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From Inmate to apocalypse.Fought John Wick & joined Xander Cage.Discovered MEG, took on the Bella's, became Batwoman, got a Red Notice, now a doorman.

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@glamourmag “The show is not about a gay superhero. It’s about a superhero.” - @rubyrose Ruby Rose is rejecting labels like “lesbian actress” or “lesbian superhero”—but her presence in entertainment does mean something. Ruby is one of three cover stars for our annual TV Issue. If TV is a reflection of where we are as a society, then the fall 2019 season should give you hope. Link in bio. Written by @jillgutowitz Photography by @williamshirakawa Styled by @deborahafshani Makeup by @beau_nelson Hair by @riawna Nails by @nailzbyvee

Childhood trauma is a funny thing, and I can say that, because like most people who have lived through it know, dissociating is not just a learned behavior. It’s survival. Someone very special made me these cardboard wings to remind me of a story I’ve told many times. How I had cardboard wings I lived in, slept in and wore till they could no longer be taped up or stuck together. I believed I could fly, I believed I was special. I believed I was indestructible or at least I was, as long as I had my wings on. As adults there are many ways to escape, numb or work through trauma, but as a child you are blessed with the two most powerful things, innocence and an imagination. The wings I had, were my escape, in the world I created as my reality. There comes a time when that child becomes an adult where being strong is easy, because it’s all you were allowed to be, but being vulnerable can feel like you might die. That is because as an adult you ARE strong, you have already spent the most fragile times of your life being so..some might say you’re the strongest person they know. Yet, we take our inner child everywhere we go, and at some point we need to heal that child and love that child and let them know, we can take it from here. Thank them for everything they did for you to be who you are today, but in doing so you must step up to be the protector and let them be the innocent child with the beautiful imagination. I made some adjustments to the wings tonight, to include the tape and the cracks, and a letter to that little girl so she knows that I know there would be no such thing as the last picture if she hadn’t fought so hard... but also to thank her and let her know she can stop fighting now. She can just be a beautiful little girl.

@davidrapaport ・・・ 🌈💕👭 @cwbatwoman 🦇

London Lad

Thank you so much Emmy Magazine. ❤️🦇

@cwbatwoman ・・・ It’s a mad city. premieres Sunday, October 6. Stream free next day only on The CW App.

@rebbl ・・・ Human Trafficking is a REAL problem happening right now. Today, there are more people enslaved than at any point in history! We need to raise awareness and take action to prevent modern day slavery & exploitation as well as help survivors. We are and we are fighting human trafficking! Join our mission 🧡 The first step is awareness & education. Watch our short film [link in bio] to learn how choices you make everyday can impact (for better or worse) the lives of people around the world. • @rubyrose is not only a super hero on screen, but she’s also on a mission to protect people in real life!

@cwbatwoman ・・・ We’re all mad here. premieres Sunday, October 6. Stream free next day only on The CW App.

We are REBBL With a Cause, and we are fighting human trafficking and climate change. Join us for this NEW captivating short film narrated by @rubyrose to learn more [View Film - Link in Bio]. Everytime you reach for your favorite REBBL Elixir, you are making a difference in this world. Thank you for being part of the . Thank you for being a

Stop listening to the inner voice when it says you’re not good enough. Stop comparing yourself to other people to minimize your own greatness and success because at the end of the day, there are people out there comparing themselves to you and your achievements. Stop second guessing your abilities and how far you have come. Stop criticizing yourself for not being better or having more or doing more. Stop with the fraud complex that we all feel when things are going so well that we think it’s just luck while we ignore the years of work we have done to get there. What if... WHAT IF... YOU’RE ACTUALLY PROBABLY DOING F*CKING great. That’s awesome. Congratulations to everyone out there who needs to hear this. Keep shining. We are all rooting for you.


They really should make a film about Grant Achatz the Chef behind Alinea.. 3 Michelin stars.. despite having temporarily lost his sense of taste during a diagnosis of Squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth. This was one of my favorite dining experiences I’ve had in a hot minute. Also I had to roll myself home.

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