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🥈Olympian Sochi for 🇳🇴 | 🖐🏻 X Games Medals @oakleysnowboarding | @monsterenergy | @romesnowboards We make VidS🎥👇🏼

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I don’t know what to caption🙃 🎥: @colepates

Cardrona Alpine Resort

Love this 3 pack of mini jumps here @cardronaparksnz 🕺🏼 New from Last Weeks adventures is up on youtube 👉🏼 Link in bio👀

Lake Wanaka

After boarding lake dip in Wanaka🏊🏼‍♂️ 📸: @colepates

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Let’s go boarding⛄️

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Filmed @torgeirbergrem with my phone today🤳🏼 He was Ripping💪🏼 🤳🏼 Watch out @gimbalgod Im coming for yah🕺🏼

Cardrona Alpine Resort

Slidin’🕺🏼 📷: @colepates

Cardrona, New Zealand

One run down the park here at @cardronaparksnz 🚶🏽‍♂️💨 New riding with friends here in NZ on youtube now👀 Link in Bio👀 🎥: @colepates

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Cruising down under in NZ🌏 New on youtube📺 Link in Bio👀 🎥: @colepates

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