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📸 A style + travel loving content creator from London 👶🏼 Human & Bulldog mum ☕️ Stays caffeinated 👇🏼 My latest YouTube video | Girl Talk!

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Welcome to the family Odin ⚡️ I’ve been quite quiet this week because we’ve been super busy getting everything ready for this little guy to join us ☺️ He is so PERFECT! We are in love. I want to say a huge thank you to @blackcountrybulldogsltd who were so supportive in the process of finding the exact right puppy for us, especially with this breed, we definitely wanted the right help and advice finding him and they were amazing ♥️

Oh yeah, I can’t wait for full-on autumn 🍂 In fact I’d totally dress up at the man with the pumpkin on his head meme 🎃😂 | Shop the look if you like 🤓


Had to throw on some clean lines for the VB beauty launch 🤓 I look composed but I was for sure freaking out internally the whole time 😂 I’ve been vlogging my week this week so more to come this Sunday!


Wow what an inspirational woman ✨ So happy to be at the launch of @victoriabeckhambeauty today and meet @victoriabeckham herself. I was in awe ☺️ The products are so luxe and so distinctively VB, can’t wait to get them on my eyes!

Honestly it’s been a minute since I played with makeup just for the fun of it, and I’m into it 🤓 | 💇🏽‍♀️ - @melissajade23

Lil throwback to Copenhagen 🎡 At the moment though I’m on my sofa watching ‘Comedians of the world’ with a hot water bottle

Just thinkin’ bout how to navigate life 🙃

Just watched Once upon a time in Hollywood and it got me thinking about film in general. If aliens were to discover this thing called Humankind, what film would you want to show them to explain our world to them? 😂 I have no idea why I’m thinking Back to the future? 😂

It had been a while since I’d posted a IGTV but there’s a new one up where I style Summer > Autumn outfits ✨ Also I wanted to let you guys know I’ve been a bit under the weather recently so there’ll only be one vid this week! 😭 Uploading Sunday ♥️ (Also I cant believe more people voted no pineapple on my Stories...have you no soul?!)

I filmed a chatty GRWM on how I feel after turning 30 - How have YOU felt after turning 30? 🤔 I am excited to grow more into myself but also am not ready to come out of the period of life when you’re ‘allowed to make mistakes’ 🥴 (Link is in the bio!)

Hai 👋🏼 So because we’re shifting seasons now I thought it would be a good time to come through with a A/W trends video ✨ It’s up now - Link in the bio 🤓 A quick chat though my favourite and most WEARABLE trends for this season, which is your fave? 🤔

I’ve been working on something this year 🙊😉 Keep an eye out this A/W ✨

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