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Sarah Mikaela

Danish/Australian photographer in London 🌻

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Chinatown, Manhattan

New York on film. 🌈

I’m someone, who struggles to find bags that completely fit what I need, and find that they either come too large or too small (says the person who didn’t hesitate on getting the @jacquemus le Chiquita, but the love is real, and I’m fine with just bringing lip balm, one credit card and defer my keys to my pocket if it means I get to swing this one) 💙 and whilst needs are always changing, I’ve met a new staple in this @carolinaherrera Doma, that holds it all but a laptop 🙌🏼

Hotel Cafe Royal

From the heart of my favourite city ♥️

Hotel Cafe Royal

Morning figures 📈🍏

Hotel Cafe Royal

There is no place I’d rather wake up ☕️Thanks for hosting me over fashion week @hotelcaferoyal 💙

Miu Miu

My most casual, but perhaps favourite outfit of this 🌹🌈

Completely in love with the beautiful collaboration between @monicavinader and Caroline Issa 🍏🌈

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

It’s been a minute! Grateful for this week in New York, but the fun dimmed slightly after falling in the shower and badly hurting my back - unable to move around freely, I had loads of help and got the first ticket out of NYC, via Ireland ☘️, and I’m so happy to be back home! I’ll be playing catch up from bed, sharing our content from the big apple and @greco.giulia will be taking our torch through LFW, which I’ll be sharing on Stories. Hope you’re all having a great start to the weekend!

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Okay.. so we meant to get all of the Brooklyn Bridge into this, but Instagram’s 4x5 doesn’t really cut it.. whoops! Full image (Brooklyn Bridge included) is going into stories 🙌🏼✨

New York, New York

Park your worries here.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

The last light by Brooklyn Bridge ♥️

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