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Sailor moon screencap redraw! This paper absorbed my markers weird if hella looked and felt like I was doing watercolors! Also trying to get used to a new black liner proved to be interesting xD anyways enjoy miss Michiru!

It’s Batman day! I used to do a Lolita inspired Harley Quinn back ye olde days~ here’s what the bottom part looked like which was my fave part.

I’ll be debuting Ada soon but I can’t help but feel very attached to Rebecca! Mostly bc of how wonderful and accepting the fandom has been with my Rebecca cosplay! Y’all really make me feel like promising rookie!!!

☯️☯️☯️ Love this picture so much! There’s such a softness to it! And @allisonstock_ strung up these beautiful lights that matched Cain’s hair highlight so perfectly and it just made such a MOOD 🥰🥰 the way @jj__sparx and I compliment each other in this is just kind of breathtaking honestly ?!! 😩💖 Cain: @jj__sparx Abel : me ! 📸: @allisonstock_ Series: Starfighter!

WIG REVIEW! I got this lovely wig from @morvallywigs_official on amazon! It came in only two days bc I have prime! Which is always amazing! The packaging is really nice! And it included a wig cap which is also great! The wig is really fluffy and voluminous! It’s really also very soft and silky! I am wearing it completely unstyled but I feel it would style and hold very well! It’s so wispy and bouncy I really think it would look cute for Minako Aino!! Hence my sailor moon sweater!!! I think by far this is the nicest quality amazon wig I have ever purchased and the price is incredibly good!! So I highly recommend! Pls swipe to see packaging!

I ended up spending way too much time on this drawing 😅 bc I messed up the background badly and had to go in digitally to fix it! Anyways first drawing in the new sketchbook done!

Wow I miss cosplaying from Resident Evil!!! Hype af to debut Miss Ada at NYCC tho!! Look how cute we are! Jill Valentine: @madogharry Rebecca Chambers: me!

I know this is more of a twitter tag but I wanted to post here too! Which is to showcase 4 of your pieces that you feel are different styles! I made sure to use art that isn’t too old or anything ! It’s hard to say if they’re really much different 😅😅 my style is very overpowering! What kind of style would you say I have ? Or which variant do you prefer ?

Happy birthday to miss Ami Mizuno!! I hope to cosplay her again soon and do a much better job with the wig 😅 📸 @knightmare6

A sweet Usagi has floated down beside me! Happy moonie monday folks!! It was so great finally meet @mimi._.manga in person who is just the sweetest thing! And such a beautiful Usagi!! 🌙 🐰 🌙 Sailor Moon: @mimi._.manga Sailor Neptune: me! 📸 @edwardfotography

Art Vs Artist! Wow my art is just straight up traditional and usually just in a notebook these days! I barely even scan my work 😅 I for sure feel like my style is very finalized which is fun at least! Which is your favorite?

I keep seeing my moonies post theirs and it makes me wanna post mine too 💖💖💖 there’s nothing quite like the sailor moon community! Such unity and a pure wholesome love for such a nostalgic and important series! Shoutout to the moonies ( esp my nyc crew 😘) for really being my main motivation to keep cosplaying from SM for all these years!! 📸 @edwardfotography

Happy ~💫 Moonie Monday 💫 ~ I know most of you are probably like wow Jamie?! Miss Michiru AGAIN?! And you bet your butt miss Michiru again! But behold! I have a new wig! I have put aside my lovely arda vivien wig for this new arda ferrari! I really love it! I love my older wig so much to but I think it was time to try something different! Also this weekend I got to be apart of an amazing sailor moon shoot/ meet up and goodness nothing makes me love sailor moon quite like the moonies they’ve really inspired me to also do a sailor moon cosplay to more upcoming cons!

Cain and Abel ‘bout to drop the sexiest r&b album of 2019~ real talk you would never believe how goofy we were in between shots! It was so much fun! But as soon as the camera went on we went into smooth mode!~ Cain @jj__sparx Abel: me! 📸 @allisonstock_

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