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Marvel’s flagship Star Wars series will close out in a special one-shot finale issue, Star Wars: Empire Ascendant , this December. Read more on

Princess Leia recruiting an unlikely hero for a top secret mission, the moment our adventure begins.

Joe Johnston’s original concept art drawings for Boba Fett give insight into the design process of the character. (Watch out for those boot spikes, Han Solo.)

Praetorian guards attack! Mondo’s extraordinary new poster art, titled “True Enemy,” by @RoryKurtz.

Faster than the standard TIE fighter, Interceptors are flown by the most experienced Imperial pilots. Equipped with an advanced targeting system, they are perfect for hunting down rebel starfighters.

"Something inside me has always been there. But now it's awake."

Maz greets guests in her castle, but two sinister baddies brought a blorp . . . and he’s starting to grow! Watch the latest episode of now on!

Special effects artist Jon Berg animates an Imperial AT-AT frame by frame in this behind-the-scenes image from .

via @ludwiggoransson - - - - - - Mandalorian scoring sessions. Art by @dave.filoni

Take your next adventure with us among the clouds on the beautiful world of Bespin.

"We are the spark that'll light the fire that'll burn the First Order down.” from the Resistance’s ace pilot.

The notorious bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to hunt down the crew of the Millennium Falcon are some of the most dangerous in the galaxy. (Original art by Ralph McQuarrie.)

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