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Servant of Christ. Husband of @hillaryfroning. Father. . @mayhemathlete. @roguefitness. @reebok. @advocare. @rpstrength. @rehband.
601 Rich Froning Way Cookeville, Tennessee

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Everyone coming to @thecrossfitmayhem this weekend for Train with Rich, don’t worry I ordered two more worms for us to have some fun.

31 never looked so good! Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife who is my partner in crime, best mom ever, and favorite travel partner! Hope you have an incredible day @hillaryfroning!

Great time this weekend supporting @togomissionsinc this weekend with these two! If you’re not familiar with Togo Missions you should check them out, pretty incredible stuff. Thanks @darrenhunsucker @jessicahunsucker32 for being on my team as well as all the judges and volunteers for sacrificing your time.

Question: Is the concerned look on my face because @drestrohm was going too fast or too slow? Answer: definitely too fast

1 in 58 children in the US are impacted by Autism. Many of these families cannot afford the therapy these children need to learn, communicate and even speak. We believe coming together as a community can create hope. This hope can fuel the passion to change the future for autism, 1 amrap at a time. CrossFit Mayhem is hosting AMRAP 4 Autism Saturday, September 14th for some fitness and fun. Find a teammate, register or donate online, and show up for a great cause. @amrap4autism

When forecast says it’s going to be 95 degrees again tomorrow.

Vacation with these three isn’t vacation at all... but whatever it is it’s way better!!

New patches. Link in @thecrossfitmayhem bio.

Pre-order for our special edition 51 shirts ends tomorrow night! Link in @thecrossfitmayhem bio.

Had a blast hanging with the @drivengolfshow, @rpstrength, and @scottstallings for food, fitness, and golf.

Team Event 2 7-5-3 synchro rope climbs 42-30-18 Worm thrusters This event I felt like we were most prepared for, we had done multiple different variations of this combo (never that many thrusters). That first set of 7 rope climbs and 42 thrusters was the whole workout. Our girls crushed the rope climbs and except for one minor hiccup on the set of 18 thrusters the workout went according to plan.

I miss “hanging out” with my friends. Get it? Pumped to have all our @mayhemathlete programs on the new and improved @SugarWOD platform. We recently released a Mayhem Scaled program for those of you looking to nail down movements like strict pull ups, start to Rx some workouts, or just improve your baseline fitness. Check out a couple pieces from last week: 3 rounds 15 Dumbbell Box Step Over (2x40s/25s) 15 Sand Bag Clean 70/50 5x5-7 Banded Tempo Pull Ups *3 second Ascending and Descending Reps

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