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The Google of Living Your Best Life •Family Man •Fitness Motivator •Your Biggest Fan •Confidence Builder

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I’m 4 days into a fitness regimen I’m creating for myself and I so unbelievably happy! I’m pushing myself mentally, enjoying myself physically and have even introduced great ways to recover so my joints don’t hurt as much! It’s all a work in progress but you know what!? I’m thrilled that I’m making me a priority and succeeding at it! WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY DOING FOR YOU? 👀 📝

Are you up for the challenge!? to when we celebrated 200K followers on Facebook and @scottphotobombs and I did 200 power jumps in under 3 minutes! It was a B*TCH but with @darrennatoni , @daniellenatoni and her girls cheering us on, we made it! Respond with a 🤟🏽 if you would do it and a 👋🏽 if there’s no chance in hell! 😂😂

Which one(s) best represent you? If you completed INSANITY: 🤯 If you started and didn’t finish: ⏰ If you cussed at me: 🤬 If you straight wanted to cry: 🥺 If there was no chance in hell: 🙄

This week is bananas yo! 🍌 🍌 However, I want you to keep your healthy habits in check even if you have a house full of junk food and tequila bottles! Go to: to download my free guide to keeping you on track in the kitchen and beyond!

So maybe you didn’t work out today and your feeling down about it! Get up and try some yoga! 🧘‍♀️ A couple of years ago my friend @slopiccolo (you may know her from ) took me on a mini yoga experience and it was humbling! Before you go to bed or maybe when you wake up, try some yoga and make sure you have a great instructor like Susan!

Swipe ➡️ and then come back to read below. 📖 The reality is, no one can carry your stress for you so it’s imperative that you find the source, attack it, deal with it and eliminate it! It may not happen overnight but small steps to eliminate stress will pay off in droves!

They are reasons we smile every day! They are the reason we stay motivated! They are a constant learning experience! Their unconditional love can heal any bad mood! ❗️❗️❗️They’re also the reason I cry every day, question myself, worry and grow grey hair! 🤣🤣 However, I wouldn’t change it for the world because I love being their Papa!

Grab some coffee, some tea or some wine and get ready for some stories, because for the first time ever, I let my Mom drive the conversation and tell you more about Shaun. This conversation was entirely unscripted but we “went there,” This conversation is unique and special – be prepared to be surprised and laugh while listening! — Subscribe to Trust and Believe with Shaun T. ITunes and Spotify Link in Stories

MONDAY FUN & TRIVIA If you’re too young to know what song this is, google that sh*t and come back wit a double tap! Where all my ol’ heads at? 😂😂

Exactly my son! Exactly! ☕️ Double tap if you needed to turn up like Sander this morning! -week

After 20 years in my profession and starting a family, I firmly believe it is essential to find a moment in your day where you can focus on YOU, if you want to continue to have success in all areas of your life! 🎥 Watch this and share your morning routine in the comments below! Your ideas may help someone else! @larkmediaNYC

I mean, it’s Saturday night and I’m trying to have a good time but swinging from a chandelier is just not an option right now! 😂😂😂😂

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