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The Google of Living Your Best Life •Family Man •Fitness Motivator •Your Biggest Fan •Confidence Builder

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After 20 years in my profession and starting a family, I firmly believe it is essential to find a moment in your day where you can focus on YOU, if you want to continue to have success in all areas of your life! 🎥 Watch this and share your morning routine in the comments below! Your ideas may help someone else! @larkmediaNYC

I mean, it’s Saturday night and I’m trying to have a good time but swinging from a chandelier is just not an option right now! 😂😂😂😂

Thank goodness for babysitters because man we needed some 1 on 1 time! ...and a drank! 🍹Can you relate?

The benefits of a 5min workout: •It can energize you! •It can give you the kickstart you need! •It can build confidence! •It makes you feel successful!


I can’t wait until these kids go to bed because It’s Friday and I’m “wining”, how bout you? 🍷

If you focus on the positive, you’ll automatically take action steps to destroy those negative thoughts! Ultimately you’ll live in the most confident space! Full Article link in stories!

to when I used to teach dance class! 😢😢😢 I miss dancing so much! Special shout out to @anaohboyzee for taking the leap to move to LA to pursue your dreams! 🎶 @johnlegend

And I don’t mean the kind you find online! 🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️ I love fish because it doesn’t make me feel full and I love to create simple juices that are refreshing and fun! 📝 Try this recipe and comment below with other foods you want to see me make. Healthy or Fun!! 🤨SHADY COMMENTS ACCEPTED😂

The harder you work, the more mistakes you’re gonna make! I mean, mistakes pretty much prove that you’re digging deep anyway, so embrace them and rise up!

2013 when the legend @tonyshorton and I posed together! While we may have 2 completely different styles of training, we have one...WAIT at least TWO common goals: 1. To kick your @ss 💯 2. To help you get the best results possible while being pushed to the highest level of mental fitness. If you’ve done one (or many) of Tony’s workouts, DOUBLE TAP and comment with a 💪!

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