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and model @infusedromance IS OUT NOW

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Barcelona Airport

thanks for having me over @thebradmair


a weirdo writing some music in the mountains above barcelona

London, Unιted Kingdom

a lot of love @margarethowellltd @amcasting - thank you for letting me walk your show

I love you - - -

london tomorrow

Rotterdam Centraal

over half a million for ‘too late’ on spotify.. @infusedromance IS OUT 💿 - thank you for listening ❤️❤️❤️

thanks for the ongoing support @spotifynl 💕 and thank you all a million for all your sweet messages, I see them all :) ps!!! let me know which song of the ep is your favorite by giving it a heart on Spotify!!


sometimes the sweeter the bite, the longer the high

my debut ep Infused Romance is finally out and it’s the greatest feeling in the world - please let me know what you think of it and which track you like most!! (and again, if you have 13 minutes, listen to it in 1 go!! The songs connect 💕) happy, and very grateful

@infusedromance is a personal journey through love, made up of 7 tracks with a total length of 13 minutes and 16 seconds. If you can find the time, try to listen to it from beginning till end. Some tracks will even seamlessly flow into each other - at midnight it’s gonna happen 🖤

‘too late’ is closing in to half a million streams... thank you a WHOLE million times for all that love - your support helps a lot with my nerves for the big release this Friday, my biggest personal project so far. I hope you’re gonna like it :)

FRIDAY 👅 @infusedromance - here a little insight on how the recordings went with 2 of my favorite people - now that we are so close to the whole thing coming out, I just can’t wait to show you everything UGHH music is everything and I feel so blessed!!

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