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bring you the Sparks family: Gloria, Junior, and Jimmy. Hear their stories on the new album, III, streaming now. Link in bio.

It's Friday the 13th. Perfect day for to drop 💀 Go listen to her new single now. Link in bio.

Don't call them angels. , and just blessed us with a new collab. Listen to Don't Call Me Angel now 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 Link in bio.

Long Beach, California

"It's about having your feet in the street and your hand on the pulse of the game. Never being disconnected. Doing my style of music that fits when there's no music like my music out right now, and everything is sounding repetitive and everybody's using the same sounds, the same cadence, the same Auto-Tune. Let me come with something that takes you back to the element of what hip-hop used to be." - on how he's stayed on top for over 25 years. Go hear his new album I Wanna Thank Me now. Link in bio.

These are 's confessions 😭 Hear the rising R&B star talk early crushes, an unforgettable first kiss, and why she’ll never hear that album the same way again, only on the Are & Be playlist 💞 Link in bio.

Step into Posty's Universe and watch break down songs from his new album Hollywood's Bleeding, only on Spotify. Link in bio.

The Shed

Last night casually crushed an acoustic set at the ELLE Women in Music event and left everybody’s jaws on the floor. Good times 😊 Thanks to everyone who came out! And remember— is coming 💚

The album we’ve been waiting for. Hollywood’s Bleeding from is here 🍻 Link in bio.

Welcome to 's world of Romance 🗝️ Two new tracks and are now streaming at the link in bio.

Can we go where you go, ? 💘 Watch a special new version of her Lover video now, only on the playlist. Link in bio.

"Our trick is to make sure it’s not some dog and pony derivative throwback. We’re just taking classic methods and bringing them into the modern world, which is dominated by the digital sound. There is a lot of thought put into this album. It’s a little slice of our life. The joy, the sorrow, the blues, the tough times, the humor, the irreverence, the crazy times you just want to get up and dance, the times you want to yell at the sky — it’s all tucked in there." - @Midland. Stream the new Midland album Let It Roll at the link in bio.

Sir Posty the knight just dropped his new track Circles ⚔️ Listen to new now at the link in bio.

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