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I prefer my puns intended. Nick | 01-29-2017 | 💜🐻

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Sooo last Sunday we did a fun thing 🥰 it was my first time cabrewing and it was a success!!!!! @deathbysilencexx @mamacrisha

Appreciation post for this little girl! Nutmeg is my sunshine while Nick's away, and the Nut-butt helps fill the cuddle void. 🐈💜🥰

Twelve days down, just 7 more days until you're back home to me 🥰 I love you, Grizzly. 🐻

Just a few pictures I've forgotten to upload over the last week or so, also it's a Nick appreciation post 💜

Nick decided he was going to take take care of me until I get better after I got my wisdom teeth out 💜 I love this man 🥰 However, I want to rip my head off so I don't have to deal with recovery anymore

"Your worst inhibitions tend to Psych you out in the end"

"Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt."

Let's just say this weekend was a success, and celebrating my birthday and our two year anniversary will be hard to top!

Don't know how I feel about the quality of my new phone camera... It's a blessing and a curse LMAO forgot I was wearing PJs in this, yes they're cozy

Late post but happy New Years from Nick and me!! PS we tried to retake this picture 3 times it's not getting any better than that 😂💜

Second picture was when I figured it was a really great fashion statement

elon Salon

My new hair!!! @cosmocrisha did such an amazing job!!!!! I love it!! 💜

New glasses, who dis?

I could've been a cute guy

So this is pretty late, but Nick and I were Bonnie and Clyde for our friend @chatychickie and Megan's annual Halloween party last Saturday!! Ps. Bens Marylin Monroe won the best costume this year 😂🔥

I may be squinting because of the sun, but it's better than being in the cold weather (this was also last Christmas, I'm just missing the beach)

Old picture, same couple of goofs

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