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Summers over 🖤 @tydollasign @boysnoize 🎬🎨 :@jabbathekid

If God is watching us the least we can do is be entertaining @boysnoize 📸@coughs

No place like New York 🖤 @boysnoize

Late in the midnight hour you made the worst decisions💔 @boysnoize @tydollasign

sometimes I’m like “damn I’m 31 years old, it doesn’t feel like it” people say when you get “older” Time goes by faster but I have yet to experience this. Maybe jts like when the drive back feels shorter than the drive there ... maybe that’s how you stop time .. just keep doing new shit, not getting to caught up in loops. The world is constantly changing ... how the fuck can you ignite new things especially as an artist if you don’t start over/ rebuild from time to time . I spent the last couple of years filling out my cup ..these last couple years have felt like the longest years of my life because all I did was learn new things .. that’s my time machine. Thanks for letting me rant have a great weekend 🖤🖤

I sent this phone flyin✈️ 😏, nice catch @marilynhue 🎯🤯🤣🤣 MALOKERA videos out today’🚨 @troyboi_music @tydollasign @ludmilla @mclan 🇧🇷🖤

MALOKERA Video dropping tomorrow AND Midnight Hour (with @boysnoize And @tydollasign )dropping aug 29 🖤

Reno was the sweatiest show I’ve ever played in my life🌊🖤 PS: We are DROPPING this new 🔥 “MALOKERA” FRIDAY with : @tydollasign @troyboi_music @mclan @ludmilla 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 F U N K 🖤

Toronto 🖤 🎼: “Mumbai Power” ft @whoisbeam

I base my fashion sense on whether or not it Itches

Easily one of my favorite shows this year... playing in the Snake Pit at the indy 500 was so surreal was literally Talladega nights in real life!! shout out to my homie @marilynhue who captured this moment with love 🖤 commissioned by @apple

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