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Los Angeles, California

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Bryant Park

It’s Climate Week in NYC this week and I’ve partnered with Mars to create a massive mural unveiled at Bryant Park NYC today! Sketches and process for the mural and project above. Photos of actual mural coming soon! Please visit to take the pledge yourself. I’m pledging to cut down on plastics - meaning, all of my sculptures moving forward will be made of 100% recycled materials! is a new climate action campaign aimed at mobilizing people to make individual acts towards climate action. Big thnx @marsglobal 🌎♻️

Los Angeles, California

My collection with Moleskine is now available online and in-store! Swipe 👉🏽 UPDATE: thnx so much for all the support- the collection online is now sold out, but you can get the remaining pieces in-store and at the Europe specific website. Gigantic thanks to everyone that rolled through the release and workshop yesterday. I had so much fun hangin and seeing all the amazing sketchbooks. Link in profile ☝🏽 If you’re looking to grab something then check instore and online in your correct region! Big thnx to @moleskine for having me 🌹

Los Angeles, California

Moleskine X Me! Swipe 👉🏽 My collection with @moleskine releases this Saturday the 14th- in store and online. To celebrate the release, we’ll be hosting a workshop/meet and greet 11am to 3pm at the LA Moleskine shop in century city. Link in profile. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the LA Mission - dedicated to assisting in those in need/homeless.

Los Angeles, California

Process ___✍🏽 Swipe 👉🏽 I collaborated with my favorite art brand Moleskine @moleskine to create a collection of sketchbooks, pouches and other cool stuff. Been using Moleskine products for over 25 years now, so I’m really excited about this project: To celebrate the release, I’ll be hosting an art making event this coming Saturday Sept 14th, link in profile if interested ☝🏽. Move fast, it’s here in LA and there are only 40 seats available. We will be having a sketch workshop class and meet and greet. The full collection will become available online on Saturday, September 14th on More info soon!

Nike World Headquarters

Never thought I’d be able to hold a miniature sculpture of myself! Swipe👉🏽 A couple months back NIKE invited me to visit their world headquarters in Portland- at the end of my visit they Surprised me with a full body scan of myself holding our footwear collaboration. Rumor has it that they typically use the equipment to scan professional athletes to create custom molds etc... Crazy! Almost feel like I won a “footwear Oscar” or something! Big thnx @nike for having me! @nikesportswear Earthdayeveryday. Gigantic thnx to the entire team- u know who u r 🌹

Los Angeles, California

Gallery view of my two large “Magic Hour” paintings. 👉🏽 Each measuring 6 feet tall, the pieces were hand-painted on hand-stretched custom canvas. I’m now thinking of making a small screen-print edition of the set? ...small side note, stay tuned for our first online release of signed screenprints very soon here. Gallery photo by @joshuawhitephotography

Los Angeles, California

🌴 I couldn’t seem to find the neon yellow palm tree emoji... Large paintings on canvas for my recent art exhibition entitled “Magic Hour,” here in Los Angeles... Mello keeps painting over the top of my paintings and I can’t get him to stop 👉🏽

Process ✏️____ Swipe 👉🏽Drawings for paintings. Thinking of painting this large scale 8ft tall, 16ft wide...?

What a trippy last couple of months it’s been... Big thanks to everyone that supported my recent collaboration with @nike !🌎♻️ The collection sold out several months ago and I’m still getting a bunch of inquiries and interest. Massive thanks for sending all the photos, stories, and emails, I love seeing all the photos from around the world - Earthdayeveryday swipe 👉🏽 xoxo

New York, New York

New York City! Thanks so much for all the love and support yesterday. Huge thanks to every single person that rolled through my drop. Swipe 👉🏽 ... until next time... Big thnx to @bbcicecream and @toyqube for making things happen 🍦What a day!

___✍🏽 From rough > to finish. Swipe 👉🏽 More process shots from my latest collaboration with BBC Icecream. Our full collection will be available at their flagship location in Soho NY next weekend, June 1 at 12 noon. I’ll be in attendance next Saturday, so please swing thru to say hello. @bbcicecream 🍦 See you soon NYC! 🍎 BBC Icecream, 7 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10012

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