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Vice President & Head Instructor @onepeloton. Former lawyer. Bestselling Author of Shut Up & Run. Ultra runner. 26x marathoner. BOOKINGS: WME/IMG

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💥 Did ya'll know our core muscles play a huge role in any type of movement that we do? From running, to weight lifting, and even everyday activities like getting out of bed. I can't stress enough how important a strong core is. 💥 Sure, abs are nice but let's shift the focus to building up STRENGTH. 💪🏽 Check out my 🆕 20 minute Core Strength (from 9/12), OD now. Who's ready, @onepeloton? ⤵️

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🥳 You’re INVITED to my birthday party, y’all! 🥳 Next Friday (9/20) we celebrate on the bike with @djjohnmichael at 6PM! Catch last night’s DJ ride for a preview. 🎉 Where are my fellow September babies? How are you celebrating?

My 🆕 20 min Hip Hop Fun Run 🎉 is waiting for you on @onepeloton Digital. Take it to the streets and 🏃🏽‍♀️with me to some 🔥🎶// Who's getting out there today, hustlers? ⬇️

OMW to see @hustlersmovie. 🎬 Who else is supporting @jlo @constancewu @keke @lilireinhart @lizzobeeating?? Let’s go QUEENS.

To all my warriors who are participating in my NEW 45 min Tabata Benchmark series - ya'll killed it this past Tuesday.🔥 We'll be revisiting the same format every 4 weeks, so mark you calendars for the NEXT benchmark ride on October 8th. 🗓 Here are my tips to get stronger in between each Benchmark Ride: 🔹1x 45 min Tabata ride per week 🔹1x 30 min HIIT or interval based ride per week 🔹1x Glutes & Legs strength class on @onepeloton Digital paired with an easy ride such as low impact or music. For any other ride you take during this time ➡️Focus on heavy climbs & sustained efforts of 2+ minutes. Let's do this together, fam! 💪🏽

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There’s a pivotal point when a “team” becomes a “family,” and when an “organization” becomes a “movement.” We are in this moment now @onepeloton. We welcomed 2 instructors to the family: @tune2tunde 👑 & @fitxkendall 👑 (now on the live schedule!) These instructors, my family, give more than what is expected. Lead by example. Build bridges and always makes room at the table. As @allymisslove and I said during “All For One” - you can sit with us. You belong. What you think is who you are. Who you are is limitless. Who you are is now part of this family. Welcome home.

Peloton Cycling Studio & Showroom

Channeling my inner @beyonce today. 🐝 Who is your inspiration? What vibe do you call on to get through tough days? 🦁 Tag someone below who helps you ROAR. ⬇️

Peloton Cycling Studio & Showroom

Please join me in welcoming two FIERCE 🔥 new Cycling Instructors to the fam! @fitxkendall & @tune2tunde, we are so thrilled to have you. Welcome to the best team on 🌎. . @onepeloton make sure to catch Kendall’s premiere ride TONIGHT at 7:30pm ET and Tunde’s, TOMORROW at 7:30pm ET. I can’t wait for all of you to get to know these incredible ladies! 💫

🗣 TABATA TUESDAY ALERT: Starting tomorrow, my 45 min Tuesday Tabata classes will follow the same format every 4 weeks, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to LEVEL UP 🙌🏽 and compare your performance month ➡️ month. . Think of this as your new⚡️BENCHMARK WORKOUT⚡️with the goal of improving each time around. . Tomorrow’s class will follow the same format as my latest Tabata ride on August 13th. So, who's in?⬇️ . Make sure to tag me on stories with side by side screenshots of your graphs 📈 to show me your progress. Let’s do this fam! 🔥


We don’t have attitudes. We have standards. // @adidasoriginals x @ji.won.choi

Peloton Cycling Studio & Showroom

My King celebrated 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ rides @onepeloton today. 👑 Find someone who sees the fire in you & instead asking you to dim, whispers “shine brighter.” 🔥 @iamdrewbutler, let’s keep building a legacy. 📸 Ivan Lora

🚨NEW SCHEDULE ALERT 🚨 Starting 9/9, there will be more opportunities for our West Coast fam to ride live & more class times for all you late night riders. You'll also be seeing more of our incredible UK Cycling Instructors @benjaminalldis and @leannehainsby on the live schedule. 🔥 . Catch me live👇🏽 MONDAY: 5:30PM ET 🏃🏽‍♀️ TUESDAY: 5:30PM ET 🚲 THURSDAY: 10:30AM ET 🚲 FRIDAY: 12:30PM ET & 6:00PM ET 🚲(NEW Live DJ Ride time! 🎧) . Make sure to check out the schedule for all the upcoming changes. See you on the leaderboard, @onepeloton. 💛

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