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Loves to see people wearing great outfits at the grocery store. ❤️ Artwork at @janealdridgeart Email at

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Dallas, Texas

Sheer tights > actually tanning 🙏🍂🍁

Name that Prada collection 😍❤️

Dallas, Texas

Very obsessed with navy right now 👌 I found this skirt on eBay just to wear with this great sweatshirt @agjeans was so kind to give me. Navy + mahogany + tan is my new favorite color combination 😍

Can’t wait till it’s 40 degrees and I can wear all my oatmeal colors 🙏😌❤️

Dallas, Texas

Back to school looks ☺️ vintage chubby sweater vest, @prada Mary Janes and jeans from @denimrefinery ❤️

Dallas, Texas

Monday ✅😌🙏

Dallas, Texas

Where’s Waldo looks 😎

Dallas, Texas

Sleeve joy by @mrlarkin ❤️🖤

Dallas, Texas

Wearing the best basic tee from @shopthreedots. I have searched far and wide, and Three Dots makes some of the best fitting highest quality classic tees out there. I have a few that I have worn for years, and now I have a few new tees so I’ll have a fantastic stock of basics to wear with everything!

Dallas, Texas

When I started Sea of Shoes twelve (!!!) years ago, I had no idea I would still be doing it today. This was a long time before Instagram was around, and only a little bit after Twitter started. There were a lot less of us bloggers back then, and I remember feeling so excited the day one of my favorite early bloggers (@susiebubble!) responded to one of my comments. To be immersed in something so real and so new was such an exciting feeling. I was a teenager in suburban North Texas, where my interest in fashion could feel isolating. To be a part of a community of people who felt the way I did about fashion was (and continues to be) a life-changing experience. When I reflect on the beginnings of fashion blogs and how they've evolved the industry, I feel really lucky to have been there in the beginning to witness and participate in that shift. Thank you @Ninewest for choosing me as one of the !

Forde Abbey House and gardens. Photo by Haarkon, via @condenasttraveller

Curly mullet and vintage angora 😌🌟🍓

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