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C.Y Sin (冼振揚 字 民德)

🇲🇾 •Advocate & Solicitor •Trademarks Agent •Rotarian •Citizen Scientist •漢服運動 •Oriental Metaphysics Enthusiast •Aikido, Judo, Karate, Wing Chun

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03/08/2019 - A great collaboration with OCBC Melaka in giving a helping hand to cancer patients

Law Tips We all love free gift but do you know the seller/manufacturer is not allowed to jacked up the price of the actual product of which the free gift is to be given together with. This is provided under s.14 (2) Consumer Protection Act 1999.

I am in sports and I am too a lawyer, so I enrolled myself into sports arbitration. Yes, I passed and got my certificate. :)

Keeping in shape is not easy when you have a demanding day job.

Client: Know some Malay and English Me: Know some Japanese Result: We understand each other as we mixed everything up for communication. Lesson: Need to buck up on my studies of foreign language (currently learning Japanese, Korean, German and French).

I hold 2 black belts, one in Aikido and another in Wing Chun. As time goes by, I started to feel complecent, my stamina start to goes down and I am going out of shape. So one day I decided enough is enough, and I enrolled myself into Judo and Karate class. That feeling of getting hit, getting thrown and those learning curves are just awesome. The feeling of being a student again is just wonderful! I can only say, that's the best decision I ever made in 2018.

Giving an opening speech to our fellow Interactors at Malacca Chinese High School for their Cyber-bullying Awareness Campaign

"Legal aid is crucial in ensuring those truly guilty of crimes are convicted after due process, and those innocent are able to clear their names, by ensuring that access to legal representation is available for everyone, regardless of ability to pay." - Sadiq Khan I am a young lawyer, just started out on my own for not more than 3 years, doesn't have a stable income but will try my best to help those who needs help.

Launching of tree planting initiative together with our Interactors from Chinese High School of Malacca.

Just finished all the modules for 奇門遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) by @realjoeyyap Seriously an interesting subject to know and learn. Originally used in the battlefield and military situation to identify the right time and place to attack the enemy, QMDJ is also one of the piece in the "Art Of War". Many famous military strategists in ancient China such as Zhuge Liang of The Three Kingdoms and Liu Bo Wen of the Ming Dynasty used QMDJ to win military battles. QMDJ to me is just a tool that helps increase the chance of getting the things that you asked for. It is akin to the Law Of Attraction or The Secret, but is more advanced and powerful with the exact direction that you need to face when asking for what you want!

Law Tips Road Traffic Rules 1959 Rule 4 read together with Road Transport Act 1987 S.43 provided that you shall keep left and not obstruct vehicle that is faster than you on the road and failure to do so is considered as inconsiderate driving which is an offence punishable with fine or imprisonment.

Sydney, Australia

Whenever I travel, I love to visit another country's Court, especially Commonwealth Court.

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