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Tree house - stream- pool - firepit- water feature- and an awesome TDU in ground trampoline. Some yards have all the luck.


I spy a TDU in this fun filled backyard. 😍 pull up your neighborhood on google earth- count how many you see!

Our friends @decorativelandscaping sent this picture of a fun project under construction with our 14’ in ground trampoline next to the sports court! Love seeing our products show up in fun spaces.

Alpine, Utah

Did you know most of our in-ground trampoline systems end up doubling as a sump for drainage? Fill the center with gravel and run the rain gutter drains to the trampoline pit to control excess run off in the yard. FUN and FUNctional .


We just saw this landscape on a customers IG story and had to share! 😍 We Love seeing our products show up in STUNNING landscape settings. This gorgeous yard was installed by @jeffmillerlandscapes and remains IMMACULATE by the impressive green thumb of @jesstheurermiller

@ezraleedesignbuild home was fantastic as always- and a TDU in-ground trampoline was spotted as well! The count is up to 17 of the 40 parade homes with @tdusystems in the yards! 👊🏻.


Both @raykon_construction homes and and @rcdentcustomhomes were absolutely gorgeous homes with amazing landscaping and we spotted @tdusystems in all of them! Be sure to post a picture of our ground level trampolines in any of the parade homes to be entered to win $250.00 AMEX gift card or $500.00 towards our 14’ TDU system! (There are more than 15 trampolines in the parade this year out of 40 homes).

Orem, Utah

Parade of homes contest! Post a picture of any of our in-ground trampolines you see during the @uvhba parade of homes and tag @tdusystems and comment the parade house number you saw it at for a chance to win a $250.00 AMEX gift card or a $500.00 off of our Trampoline system! Each different home you post with our trampoline tagging us- is an additional chance to win! Good luck and go enjoy some gorgeous homes! Happy hunting! This one is at @shelbycustomhomes

Alpine, Utah

This mountain trampoline setting is 💯 rubber mulch surround for safe landings in emergency trampoline exits 😂 Great work @decorativelandscaping !

TDU Trampolines and Playset go hand in hand. Who are your favorite Playset manufacturers?? Locally we love @lifetimeproducts @backyardadventuresplaysets


Ok Mother Nature - April fools has been over for 2 wks now.


Fresh snow covered TDU. Our customers love to bounce year round! Snow ❄️ or shine. Sweep the snow off and you’re good to go! ** TDU recommends you sweep after major snow Storms with more accumulation than 6”. Doing so will increase the lifespan of the materials- and help reduce premature stretching and wear of the jumping mat and springs. Happy jumping!

Another TDU in ground trampoline headed to some excited kids!! Be sure to order yours by December 14th to guarantee delivery by Christmas!🎄

London, United Kingdom

We dropped in to see our good friends and distribution partners in the UK they have amazing in-ground trampoline products that utilize our patented vented pad technology - which is fitting since they offer the best of the best in the UK and Australia.

Get ready to Save big!! Don’t miss Friday Nov 23rd only! SAVE 20% off!! Use the code 20TDUSALE and save!!


TDU: fun for all ages! TDU BUNDLE SYSTEM: *14’ ground level trampoline *patented vented pad for increased airflow=better bounce *104 -8.5” springs *patented surround wall system *Industry leading warranty and quality! Disclaimer: Although our Trampoline products have the highest weight limits in the industry- we don’t recommend more than one jumper at a time for safety. Happy jumping!

Highland, Utah

New trampoline day! Having your landscaper install a trampoline during yard construction is the ideal time-However our skilled installers can install our in-ground system in existing yards as well-often with minimal yard damage. Give us a call today!


We have the highest weight limit of any In-ground trampoline out there... but this test was a bit much. 🙈 ? **not our installers 😂

We love it when customers send us photos of how they use their ** 3 for the win!

Vail, Colorado

We love it when customers send us install pics! This one was recently installed in vail Colorado. Tag us in your installation pics for some free swag!

Great article about @tonyfinaugolf and his family! @nytimes failed to mention the killer trampoline he’s pictured on! @tdusystems can add Tony to the celeb list of owners...


Google earth your neighborhood and count how many Trampolines you can see!

Now this is fun! @backyard_greens let’s do this somewhere.

Alpine, Utah

We Love it when customers send us pictures of how our products fit in their landscape! This is a great yard with our trampoline in Alpine Utah ( with some killer views we might add) Thanks for sharing! @dannygdeaton

Swing jump slide repeat. All summer long. Let us help your kids have the best summer ever.


Can’t wait for blue skies and summer days!

🦔6 more weeks of possible snow on your trampoline. Call us for a 20% discount on our in-ground trampoline all-weather covers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thousands of happy customers in 2017! Can’t wait to see where show up in 2018!

Check out this great shot from our friends @infinitypooldesign they are next level when it comes to custom pools. Loving how clean the two TDU Trampolines are in this landscape.

Check out @eh_flips mad skills! oh yeah and check out that TDU bounce! Thanks for sharing!

Our new and improved GEN2 surround wall kit! Be sure to watch for major Black Friday discounts!

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