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~ Just a planner with an aesthetic sense ✨ - A Dreamer - 💫 Paris == " Dreamland " ; 🗼 -Aquarian ♒ ▪ Directioner 🆔 ○ Designer to be ✨

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Every person , with whom we spend our time and share our happiness and sorrows can not be our wellwisher. There are many Good people with heart of gold and are our actuall wellwishers but there are also many hypocrites and doublefaced people , who always took advantages from us . We have to know them. we have to learn how to get rid of them because it’s necessary. 🌚🗿. 🤞

~ 🖤🏜🗿

~ Universe is pretty , space is even prettiest , every planet has its own beauty but “ A PLANET WHICH IS OURS “ ! We are Destroying its Beauty , We are killing it , We are killing our EARTH . 💔🌚🌎.

~ Flowers are usually represent the happiness and beauty but They can also represent pain and emptiness. 😌🍂🥀.

~ The colors of world dont effect on you when your heart is dead because of people’s behaviour. 🖤🥀.

‏مانتا ہوں کہ بات آپ کی قابلِ غور ہے ایک دو نہیں خوبیاں ان میں سو اور ہے کراچی ملتان اور اسلام آباد سب ٹھیک ہے پر جناب مان لیجیئے کہ لاہور تو لاہور ہے ❤️

~ We are living in a culture entirely hypnotised by the illusion of time , in which so-called present moment is felt as nothing but an extremely small hairline between a causative past and an important future . We have no present . Our consciousness is almost completely preoccupied with memory and expectations. We don’t realise that there never was , is nor will be any other experience than present experience. So , try to live in present. ✨🌻

~ Everything will make sense someday. So for now , laugh at your mistakes , smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything really does happen for some reason . 🌝🌼.

~ Once , I created this meme . Lol .

_ بھلے تعداد میں کم ھیں مگر مقتل میں آئیں گے بغاوت کرنے والوں کو کسی کا ڈر نہیں ہو گا ہمیں انسان کی انسانیت کا باب لکھنا ہے ہمارا خون بولے گا اگرچہ سر نہیں ہو گا ہمیں تقدیر کے کوزوں کو ہاتھوں سے بنانا ہے ہمیں توقیرِ آدم کا , نیا مُژدہ سنانا ہے مؤرخ جب نئی تاریخ کا پیغام لکھے گا ہمیں عُنواں بناۓ گا , ہمارا نام لکھے گا 15 اگست یومِ سیاہ 🏴

~ Goosebumps, Ameen . ❤💚

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