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O primeiro jogo com a camisola do meu novo clube 💪💪💪

Today has been a day full of emotions, I have signed contract with a club that have valued me and reached out to me as soon as they new I was free to play for another club but in the other hand I feel sad because I’m leaving behind a club that I will forever hold in my heart and leave back my special fans that I will never forget that I will always love and respect and you all have a special place in my heart thank-you all for what you all have done for me, even though after knowing that the Besiktas president didn’t want me playing no more you all kept supporting me! I feel I so lucky to have you all as fans all your support was crucial to me all these years. I hope you all understand... forever in my heart my fans.

I have just been informed that by the clubs president that he no longer wants me to be part of the te and continue playing, at the moment I working on resolving the issue, during the following days I will announce my future at a press conference. Thank you all for your comprehension ad support.

This is fake news. It is my last year of contract and I will stay here to help my club, my team and my fans reach the end of the season and become champions. A hug to all Beşiktaş forever 💪

Elithairtransplant thanks for everything and to all of you for excellent work @elithairtransplant_de

Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you @goldenconcept for this amazing Iphone 🙏🏻

Casamento Cedric e Filipa 💍 💑

Porto, Portugal

Orgulho em ser Português...Parabéns 🇵🇹💪🙏 I feel honored to be Portuguese, congratulations🇵🇹💪🙏

Balls & Company Algarve

Ter um lugar para ir é lar, ter alguém para amar é família e ter os dois é uma benção! Família não é uma coisa importante, é tudo❤️ Gidilecek bir yerin olması; ev, sevilen birinin olması; aile ve her ikisinin de olması nimet! Aile sadece önemli birşey değil, herşey ❤️ Having somewhere to go; is home, having someone to love; is family and having both is a blessing! Family is not only important, its everything ❤️

Baku, Azerbaijan

Uma honra, um prazer e um grande obrigado. Cok onurlandim. Cok tessekkür ederim. It is such an honour to receive this award, thank you.

35 yaşinda sezonu 20 yaşinda bir oyuncu gibi bitirdim. 14 Asist ve 4 gol! Bu da yaşin sadece bir rakam oldugunu gösteriyor! Bazen yaş bir avantaj olarak bile sayilabilir, çünkü zamanla olgunlaştim ve tecrübe kazandim! Hiç bir şey beni rahatsiz etmiyor, hiç bir şey beni etkilemiyor 😉 Com 35 anos terminei a época como se tivesse 20, 14 assistências e 4 golos, o que demonstra que a idade e um simples número...Por vezes a idade torna-se benéfica até para o amadurecimento, nada nos incomoda nada nos afecta 😉

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