Liberty London

Join art and design wunderkind @lukeedwardhall, as he celebrates the launch of his debut publication with an in-store book signing. ✨Thursday, September 26, 2 - 5pm at Liberty London – Interiors Emporium on 3✨ A visually-inspiring work from the London-based talent, Greco Disco: The Art & Design of Luke Edward Hall will transport you into the colourful world that made his name. Be first in line for your copy and have it signed by the man behind its pages. Tickets cost £45, the full price of which is redeemable against a copy of the book on the day*. In order to reduce waiting time, book to be seen within your preferred 30-minute slot by following the link in our bio…See you there! ----- *Please collect your voucher upon checking in to the event, and present at the till point to redeem your copy of Greco Disco • • •

The works of Frank Ockenfels 3 ( @fwo3 ) in this book provide a window into his visual thinking, the internal world of imagery and emotions in his mind. Subjected to ink, collage, or paint, the images are no longer just photographs of an individual, but become a more personal statement of who the artist is, of his psyche and as such, creative artistry in its purest form. Volume 3 will be available in October 2019! ---- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • •

Our lush, large-format Contemporary Design Review of about 250 pages, showcases the best and the most beautiful of contemporary design worldwide, from custom-made, one-of-a-kind luxury pieces to indispensable mass-market products. ---- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Lange Geller Kuehl Interiors, Hamburg, Germany, Photo © Christian Schaulin

In times of excessive overfishing of the seas, aquaculture is playing an increasingly important role in providing fish and seafood to satisfy market demands. By now it is an extremely lucrative industry. In China, about two thirds of all fish and seafood consumed come from aquacultures—this makes it the country with the largest aquaculture industry in the world. As shown here in Xiapu. ----- 🔎 Out of WATER by, link in bio ✨ • • • Photos ©

Engaging travel writings by the author and lively excerpts from literature reveal the worldly and personal artistic inspirations of @lukeedwardhall‘s imagination. ----- 🔎 Greco Disco, Link in bio ✨ • • • Artwork © 2019 Luke Edward Hall. All rights reserved.

@timhallphotography‘s ode to nature’s greatest masterpieces is now available as a small paperback edition ⛰️ He beautifully captures the powerful solace of mountains in his images. He often chooses to shoot in dramatic weather, making his work and the photographed mountains look even more stunning and transcendent. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo: Piz Julier, St. Moritz, Switzerland - 3,380m, © Tim Hall. All rights reserved.

With honesty and respect, @andreas_h_bitesnich documents the country’s ongoing struggles as much as its vibrancy and growth. We see India’s temples and mosques, its wild Indian elephants, its extraordinary architecture, and its deep spirituality. His book “India” is a milestone in the long tradition of travel photography that brings the Indian reality home. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © Andreas H. Bitesnich

Rizzoli Bookstore

Join us at @rizzolibookstore store in NYC for a book signing with @aks and his book “Live from F*cking Everywhere” 📚 🖋️ • When? Tonight at 06:00 pm Where? RIZZOLI Book Store, 1133 Broadway between 25th and 26th Street, New York, NY 10010 ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo: repost @mendobooks

The ghostwriter: ISE GROPIUS | 1897-1983 | Journalist and private secretary. Inspired by Hanover's modern art scene, she decided to become a journalist early on. After the death of her parents, she was head of the family of her four sisters at a young age. She married Walter Gropius in 1923 and became known as "Frau Bauhaus" whilst working for him in Weimar and Dessau; later also in Berlin and the USA. Most of the Gropius texts probably came from her. She was named only once as the publisher of the catalog of the first Bauhaus exhibition in New York in 1938. ----- 🔎 From Bernd Polster‘s „Das wahre Bauhaus“, link in bio ☝️ • • • Text und Zeichnung © 2019 Bernd Polster. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Just by looking at the luxurious hotels and retreats in this book, holiday mood and relaxation sets in. The lushly-illustrated volume from the Review Books series presents outstanding and unique getaways all over the globe—some still undiscovered. Out now! @eightyfourrooms ---- 🔎 Best Unique Hotels & Retreats, link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © Lorenz Marko


Watch @york_hovest talk about his project and book “Heroes of the Sea” TWICE on German 📺 today! Starting out with at 01:00 pm and a little later in @zibb.rbb at 06:30 pm. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © 2019 York Hovest

The brown bear’s natural habitats have been restricted to the northern regions of North America and Europe as human populations have expanded over its former territories. Outside of these regions in Europe, they inhabit very remote mountainous areas, and programs for their reintroduction have been put in place. ----- 🔎 fragile, link in bio 🐻 • • • Photo @pjarquek with @get_repost ・・・ Manicure

Manhattan, New York

With his fascinating photographic style, @photoserge, shows us the changeable character of New York, this time in color—bold neon signs, throbbing crowds on busy avenues, atmospheric sunrises over Manhattan, and surreal empty streets. ------ 🔎“NEW YORK”, link in bio 🗽 • • • Photo © 2019 Serge Ramelli

“With this book, an important part of my global project “Heroes of the Seas,” I would like to demonstrate the beauty of what we stand to lose if we do not start on a path of sustainably protecting our seas—and soon. I would also like to introduce my readers to some impressive examples of what those solutions can look like. Above all, there is one thing to be learned from the people I am portraying here: The main thing is that we all begin to act.” – writes @york_hovest in his book “Heroes of the Sea”, which is out now. ------ 🔎 Link in bio 💙 • • • # Photo © 2019 York Hovest

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