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, , and more celebs *love* these 👟 and they're on . Not only are they super comfy but they are breathable, provide structure, support, and a smooth ride. Tap the link in bio for the celeb-approved you can wear on the road, the trial, and to the gym.

shared a pre-show workout she did with her DJ, @sir_twitch_alot, and our abs are sore just watching 😅 Tap the link in bio for a breakdown of these moves you can do for a quick sweat sesh perfect for core and shoulder stability 💪

My "why is it not the weekend yet?" face 😣 via @theestallion

Cheers to 's makeup *finally* being available to purchase. The Amazon-exclusive makeup collection, Haus Laboratories, includes shimmery powders, creamy lip liners, shiny lip glosses, and a black felt-tip liquid eyeliner which currently dominating the best-selling eyeliner chart. Prices for these cosmetics range from $16 to $49 which is a bargain for high-quality and pigment-forward products. Tap the link in bio for more on the collection and to shop your favorites.

BEST NEWS YOU'LL HEAR ALL DAY: longer-lasting avocados are coming to a store near you 🙌 This could be a game-changer for your salads, smoothies, omelettes—and yes, your avo toast. Tap the link in bio to learn about this plant-based technology that will *finally* put an end to food waste and which store will be carrying your favorite green fruit. 🎨: @kaydenhines

Are you considering a bike but not ready to take the plunge? Peloton now has the perfect solution to this dilemma: a 30-day home trial for first-time bike purchasers, who can try it out for free and decide whether they want to join the Peloton community. Tap the link in bio for full deets on this program. 📷: @sblonginteriors

Actress stuck this epic acroyoga flip like a pro and her reaction to nailing the move is beyond adorable. "Forgive my ultra fluffy ocean bangs and unabashed excitement, just working on transitions aka FLIPS from headstands over here! It took a long time to build up to flips, because I'm cautious, but mostly because I don't have time to train anymore like I used to." An acro headstand to seated throne is an advanced sequence, meaning it's not recommended for beginners. At least three months of experience is necessary before attempting these skills, advises @acrostrong owner @homelessyogi. Tap the link in bio for more of Nikki's amazing acroyoga skills.

How tired are you today? Comment below 👇via @jennifer.garner

's yoga coach, @glowmaven, reveals how pigeon pose can soothe lower back during pregnancy. "My lower back is killing me, that's why [I] doing this position! It releases so much tension! Yoga is the best thing for me right now." -@ashleygrah . "For non-pregnant people, it's a normal pose. For pregnant women, it is a peak pose that challenges strength and flexibility. Benefits include hip-opening, lateral stretch, quad stretch, chest-opening, elongation of arms, expansion of rib cage—which feels azing when you're pregnant. Prenatal yoga helps to elongate your muscles, stretch and strengthen connective tissue, lubricate/protect your joints, and induce a relaxation response in the body." -Lath Thomas. Tap the link in bio for the benefits of prenatal yoga.

If you liked 's Everything But the Bagel seasoning, you're going to love their latest invention: Everything But the Bagel Dip. The base is Greek yogurt which makes adds protein and gives a nice tang 😍. Tap the link in bio for the best ways to eat this dip. 📷: @traderjoesmemphis

Do you believe in magic? Well, does—or rather she believes in this one cream that works wonders on not only her skin, but her family's skin, too. "I've always loved this balm. I put it on myself, my kids and my boyfriend!" The all-purpose cream is made from six natural ingredients—beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly, olive oil, and bee pollen—all of which are chock-full of antioxidants and nourishing properties. Tap the link in bio for the head-to-toe cream you can find in .

had surgery—and still went to work. . "Three teeth out and jaw and gums surgery yesterday, and I'm STILL going to work." Tap the link in bio to see her makeshift icepack—a bag of frozen peas strapped to her head with some stretchy fabric and for the latest update on her condition

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