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My name is Sadaf 🏠Dxb 💄 beauty blogger & influenster 👉DM for Pr and collaboration

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I was at the Dubai duty free airport earlier this year and a beautiful fragrance caught my attention and I just couldn't stop myself and went to the perfume stall that was selling this beautiful woody musk fragrance. It was Eau De parfum called Pure Musc For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. Which was just launched. I took a sample and left because I had to catch a plane. Then my lovely husband ended up buying it for me! Yesssss! Love him!🥰 It is a new fragrance.The nose behind this fragrance is Sonia Constant! 🌼Review🌼 Packaging is matte finish and looks classic. Now coming to the smell... 🔹️NOTES🔹️ 🔸️Top notes- white musk 🔸️Heart notes- flowers like jasmine and white blossoms 🔸️Base note- cashmeran 🔹️Long lasting-Yes! On cloths it will stay till you wash and on skin it stays till you take a bath. It opens up with fresh clean powdery floral then white musk takesover. Actually When I used it it reminded me of my childhood! Oh man how a fragrance has a power and can have an affect on you. Waho. Tho it reminded me of my childhood still this perfume is very modren and beautiful ! It is not overpowering but yet suttle beautiful, intoxicating and addictive! Besides men love it I know my man does!😊 🔆Retail price- 157$ for 100ml 🌼Rate-10/10 and LOVE IT! .

I got a deluxe size Fresh rose face mask in my sephora play. It is very pricey , famous and hyped rose mask. So I was curious. an hydrating mask with real rose petals suspended in a silky gel that gently soothes and tones with a plumping effect. It is made with rosewater, aleo and cucumbers. . 🌼Review 🌼 After cleansing my face I opened the lid and instantly it reminded me of 'Gulkand' (it is a sweet preserve of rose petals, used as a flavoring in many parts of South Asia.) It smelled like rosewater but not so overpowering. It is a gel like mask. I applied small amount to my damp skin and immediately noticed it had dried roses in it. I left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed. After Cleansing my face I noticed my skin was a bit dry and yet soft. Did it do any hydration I dont think so. I did not notice any significant difference. I have used it for about four times in the past 4 weeks. It didnt as such brightened my skin nor did it hydrate my skin. Good think I never bought the full size. I feel it might be good for very dry skin but I have combination skin and I didnt feel any big or small difference. Also avoid if it you are allergic to rose and cucumbers. . 🔺️Will I recommend? Nope❌. If you realy want roses just splash some rose water on your face! Hehe cost less works better! Lol . 🌼Retail price-$62 for full size 🔆Rate-5.5/10 (for giving my skin softness but not the rest they claimed!). . ❓QUESTION❓-Have you used it? if yes how was your experience❓ .

Hugo boss femme I just recently as you can see used up one of my 50ml " Femme by Boss eau de parfum". 🌼Review🌼 First of all I like the intresting bottle. Now coming to the smell... 🔹️NOTES🔹️ 🔸️Top notes- tangerine, black currant and Freesia. 🔸️Heart notes- jasmine,fleur de lys and Bulgarian rose. 🔸️Base note- Apricot and lemon wood. 🔹️Long lasting-Yes! It has a very nice fresh fruity opening, with blackcurrant. Then you can smell the heart notes floral, with a somewhat uninspiring jasmine standing out. ... Feminine heart notes of Jasmine and Rose are blended with fresh notes of Tangerine and Black Currant. It is not at all strong perfume but is pleasant, light, soft , delicate ,delightful , gentle and feminine but without going overboard on the florals. It is also ideal for every day use and perfect office perfume! Well perfect for me! Will I buy it again? Yes. (After I finish my 100 other perfumes! Lol). . 🔆Retail price-310 AED 🌼Rate-7.5/10 . . .

I got @mallybeauty liquid face defender blush in 'Carnation' in a past @dollmeup_box . First thing it is cruelty free!👍 It is a beautiful cream blush that comes in a tube form. This formula provides gorgeous, natural color in a foolproof, blendable cream. If beautiful color wasn’t enough, the silicone-based formula minimizes the appearance of pores and lines for a seriously smooth complexion. It is a peachy pink to coral tone colour. . ➡️ ➡️Swipe ➡️➡️ to see the colour! . . 🌼Application🌼 I applied very small amount in other words a very thin layer of this blush onto the apples of your cheeks. I Blended the color out with my fingers, it can also easily be blended with a sponge, or a makeup brush. A little bit goes a long way! Trust me it blended effortlessly! It actually smells nice and is very pigmented! It has soft yet powdery to matte finish to it. It does not looks over done like a clowns cheeks! It looks more natural and thats what your girl loves! It is long lasting then most of the powder blushes especially if you have dry or oily skin. I have been using it for about two months now. I just love it! 🔆Retail price-$10 🌼Rate-9/10 .

I got @biodermame hydrabio perfecteur spf 30 in a past @glamboxme ! I am a big fan of biodarma brand as it has so much of good product's range to offer. I have been using this cream for two months now as you can see I am almost done with it. This product comes in a tube which also has a pump! Which means I can control how much to use.Perfect. It easily spreads on the face and it is absorbed with in no time. It it definitely a multi purpose cream. It is a moisturizer with spf and it worked well under makeup too. As I have sensitive skin with acne and scars it helped by not only moisturizing, hydrating but I felt it also cleared my skin and made my skin smooth. It is perfect for dry to combination and sensitive skin as well. . 🔆Retail price-Aed 132 . 🌼Rate-8.5/10 . .

I got full size Eucerin Sun Spray Transparent Sensitive Protect SPF 50 in my July @glamboxme . It is clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin including acne-prone skin. Meeting the high standards for UVA and UVB protection defined by Cosmetics Europe. The levels of UVA protection are higher than the EU recommendation. . 🌼Review🌼 I like the transparent orange bottle. I also liked the smell of it. Spf 50 perfect for summers here! Its a spray very easy to use and reapply. I like the way this product sprays on evenly and last a long time.Its good for sensitive and acne prone skin and it sure is good. It gets easily absorbed in to the skin and it is not sticky. Since I have combination skin I did not like was the oily feeling which lasted for some time but then I noticed it got absorbed and the oily feeling went away. It sure was water resistant too. I got good use out of it in this hot weather here! Not just me my family used it too! . 🌼Retail price-Aed 146 🔆Rate-8/10 .

I got a full size @stevelaurantbeauty jelly highlighter in 'prosecco please'. In my June's @boxycharm. OMG! I never ever had a jelly highlighter in my life so I was excited! 🌼Review 🌼 Girl the shade is perfect for all skin types. The color is like Champaign gold. ➡️➡️Swipe ➡️➡️ to see the swatch. At first I thought it was super shock highlighter like the ones from colorpop but nope! The texture was soft and buttery not wet and slippery but mousse type texture. It is water resistant for sure! It glides so easily...was very easy to use. It blended effortlessly and dried down too. When I used it with fingers the highlighter was in tense but when I applied it with brush the highlighter gave a very natural glow which was beautiful! It did not move around or mess up the foundation at all. Awsome! I am a big time highlighter girl and my all time favorite highlighter is marylominzer by the balm and I think this is my 2nd favorite highlighter! Thanks to @boxycharm.I discovered a beautiful highlighter! Really impressed by it! 🌼 Retail price- $26 🔆Rate-9.5/10 .

I got deluxe size @nuxemiddleeast huile prodigieuse in my June's @glamboxme which is a multiple purpose DRY OIL for face,body and hair. It is made with many different and natural oils like Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil,Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Fruit Oil,Sunflower Seed Oil and the list goes on. It is silicone free dry oil which is also antioxidant and also helps in reduction of stretch marks. . 🌼Review 🌼 When i opened this bottle of Dry Oil... Oh my God It had heavenly very luxurious smell. Amazing and soothing smell...loved it! I used it to massage my scalp for few minutes and left it on for 30 minutes and after shampoo I felt my hair had good healthy shine to it. I also added little bit of it to my foundation which were to dry or patchy on me but adding few drops to my foundation made the foundation look smooth and even! I also used it for my hands and nails and it moisturized my nails. Well what can I say it is an all rounder product which can be used in multiple ways. I cant stop loving about it is the packaging and the beautiful luxurious fragrance!!!! All in all Awsome dry oil Amazing product! . 🌼Retail price of full size:AED141 🔆Rate-9.5/10 . #

I got full size Korean brand @touchinsolus no poreblem prime essence in my June @boxycharm. I heard so much good things about the touch in sol face primer that I was excited to test this baby out and I am happy I did! What does it do? It helps makeup stay a little longer it also tightens up pores as well as it helps in keeping the skin silky smooth. Did I mention it is made with Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract! 🌼Review 🌼 1st think I noticed was the fluid in the tube was watery.. so I opened up the tube and yes it was so watery after appling it I felt it had very micro shimmer in it which I do not mind. After the application I did not feel it as such tighten my pores but my skin surely felt very hydrated . Then I applied my foundation basically rest of my makeup and then I did notice my pores looked smaller or minimized. So basically it did what it said tightens the pores. It worked! This Korean brand I feel is the best! I need to try other products from this brand too! So far I Love it! 🌼Rate-9/10 . 🔆Retail price-$23 .

I got full size that is 50g @egopharm nourishing and moisturizing hand cream in my June @glamboxme. I heard a lot about this company and saw many times in market but I never bought it. So I was happy to receive and use it for the 1st time. So it said on the packaging that it was.. Suitable for sensitive skin✔ Fragrance free✔ Colour free✔ Luxurious formula ✔ Propylene glycol free✔ pH balance ✔ Lanolin free✔ . 🌼Review 🌼 Ok yes its white cream... it is very thick and has no smell whatsoever which I appreciate. It had easily spread on my hands, but it look little time to get absorbed. It for sure doesnot have any slippery oily feeling basically its not at all greasy. Oh yes a little goes a long way. I have been using it for about a month and I am still not half way!  My hands looked nourished, felt smooth and the moisturized. If you have sensitive skin and dry skin then its perfect for you! 🌼 Retail price- 45 AED 🔆Rate-9/10 . qv

I got this fullsized @dominiquecosmetics lemonade lip gloss in the shade 'Peach tea'. I am personally not a fan of lip gloss but I dont mind using them in summers. . 🌼 Review 🌼 It is a very peachy coral nude shade. It has shine and a little tint too. ➡️➡️ Swipe ➡️➡️ to see the swatch. . The smell aww I love it. The smell is sweet and delicious. I like the packaging too. The formula was very lightweight and it was not sticky. It looked very good under a nude brown lip liner or lipstick. I personally loved it under brown lipliner. Very happy to get it my boxycharm! . . 🌼Retail price-$17 🔆 Rate-8/10 .

I recived a perfume by @perfumebar.dxb in the 'Rose oud' in our June @glamboxme. First of all I love the packaging jet black and yet simple. The is oud which is very trendy now a days and 'Oud' is an expensive wood in the world. I got Rose Oud in my glambox which is made with many dried roses its very feminine yet at first smell is strong and woody but eventually the smells gets less stronger and gets more rosy. Notes are... rose,oud,sandalwood and incense! It is a unisex fragrance. It's a long-lasting scent that carries on smoothly. I applied it in the morning and I could still smell it next morning! Its simply beautiful. I am very happy to receive it in my @glamboxme. They have an offer ➡️➡️ Swipe ➡️➡️ to see the discount code. You can also personalize and customize the perfume bottles. . 🌼Retail price-250 AED 🔆Rate-9/10 .

I recived full size that is 75ml @swissimagearabia Hydration Mask in my June's @glamboxme. This mask is made to give instant hydration, firming and improve skin complexion. It is enriched with the natural extracts of Hyssop and Alpine Glacier Water to nourish, firm and soften your skin, giving it a fresh and radiant look. This mask is...Free of... Parabens✔ /SLS/SLES✔ Phthalates✔ Dermatologically tested. . 🌼Applications🌼 I applied the mask generously on face & neck in circular motions and I left it for 10 minutes and then washed it off with warm water. It can be used 1-2 times in a week. 🌼Review 🌼 Since it is a wash of type mask so it didn't leave any residue or stickiness .Just after one use I felt it gave my skin an instant boost and made my skin soft! I think it is perfect for dry skin because it will help with hydration. My skin was recently dry and dehydrated but from my 1st week I started to see result. I love it. If you have dry skin then do try it. 🌼 Retail price-21.55 AED . 🔆Rate-8/10 . .

I got full size @coverfx face palette in light Medium in my March's @boxycharm. Oh my God I was so exited to get this. It is an all rounder for me. It has two highlighter ,one contour,one blush , one finishing powder and one brighter. It was perfect for my tone. Oh ya it came with a big mirror which is always a plus point! Oh my God! I have been using it for 2 months. I traveled with it and its easy to use. . ➡️➡️Swipe ➡️➡️ . As per what I felt after using it for the last two months was that:- ⚜Silhouette - Contour shade is over pigmented little difficult to blend because its too over pigmented.. but I did it anyway. ⚜Starlight- is a highlighter which is my favorite it gave pretty beautiful shine though it was very suttle looked very natural but perfect for my skin but I used the brighter to give it more glow. Which looked awsome. ⚜Divine- is another highlighter which is beautiful but little darker for my skin but I ended up using it as a eyeshadow topper beautiful it had a beautiful glittery shine to it I used it on my eyelids for a pop of color. ⚜Moonbeam- is a brightener... I Loved this brightener its so smooth and purely. I ended up using it in my inner corner and on my brow bone to brighten up the eyemakeup. I also used it as highlighter which was beautiful! ⚜Stellar- The only think I did not like about this palette was the finishing powder. It was Matt but it was too glitter which was not my preference. ⚜Sublime- is a beautiful pinkish cool stoned blush which is pigmented and perfect for me and it blends very well. It may look like a Glitter face palette but it is not it gives you a luminosity but not glitter as it may seem which is perfect for me. 🌼Retail price-$45 🔆Rate-8.5/10 .

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