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New Paltz, New York

Moving mountains on foot 📈 • Each training cycle the goal is always to create an environment where each athlete can be vulnerable, risk failure and give it all in the exploration of their own limits. To achieve this I’ve found it not only takes a shared vision and a culture of support but above all else, an ever building camaraderie and accountability among each other. 📈 • This past weekend we gave our @nike crew a break from the city streets and headed north up the Hudson Valley for a marathon training camp in the rolling hills and fresh air of New Paltz, NY to continue to strengthen the bonds forming within this program and to keep pushing each future marathoner towards their individual goals. 📈 • Thank you to everyone who made it such amazing weekend, especially Whitney Houston, definitely not 📈 📷: @fredgoris @stefaniacurto @mohonkpreserve @sunynewpaltz @nikerunning @nikenyc

New York, New York

Start, Stop, Reset. Tuesday Track on deck with • Running fast is important. And the best place to run fast is on a track, a 400m oval apparatus where progressive physical exertion and simple math collide to display tangible fitness. Honest and unforgiving. • Tonight, alongside a spectacular sunset over the NYC skyline, we’re tackling 600m intervals at @icahnstadiumnyc in the twilight of the hottest Tuesday of the year so far. Excited to keep watching this group build towards their fall marathon goals! • 📷: @stevenrojas

New York, New York

Project Moonshot NYC 3.0 🚀 • In late June @nikenyc invited a group of 350 New Yorkers to Nike HQ for the third annual athlete orientation. Each one, with a fall marathon on their schedule, had applied for and now committed to a rigorous training journey through the hot summer months ahead. • On the subway ride up to orientation I thought “okay, round 3, this should be like clockwork.” But as the massive group streamed into the gym I realized I had the same nervous excitement and butterflies I saw in the eyes of our new runners. In that moment, I remembered a fundamental truth of sport - no matter what, with each new progressive goal, there comes a new unique journey to achieve it, with a new rollercoaster of ups and downs that must be faced and overcome. • I couldn’t be more excited to kick off this incredible program. And luckily, this year we return with the best staff, alumni and partnering companies a coach could ask for in hopes of delivering another great experience to the runners. Big shout out to @ochosystem @jeslynnyc @rebekastowe and the PMS 1.0 & 2.0 alumni joining back up to help lead the community towards the finish line. • Thank you @nike for continuing to develop programs and partnerships that directly support the current and future NYC Running community! • 📷: @zhetrick @nikerunning

Brooklyn, New York

Tomorrow brings the Battle of Brooklyn • Every year we’re thankful to @nyrr for bringing 30,000 runners from all over the world to race the , the largest half marathon in the US, on one of a fun course. Starting in the race course cruises through sleepy south Brooklyn to finish with some serious fanfare on the boardwalk. • Saturday’s home meet also marks the end of the @brooklyntrackclub spring racing season, which will definitely call for some celebrating before we turn towards the fall. I can’t say enough about the 100s of runners who put in dozens of cold windy nights on the track and rainy weekend long runs this winter. Kill it tomorrow! • Shout out to all NYC crews competing, excited to celebrate our wins this weekend! Come cheer with us at Mile 7 as the runners exit prospect park! 📷: @stevenrojas

Death Valley

Last weekend I traveled into the unknown with six women. • As composed as a Navy Seal te going into battle, they were all veterans of this arena. Decades of competitive running between them. 10s of thousands of lifetime miles run. The mission this time was a 340 mile relay foot race from Santa Monica, CA to Nevada’s Las Vegas Strip. • Close by, I watched the repeating cycle of courage, struggle, determination and elation as each woman fulfilled her known but unspoken 57 mile duty to the te. Over almost 40 hours they pushed themselves, cared for, encouraged and supported each other in silent solidarity. • I stood in awe of them the entire way. I grateful to have been in such close proximity to this event and the tremendous achievement by all who ran. @thespeedproject @nikerunning @nikewomen @nikenyc @bangbanggirlgang 📷: @rjmcnichols4 @johndconner @perfectine

McCarren Park

Back in Brooklyn! Plans taking in 2019. • Thanks for taking time out of to come to track practice. @brooklyntrackclub 📽: @iamblxckk

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I guess fall marathon training is kicking off on June 16th this year! • It’s no secret- I push mile races on every runner I encounter, no matter the season, no matter what distance they’re training to race. In a world where we should be measuring success in as many ways as possible (@nikerunning tenet) the mile offers the most basic measurement for any distance runner. A runner’s ability to identify and improve their mile personal best informs training, pacing and has a compounding effect on projecting your 5k-marathon success. So what can you run for a mile? Come find out on Kent Ave. on June 16th, sign up link in bio. • As always @brooklyntrackclub will be there in force to protect the borough and throw a raging after party to celebrate the days performances and the start of another Brooklyn Summer. • Thank you @brooklynrunningco for capturing this mug shot and simultaneously, my excitement level during last year’s 4x400 on Kent Ave. 📷: @gnp_photos 🔥

Armory NY

Picked back up on my lifelong struggle with bib placement and pins. • 📷: @stevenrojas @brooklyntrackclub @nikenyc

Miami Beach, Florida

Quick trip to Miami to cheer on the @themiamimarathon runners and check out the new @nikerunning 2.0 Thank you @frankieruiz for showing us your city, Good luck racers! 📷: @fredgoris

Van Cortlandt Park

If you’re not racing you’re... standing. Waiting to cheer. Eyes glued to the horizon waiting for movement. Track is better, you can yell constantly, lap by lap they never leave your sight. Headed to the @armorynyc tonight to cheer on the home team @brooklyntrackclub for @nyrr Night at the races. Lucky to have such great facilities at our doorstep! Even if it means traveling


2018 seemed like a full year of celebrations, with none sweeter than the Olympic Trials Qualifier for • Incredibly motivated to start dominating and celebrating wins in 2019 with my teams! @brooklyntrackclub @nikerunning @peakbrewing • 📡: @notafraid2fail

New York, New York

All Systems Are Go. See you at 21! Good Luck @nycmarathon Runners! 🚀: Falcon Heavy @spacex

New York, New York

Last year @nike gave me a chance to experiment with a question we had been asking for years - How do we create a system where everyone succeeds? With this in mind, the first Project Moonshot marathon program was born. • In the summer of 2017 we partnered with industry leading recovery companies, wrote, edited and rewrote world class training plans and assembled a staff of expert pacers and Coaches to guide 145 athletes through 16 grueling weeks of training. The program resulted in over 80% of our athletes achieving their personal bests and over 90% finishing their marathons - it seemed like an astounding success and looked like a breakthrough in what athletes needed to be successful, but on the ground I saw that this wasn’t the case. • Throughout the weeks I noticed something start to unveil itself, ultimately on race day and every day that’s followed since this unveiling has turned into an avalanche - the program’s success wasn't about the glitz and glamour of a brand or about what access and programming being offered, instead, I witnessed the overwhelming power of what a shared experience could come to bare amongst the athletes themselves. A community of support had blossomed into existence, one that not only fought physically in the humid NYC summer streets but one that, more importantly, acted as a bulwark against the individual anxieties and fears that grow like weeds during any training journey. • Earlier this year Project Moonshot began it’s second iteration, we had discussions about how to make it better but in the end we decided it was only necessary to add more of the most important ingredient, people. So in July Project Moonshot accepted 250+ athletes, over 100 more than last year, and took off running. Now, nearing its end, some have raced Berlin, some have raced Chicago and with a bulk of our crew racing on Sunday at the @nycmarathon — I already know the results — no matter the time on the clock, the learning this year, like last year, is that the true success is found in the people you’ve connected with along the way.

Chicago, Illinois

What used to be a known truth was that you had to get slower with time. • Among an already unbelievable summer of projects, I had the incredible opportunity to work with @nxthompson on his Chicago marathon goal - working and coaching alongside my training thought partner @ochosystem and @nike Physio Brett Kirby on using science, data and new training variables to push the limits of athlete longevity. • Check out the @wired magazine link in the bio to read Nick’s full story. 📷: @gnp_photos

New York, New York

And just like that... • It’s @chimarathon weekend. Thankful for the new and veteran marathoners I’ve had the pleasure to Coach over the last 16 weeks. Can’t wait to cheer you on and celebrate together in Grant Park on Sunday afternoon! 📷: @stefaniacurto @nikenyc @nikerunning @brooklyntrackclub

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