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thomas mars doin his thing

a few more with jeremy

Venice, California

great chatting and shooting with @jeremyxxjones last month in advance of his new mixtape. ‘late bloomer’ is out tomorrow, excited to peep it 🎽🌀

working to stop caring so much about the things that don’t matter...and start caring more about those that do.

Venice, California

nestled in the light

leafy greens 🌱

Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way

what a momentous day for space, science and technology...thanks to @dr.katiebouman and everyone else involved in making today’s mind-bending M87 black hole image. hopeful to someday catch a glimpse of another black hole (sagittarius a) closer to home, right here in the milky way 💥🌌

playing in the dirt


maintain focus // throwback w/ bria

was trying to capture these strangers’ very special instagram superbloom moment but a painted lady butterfly all the way from mexico came and ruined the shot

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

healthy dose of brutalism for your friday // with a side of hood love (swipe left)

Venice, California

‘where light and shadow have their own private moment’ \\ venice, ca

Topanga, California

@j_murr’s beaut in topanga

🍭 last night 🍭

venice, ca

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