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Main Itc,cmh Lahore

When ur prayers change from, O Allah grant my father good health n long life" to "O Allah grant my daddy jani highest rank in Jannah"💔🙏 . . The journey of my life has suddenly transgressed bcuz I lost a dad who was my BestFriend it feels like everything has abruptly regressed Sometimes I sit on the staircase over which u carried me Sometimes I use ur study just to inhale ur fragrance Sometimes I wear ur hoodies, uppers, T shirts n cry in abundance💔 Daddy I wanted u to see my progress every year  but that isn't possible Now that u r not here...I wanted u to be a part of everything I chose to do..but now u r gone I can do nothing but miss u... Every single person is trying to replace love n care in my life to cover for a sad phase to help me ease my pain but they don't know how it feels to never see u again It seems so impossible Although I know it's true as everything I see around Reminds me of, you  daddy just thinking about u I start to suffocate Afterall, u were my dad my bestmate....❤ I pray to Allah to give me strength to bear ur absence so that I can make meaning of my existence....May Allah bless you with highest rank in jannah...🙏 . Portrait Sketch Credit : younger sis @rasabjaved 💕 . . . @pakistani_visage @visage_pk

"A Silent Force to be Reckoned with" 💚❤😍 8September 🇵🇰 " Pakistan Navy day is being observed across the country today to commemorate the role of Pakistan navy in the 1965 war & to pay tributes to our Shuhada and Ghazis, whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us renewed spirit and unabating resolve.... _ _ "Of courage, God's grace, Pay foot waves"💚 🇵🇰 still haunts india... -is one of the most significant events of 1965 Indo-Pak war...It was pride of Pakistan Navy and had played a pivotal role in 1965 Indo-Pak war. . . At a time when the border tensions b/w India and Pakistan are at an all-time high in decades, This is yet another achievement of Pakistan Armed forces, On 4 March , 2019 Pak Navy successfully foils attempts by Indian submarine to intrude into Pakistani waters. It is the 2nd incident of the sort that Pakistan Navy detected an Indian Submarine in Pakistani waters. Previously on 14 Nov 16, Pakistan Navy caught Indian Navy Submarine operating in Pakistani EEZ. . . The recent incident vividly reflects high vigilance & competence of Pakistan Navy. It also reflects the commitment & resolve of Pakistan Navy to defend geographical frontiers of the Motherland in sync with Pakistan Army and Air Force.... We pay our homage, respect to these warriors who defended our motherland who sacrificed their today for our Tomorrow 💚 Long Live Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🤩 _ _ تیرے قدموں کے نیچے ہے ہر لہر تیری جرأت پہ سمندر کو ہے فخر~ _ _


7 sep....💚 A symbol of pride for the Nation 🍃 🤗😍 صحراست کہ دریاست تہ بال و پر ماست~ . . Once again September winds blow across the land Once again the autumn leaves dance hand-in-hand Once again are rekindled, the memories of And once again the golden saga comes alive..... . . As we all know that Pakistan Airforce is one of the Finest Air Force in the World...Air Force Day celebrated in Pakistan as a national day on September 7, one day after the annual celebration of the Defence Day..... . . 1 min 5 jets no one can do this unless his name is (The name that will live in our hearts forever) Always shine as an auroral star in the History of ...💚💚 Some people can't even make Maggie in 2 minutes while M.M Alam(A Hero soars into his last flight) destroyed 5 indian jets in less thn 1 minute.... . . History repeats itself(27 Feb 2019). Then MM Alam now Hassan Siddiqui ...His bravery brought back memories of legendary 1965 war hero Air Commodore MMAlam. From M M Alam to sqn.Ldr. Hassan siddique & Wg Cdr. Nauman Ali Khan(who shot down two jets of Indian Air Force-violating Pakistan's airspace on February 27 and captured one its pilots Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.) The legacy continues salute and respect for our heroes.. 🇵🇰🇵🇰💚💚 . We pay our homage, respect to these warriors who defended our motherland, skies form aggression & intimidation." Bold and fearless, endowed with undaunted spirit and great measure of heavenly might.."🌸🤗 😃😍 Proud of Falcons . .

Lahore Cantt

6th September 1965 " what comes to our somewhat numb minds in a blink of an eye??? . " Lahore - 14.2 Bloody Miles " The golden words & the True story of bravery behind it...💚💚 This date takes us back on a long journey of memories full of the sacrifices made by our honorable heroes of the armed forces ... . But now It really hurts me when I see our upcoming generation really don't know about the history, n the sacrifices of our soldiers.... Today, unfortunately, i don’t see spark in the eyes of our youth when they speak for their country....We need to make them realize that. . Even after lapse of 54 years, those who had witnessed the sneaky & treacherous Indian attack & are still alive & have vivid memory of those 16 days... my dado, daddy jan used to tell us indopak, 1965,71 war' stories-goosebumps We are proud of the fact that we Pakistani, our soldiers managed to defend our borders in 1965 n did not allow the enemy to enter n conquer Lahore (which was the biggest target of the enemy, as per the local folk).... . Pakistan won this war with a great advantage banishing the Indians out of their country Pakistan...World admit our Army as a most Professional & trained Force. We are the best among them. 27 Feb 2019(surprise day) was just a trailer... Second to None 🇵🇰🇵🇰 Our doesn't fly bcuz of the wind beneath it It flies with last breath of every soldier who died protecting it...💚💚 Think before taking this country for granted. Salute to those who gave their Today for Our Tomorrow 💚🇵🇰 _ _ تو سلامت وطن تا قیامت وطن . special cupcakes made by my younger sis.... 🍰😌😌 . . .

🌸PR PACKAGE 🌸 Few days back I recieved this amazing scrumplicious PR from @digeratipk includes 2 pack of prince biscuit & sugar pot... absolutely loved it 💚 . . Thank you so much @digeratipk @princebuscuit for sending me this Token of Love.. 🌸 . . .


Woke up to this surprise... Thank you so much bhaya ❤️ My kinda happiness & the obsession is real @adidas @reebok 😁 🤩 . . Give a Girl the right shoes, & She will CONQUER the world 👟 When I'm in sneakers, it changes my body carriage. I feel more in my own skin an adidas girl who walks around in sports gear all the time bcuz there’s always a ball right next to me somewhere.I'm a sneaker head. You'll find more sneakers than heels in my closet. Not obsessed with particularly @nikewomen @adidasoriginals & Reebok but sneakers in general. I love them. I love street sportswear.... 😎⚽ . . . . 👟

Islamabad, Pakistan

"Zaalim k aagy sir nahi jhukhana Aur Kamzoor py hath nahi uthana " Another master piece from Pakistan drama industry... What a great msg " No Means No" ❤️ drama reminded me of the Shah Hussain & khadija Siddiqui stabbing case & criminals like Shahrukh Jatoi... That moment when Hajrah said "Aik maa he apny betay ko ek aurat ki Ezat krna sikha sakti hai... " yess not every man is raised by a queen to behave like a prince . . Huge Round of applause for you Yumna ! @yumnazaidiofficial What more to say about you girl ??? Speechless 💖 i'm totally engrossed in every frame of drama "Inkaar Kudos to Whole team Everyone was simply Brilliant @sami_khan.official @imranashrafawan The acting of whole cast  was totally in line with their characters....The intense scenes hooked up the audience , as they were brilliantly written by Zafar Mairaj, exceptionally directed by Kashif Nisar & magnificently performed... standing ovation 👍👏👏 . This drama shows us the value, love & support of Father is life's greatest blessing. Her strength comes from the positive relationship she has with her father "Behind Every Successful Women there is a Father who Trusted Her & not the Society....!! 😌❤️ Power packed performance by Hafiz illayas 👏 . . has become one of the most common issues of our society today.. There are so many girls like hajra live in our society who are waiting for the justice. Everyone has the right to live peacefully & happily with respect & dignity.. Sometimes forgiveness is betterment of society but It is time to set an example so dreadful.. Raise Your Voice. No more Silence . . What are your thoughts on this? Comment below ⬇️ . .


🍖B A R B E C U E EVE🍖🍢 . 💠Everyone loves a good bbq, but research has shown that cooking meat at high temperatures, such as barbecuing, can create chemicals that may increase the risk of ... . ✨According to recent research, Scientists raise a much bigger concern that eating barbecued meat poultry n fish could cause CANCER It’s no coincidence that cigarette smoke also contains PAHs 🙄🙄 🚫Red  meat increase risks of bowel cancer, prostrate cancer etc so limit the amount you eat or eat alternatives, such as fish n organic chicken(occasionally).... ❌Avoid eating too much red meat(beef,mutton lamb) bcuz it can be the reason to cause CHD, strokes n food poisoning n is also high in cholesterol therefore, u must avoid the fatty part.... BBQ with coke 😋 Coke/Pepsi nahi piye gy tou mazay kaisy aay ga BBQ ka mirchi py lga sprite ka tarqa 😂😂 📌We all know the bad long-term consequences of soft drinks can hv on our health even thn we are so much habitual of taking them with almost every meal, whether Eid or no Eid.... Soft drinks have already been blamed for making kids obese, now new research blames the sugary drinks for behavioural problems in children.... 💯 Drink Lukewarm water/greentea lemon honey water after(15-30mins) ur meals/bbq instead of cold drinks ⚪Aids in proper digestion ⚪Helps in detoxification ⚪The best way to stay slim smart n speedup metabolism 😌🤗 ❎Drinking any cold beverages,soft drinks before, during n after the meal 'll hinder digestion. 🌠So Enjoy ur , Eat meat wheat whatever u wanna eat but Focus on portion size n cooking method Limit the fizzy drinks Stay hydrated Stay healthy ..🤗 P.S. couldn't eat it bcuz of toothache😣

Eid + Azaaaadi vibes 💚😁😎 . Don’t they look so cute?? . what better way to celebrate eid than to bake cupcakes with the kiddos...! Desserts r the fairy tales of the kitchen a happily ever after to dinner😌And for those who cringe at the mere thought of eating meat This goat will only result in extreme satisfaction... And more trips to the gym....😂😂 btw it was so yummilicious n perfect 😋😌 . . Credit : my younger sis Urwa .

HAPPY 72 BIRTHDAY PAKISTAN 💚💚 You gorgeous oldie💚❤ I love u Pakistan😍😍 My country, My pride Dado used to tell us Indo pak partition stories & eyes filled with tears(She lost her Elder brothers n sister➡ indoPak division" jitni mehnat se hum ne ye watan hasil kiya hai na nahi pta tanu k kiniya Qurbaniya ditya ne aasi) Goosebumps & WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED Head elevated high with proud & Heart is thankful to Jinnah & his team who made it possible...❤ 72 years of Struggle has brought us here😍💚 Ye parchamo mein azeem parchan..!🇵🇰 . . I pray to Allah for Kashmir & Kashmiris May Allah , Bestower of Mercy, bestow your mercy on them & to solve this uncertainity by resolving the kashmir dispute.. May u rise n shine forever my love ameen InshaAllah 🇵🇰🇵🇰 . . خدا کرے میری ارض پاک پر اترے وہ فصل گل جسے اندیشہ زوال نہ ہو ~ . . Cake made by my younger sis, Thank you urwa for this yummilicious homemade cake😂😍 . . . P.S. Posting a little late.... its all about Celebrations.... . . .

* A VISIT TO ORPHANAGE * (From the Video Archive) After 14 August - ceremony, decided to celebrate Day in one of the Orphan home.....Mere words won't be able to do justice to describe the kind of majestic experience which we had on that eventful day...Rafay spent his time with these beautiful children n u can see him in front row(green flag cap) ....... . . Happiness is not an happiness if we can’t share it with others.... 😊💚 It was a really really touching moment... The chance to share this happiness with others, the smiles that popped out in each of the kids were priceless... 😍😍 The visit to the orphanage was a fulfilling experience for me as I came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons..... If there is one occasion that gives me a lot of happiness n which I look forward to most, it has to be this activity.... In the end, Happy independence day & May Allah protect Pakistan from external internal enemies... Long Live Pakistan 🇵🇰 . . . . 💚 #

No overall bcuz Azaadi... 😌 All set for 14 August ceremony - Pak independence with Kashmir 🇵🇰🇵🇰 "Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and no nation can allow its jugular vein to be held by the enemy". Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. . . . . Shirt: @nishatlinen Earrings: Handmade Bag : @chanelofficial Celebrate INDEPENDENCE day with full spirit and enthusiasm . . @PicturePakistan @dawn_dot_com @ig_pakistan @pakistanitrendss @pakistanstreetstyle @pakistan_pics @great.spirit25 @isb_styleicons @pakistab_style_icons

The most amazing announcement of the history.. 😄😄 Thank u Muhammad Ali Jinnah for this beautiful gift- Pakistan ❤💖💕 اس وطن کی مٹی میں خون ہے شہیدوں کا~ . . . .

The countdown has begun 2 days to go Green flags everywhere🇵🇰🇵🇰 💚😍 And the celebration hv started......💚 Stalls selling flags, badges ,dresses ,caps and accessories- jewellery as 14 August draws near.....🇵🇰🇵🇰 😍😍 - Practising national songs all day to sing at school/ college's 14 august celebration-No National Song can beat the Class of Junaid Jamshed's " ❤💚 Decorating the entire house with green n white cloth, balloons, jhandian, mini flags while fighting over who'll make the Flour water mixture(glue) secretly wishing to get the biggest Flag up on home roof top(daddy plz sub se baray wala flag lana hai )😂😂 proper flag hoisting ceremony, family gathering, party😌😌Dado used to tell us indo pak partition stories. Those days were awesome- Nostalgia 💚💚 however recently we see this trend disappearing away-its rarer to see homes decorated.... 🙄 Thinking of that moment of 'Azaaaadi' n its feeling give me goosebumps...💚💚 How you gonna celebrate this year?Lemme know in the comment section below ⬇️ .

Khuda badtareen se guzar kar behtreen se nawazta hai." But u have to believe & accept without a doubt ☝️ "Sach k liye jang larna Allah ki raah mein jang larney ke barabar hota hai.. Bas uska sirf pehla qadam mushkil hota hai..Agey Woh haath tham leta hai aur jab Woh haath thamta hai na tou aap chalney nahi urney lagtey hain"💖 What an end... Nailed it 👌👏👏 Pakistani Dramas are making me happy again. I’m excited to watch shows at the end of a long day; that is, the 5-6 that I’m enjoying - been a long time since I’ve enjoyed that many at once. One of the best drama ever I watched with its thriller crime genre. A subject which is not spoken about alot in Pakistan.. The cast has done justice to their characters , each one of them has given their 💯 % in each scene & this Phenomenal acting hooked the audience in each scene & episode. Saba Qamar, emad irfani bilal abas Aijaz Aslam & Azekah  acting is top notch... Hats off to the whole team and cast ♥️ Kudos to Team Big Bang Entertainment & Fahad Mustafa ... This drama shows the variety of Women behaviour in society and the one played by @SabaQamarZaman ( needs no introduction- A powerhouse of Versatility) is a very rare to watch women who knows how to fight against evil...Standing ovation 👌👏👏 Let's also take a moment to appreciate this man right here, @emmadirfani, who has been giving power-packed performances since his proper entry in Cheekh. & Bilal Abbas u rocked it.. Take a bow m👍 The fact that it is based on what actually goes on in our society marks that we are totally unaware of the injustices in our society....It is also a bitter reality of our society where men can't accept their reality and do everything to cover it & to satisfy their EGO.Women are to stay quiet & men do whatever they want & when one woman finally will speak up, her entire character will be questioned by powerful men, her friends, and perhaps even her own mother. The Allah knows everything.  Zameen Ki Koi Wakalat Nahi Chalti, Jab Koi Faisla Asman Sy Utarta Hai. Agr Usne abhi tumhari rasi daraaz ki  hai to ye har ghiz mat samjhna k WO kabhi kheenchy ga ni. He's the greatest judge of all. Truth always win ultimately

Pakistan carries one of the world's highest burdens of chronic hepatitis n mortality due to liver failure n hepatocellular carcinomas- prevelance of hepatitis B and C in different areas of Pakistan....It is the 2nd major killer infectious disease after TB, & 9 times more people are infected with hepatitis than HIV This , Let's come together & make an effort to raise awareness just bcuz u cant see it It dosent mean u dont hv it "Find the missing millions" Get tested, Treat Hepatitis . . . Hepatitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the liver The condition can be progress to fibrosis, cirrhosis or liver Cancer😯 There are several different types. Everyyear over a million people die from liver cirrhosis or liver cancer 💠Causes : viruses,alcohol, toxins n autoimmune 💠Symptoms : yellowish skin, loss of appetite, abdominal pain  dark urine, fever ,nausea, vomiting Are u at Risk❓ Everyone could be at risk of hepatitis 🔸Unsafe injections(Needle sharing) 🔸Tattoos n piecrcings 🔴Pedicures, Manicures and Hair cuts🔴Sharing personal items 🔸Mother to child transmission 🔸sexual transmission 🔸poor hygiene n sanitation can increase the risk 🔴 Traveling to areas of high endemicity without being immunized . 💠Treatment : 🔹Medication 🔹Diet-Eat well balanced diet 🔹Stay hydrated 🔹Liver transplant . . 💯Fortunately, Hepatitis B & C are curable , can be prevented, diagnosed, treated and well managed. Now The Govt of Pakistan provides free diagnosis & treatment for patients with HCV, protecting them from considerable health costs.Every pregnant woman in Pakistan should be screened for viral hepatitis to prevent its transmission to the baby. Make sure to educate yourself on the causes and symptoms to minimise the risk factors Knowlege is key when it comes to tackling globle health n hepatitis us no exception Therefore, prevention is the key to fight viral hepatitis. ⌛ . . . .  

⚠️PR PACKAGE ⚠️ Personal Hygiene One of the most effective ways we have to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene. Some things are hard to say but they need to be said. Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons. Good hygiene is having better health. Keeping your body clean helps prevent illness & infection from bacteria or viruses. Pakistan is one of the few countries where female still use soap for personal hygiene. There is a desperate need to spread awareness even among educated girls that Modren Personal Hygiene is a Necessity not Luxury. . 🌍🌐Do you know? , it's High pH of Soap which causes ITCHING, BURNING invites INFECTIONS in 80% of ladies.Untreated vaginal infections can cause some serious health risks. 🌸CLAIM: "Biowash is specific Feminine Wash to control these discomforts. " 2 months back i received this PR package from i couldn't review it due to some reasons. This is a daily cleansing treatment for femine personal hygiene & Say goodbye  to itching, burning, bad odour, rashes & discharge infections. 🌸💮🏵🍁 . . . . Being a health professional, I would definitely recommend it to u try their product... Stay away from scented wipes, soaps, and deodorant sprays because scented products can alter the pH in vagina 🌸 Thank you so much  for sending me this PR package 💞 It costs around 470 Pkr which is highly affordable. . . Let me know if you have any question comment below. . .

Islamabad, Pakistan

Fruit juice VS Whole fruit FAQ : Is fresh fruit juice as good/ healthy as whole fruit...?? That's the most common question people/patients asked me... " phal khana hai ya juice, diabetes waly pt.s ly sakty juice?" etc . . Fresh Juice is not equivalent to whole fruit. In fact, juice is a far less healthy option than a real piece of fresh fruit... The main problem is this fruit juice contains no fiber (hepls in wt lose, constipation, reduce diabetes, heart disease cancer etc) and is very high in sugar( fructose-natural sugar) . 💠Do you know? . Just one glass of apple juice can contain as much sugar as a can of Coca-Cola... The WHO recommends no more than 5 tsp of refined sugar per day. When u drink juice and you won't feel as full because whole fruit provides you with a whole lot more nutrition that fruit juice and you’re more likely to snack afterwards increasing your calorie intake unnecessarily.. . Fruit has a different nutrition profile to vegetables, having more natural fructose sugar  than vegetables but less fibre, fewer minerals & fewer natural protective phytochemicals too. . 🍹If fruit juice is the only "convenience" choice for replacing soda or fizzy drinks I'm in favor of fruit juice versus soda but smoothie is somewhat a healthier option- basically a salad that you can eat through a straw... . ❌ Don't drink juice that contains orange, grapefruit or pineapple juice regularly, your teeth are more susceptible to erosion due to the acidity levels of these drink . Have a lovely weekend folks..! 🥗 . If you have any question comment below ⤵️ . .  

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