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Jimoto Inu: A 35mm stop motion film

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Just released a new @radpacks product! Don't be a redneck, get yourself a Mullet Cap.

Winter reconnaissance

Summer's rollin' by quick folks. Enjoy the long days & sunsets!

The 🦅 is paying for itself pretty quickly with campsites and views like this!

Pro tip: Buy a backroads BC map book. All the dirt roads, and all the free campin'. Was a real fun drive taking the Eagle over Hurley Pass and driving back roads all the way from the coast home to Alberta.

First sailing of the morning. Always feels good to beat the crowds, and catch those early morning rays.

Always so fired up to go for a Summer ski on the Horstman Glacier. It’s a contrast of emotions for me going skiing up there. I still feel the excitement I did when I was 13 years old, waking up to Atmosphere blasting out of an iPod mini, with @rexogilvie & @sandyslogilvie, stoked out of our minds to go ski with our biggest hero’s from the latest Poorboyz & @level1 movies. That was 15 years ago. I still feel that same excitement to go skiing in a place that is home to some of the craziest progression in the history of freeskiing. I’ve had some of the most fun days of my life up on the glacier. The bittersweet part of all of this is to see the massive effects of climate change on this shrinking glacier. Where there used to be full terrain parks and halfpipes, there is now just glacial rock, and no more ice and snow. Seeing this change over the past 15 years is so eye opening, and real. Some of this is due to the effects of operating a Summer ski hill on a precious ecosystem, but despite our impact the glacier is melting, and won’t be there for my kids to ski. From the ski & snow community, Thank you for everything Horstman glacier! Think twice about the decisions you make that have an effect on the planet, and try to make some positive changes in your routine!

After way too many hours of scouring the internet classifieds, I finally found a little pop top camper for the back of my truck. We took the scenic route to the coast up the icefields parkway, through Jasper, and down through Valemount & Blue River. Beautiful views for the Eagle’s maiden voyage!

Sunrise Steinboks

Laax, Switzerland

Finished the ski season up in Schwanden with the spaetzle eatin', pulver schnee shreddin', adler brau sippin', swiss army knife carving champion, @samiortlieb. Went over there for some sunny spring time skiing, and ended up ripping pow every other day... thank you mother nature.

Calgary, Alberta

Looking for a good home for my camper van. Must like going to the coast/mountains. More info in my story.

A few from the first days of Spring in the Rockies.

Florida Dave & Fernie Dylan walking up a mountain so they can ski back down.

Gota get up to go down.

Let's all try and make positive change in our lives to benefit the longevity of the beautiful, fragile place we call home. Ride your bike! Get a reusable coffee cup and water bottle and grocery tote! Buy less ! Unplug from your cell phones, and connect to the outdoors! Put your dollars to work by supporting businesses who are taking green initiatives! Vote for the environmental change you want to see in politics! Its difficult not to feel like a hypocrite when we rely so heavily on fossil fuels, but it's possible to lower your carbon footprint, and keep our planet happy and healthy! Happy Earth Day!

Pescado to air traffic control, requesting permission for landing...

Miyazaki Prefecture

Slid around on more than just frozen water while we were in Japan. Surfs up in Miyazaki!

Stay tuned for my favourite frames from . If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, please do! Thanks for the positive feedback folks!

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