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PASSION: PakArmy 💚 My Heroes: General Pervez Musharraf 💚 | General Raheel Sharif 💚 | Hobbies: Reading

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Presenting you my : 1965 in 2019! ... published in "And I want to say here that though the magnanimity of 1965 war is beyond words to describe but if one wants to see a glimpse of it … 27th February is the date to mark on your calendars!" ...sneak peak from my blog You can read the full blog in the following link:

& here HE comes ... with ALL his GRACE & GLAM ... The HERO Army Chief of Pakistan(2013-2016) & Commander-in-Chief of ... General Raheel Sharif 💚 He has alway been clear about Issue on all forums be it Defence Day & Corps Commanders Conferences, in - or World Economic Forum- to name few & his statement 'Kashmir is unfinished agenda of Partition' is now used by everyone in their speeches! NOW this brushes off all the rumours of his resignation that had spread with specific malicious agenda when he was on a month-long Eid ul Adha vacations in Pakistan. & InshaAllah in future also the evil plans will never be successful!

Thankyou for giving us 💚

Happy 54th Defence Day 💚

Happy New Islamic Year 💚 By Now ... New Year 1441 has officially started all over the World ... SubhanaAllah! ❤️ We are Blessed to have one more beginnings of New Islamic Year & so lets Pray that we live to see its beautiful Months specially the favorite of Holy Prophet(SAWW) - 'Shabaan' & of Allah Almighty - 'Ramadan' & then 'Hajj' - 'ZilHajj' ... May our sins be forgiven & special favours of the Almighty Creator showered on all of us - The Muslim & specially on & . Ameen sum Ameen

News Dated 19 August 2019 A 2nd in a 'decade' of an Chief taken in the interest of & region ... The 1st was of ... My Best Wishes to General for the second term! 💚


11th August 2019 ... How blessed it is that both Eid ul Adha & YOUR Birthday marks the SAME date in calendar ... MashaAllah ❤️ With prayers for your health & happiness ... Happy Birthday & Eid Mubarak to YOU my Commando General 💚

My Beloved Generals in Ihraam ... Say MashaAllah 💚 📷: General Pervez Musharraf performing Umrah before leaving for Pakistan on March 2013 📷: General Raheel Sharif performing Hajj - 2018

9 ZilHaj : -e-Arafat ... This is also known as 'Haj Day' as Haj is incomplete without this day ... This is one of the BEST days of Almighty Allah & the land of Arafat will be used on Day of Judgement all the affairs before the decision of Heaven or Hell. May Allah Almighty forgive us & include our names in the list of those entering Heavens on the Final Day. Ameen

8 Zil Haj : H - G officially BEGINS today!

under the command of its World's best Army Chiefs have always asserted the Resolution of Kashmir Issue according to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir & (United Nations) Resolutions. Here is the '4 - Point Kashmir Formula' presented by General Pervez Musharraf in April 2005 that is still considered as the best possible of dispute. May & prevail in the disputed . Ameen!


The MAN who coined the term 'PAKISTAN FIRST' - Sab Say Pehlay Pakistan ... for the FIRST time in ! ... General Pervez Musharraf 💚

in ☔️ I LOVE ... the sound of pouring Rain is so mesmerizing that it takes your heart & mind to the next world ... & the sight of Falling raindrops on Silent Road ... & the smell of Earth ... the lush Greenry when Rain Falls on leaves ... Beauty of Nature ... SubhanaAllah ❤️ (P.S. The photo is random from Google)

Walk to Haram ... ... In the city that is Paradise on Earth for it has piece of Paradise known as 'Riyad ul Jannah' ... & the blessed being of the Beloved Prophet of Allah ... Prophet Muhammed SAWW ... SubhanaAllah ❤️

Power of DUA ❤️

In a Boxing fight night in on Friday 12th July 2019, Pakistani British boxer WON the fight and International welterweight title after defeating boxer. He Played with Green and White Boxing Gloves. General hugged him and congratulated him in the ring for the fantastic fight 💚 & Amir Khan gifted the gloves to him!!! Such a fantastic WIN & such a humble & great gesture by General Raheel Sharif ... Lucky Night for Pakistanis attending the fight there who got to see their beloved General among them 💚 always 💚

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