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Steven John Irby

co-founder + director + creative consultant > @streetdreamsmag SDVA || @moabpaper master || @sonyalpha

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If Ash Ketchum retires and starts playing fornite, I’m going to be sick. @astrogaming

New York, New York

First thing on my mind in the morning is where is my socks and what’s am I about to eat. So shoutout to @infatuation and @nikenyc for inspiring a brother to link with the squad for a light jog and some burgers. Check out the Nike Joyride Cafe this weekend in Williamsburg, open from 12-5PM on Saturday and Sunday. 🎥: @phil.yoon

South Jamaica, Queens

Leaving New York rn for a month for the first time since I was born. 5 years later, we’re dropping the 15th issue of @streetdreamsmag. Anyone trying to link up in Japan and do some hoodrat tings, holla at me.

New York, New York

Yes, I milly rock to weezer in my crib.

Brooklyn, New York

Never thought I see the day a chicken sandwich brings the world together.

New York, New York

How you gonna fart and leave the window up.

East New York, Brooklyn

Can Obama play for the knicks? Asking for a friend.

Gershwin Park

I thought lil baby was da baby.

Brooklyn, New York

Please don’t make eye contact with me on the train if your picking your nose. @theamberlybk

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

If it wasn’t for Allen Iverson, I wouldn’t rock my du rag with pride. • 📸: @fauxly

New York, New York

I used to be a fiend for those wild cherry black and milds, true story.

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