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visual artist + photographer + writer + creative director + consultant + poet —————————————————— — contact ————————————————

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Finishing the year with a bunch of art shows and exhibitions peppered across September to December. I’m working hard on putting together my work, old and new for these. I have always approached my work more as an artist and less as a commercial photographer. However, pursuing art as a part of my career is a whole new career path for me. It has been a little over a year since my very first international group show. The first time I saw my work printed and displayed for viewing, for experiencing. How stirring it felt, as if this was what I was meant to create, this is what I am meant to use my imagination for. For people to feel, to experience, to resonate. Since then I have had the opportunity to exhibit at several places big and small, nearby and far away. This career trajectory brings in me a renewed sense to create, a heightened thought process to approach my work with and an endless pool of possibilities. It was always present but has seeped in deeper and more firmly within my being and in every aspect of my self, my work, my everyday. I feel grateful to be living this life. ————————————————————————

Moodboards can be imitation boards. Next time you are creating, start from your mind. Start with a blank sheet of paper and your thoughts. Don’t browse, don’t look at anybody’s work, don’t make a moodboard of references. Try out different processes for your creative practise. If one tried and tested practise has been working for you, still challenge yourself to think differently every once in a while. Perhaps create an inspiration board out of natural materials, write a song, delve into a psychological aspect and start researching it, the options are endless. Look at life as your moodboard. Let everything teach you and inspire you. Be interested in various things, ideas, completely unrelated to your profession even. Have seemingly silly interests too, towards teacups or moths or matchboxes or stones or any of the billions of things you might find fascinating. These are the things which make you unique and in turn, your work unique. Avoid using other people’s work as a starting point for your work especially within the same discipline. Challenge yourself to think harder. It might take more time than browsing the internet but it will give you so much perspective on what you wish to create in an entirely unique way, a process close to you, your thoughts, your practise. How special would that be! And with that the outcome would also be something that is close to you, your thoughts, your practise and your heart. It is hard to not get subconsciously influenced by the things you see, however, your process can be pure and you can try your best to bring originality, fantasy, imagination, a deeper thought process to what you create.

Practising everyday is equivalent to cultivating a state of mind to be inspired everyday. There is a notion of inspiration being something that strikes once in a while, something that involves luck, perfect timing and a multitude of factors to come together to create that lightening moment of inspiration. This may be true for certain ideas which do occur once in a while and engage one’s entire existence. However, a lot of times, practising our craft regularly is what trains our mind to find inspiration consistently. It helps us to be filled with ideas for more things to make and to enjoy the process of making, while simultaneously getting better at it. It prepares us with a skill set and ability to match the ideas we may have, to being able to competently and confidently execute said idea. We are ready not only when that inspiration strikes, but also, by practising regularly, we are pushing ourselves to dig deeper for ideas, to cultivate the process of being inspired and to enable ourselves to find inspiration from every aspect of our life. Disciplined practise is something that I have cultivated over time and still strive to be better at. The best part is that no matter what, the more we do, the more we learn, the more we make improvements and the better we get. ————————————————————————

Old poem, new meaning.

Through my work I want to create emotions and conversations. To me it is never about the product but the entire narrative. Which is why I handpick clients who want to invest in ideas, emotions, stories, dialogue. Every project is treated with the same amount of mindfulness and love, be it a personal project or a client commission. I never distinguish between the two by thinking that I will do better because it is my personal work. All work is my work. The intention is always to do the best no matter what or whom the project is for. In either case it is my time I’m giving to something and I always choose to spend it as creatively and thoughtfully as possible. This has been my outlook since the very beginning and keeping to my rules, learnings and resolve, this thought process has not been tainted in any way after all these years of work. I love the eco-system I have created around myself and someday I would like to pen it down and share it in great detail. My mind might be able to help your wandering mind. Skin & Bones from my Wandering Mind series. ————————————————————————

Due to all the different things I create, I, at times, have this thought about how my work and what I do, would be more understandable if I kept creating within a single discipline. That’s what a lot of successful bodies of work look like, they are consistent and cohesive. I have a lot of admiration towards people who have figured out the one thing, aesthetic, palette they are so passionate about to create and experiment within it for years. But it simply isn’t for me. I want to create a thousand markedly different kinds of things. This comes with its own challenges of confusion and being unable to grow in a single focused field constantly. However, I decided a long time ago to be open to these challenges and to getting better at communicating all the different aspects of me. People have as many facets in their work personality as they do in their own personality. So why not utilise it all, all your talents, and all the things you do for self expression. Motivate others to doing so too and come out of this thought process that there is only one job or career path for each of us, that your presence needs to be a certain way to be successful, that sticking to a tried and tested formula is better than wholeheartedly creating and sharing. Share what you would like to share and create what you like to create. Let’s create to grow, to challenge ourselves, to emotionally connect with the countless creative people all around us. In the near and distant future you can expect from me even more varied work within graphic design, animation, 3d modelling, game design, writing, poetry, different genres of photography and lots more digital art! Always a work in progress. ^_^ ————————————————————————

My work is going to be part of a collective photography exhibition in Germany starting today until the 5th of September at the Planet Flow Creative Community in Blockdammweg, Berlin, organised by PEP. ^_^ They will be showcasing an image from my ongoing series Borrowed which explores the theme of interiors and tenants. How rented houses bring with them their own personality and a myriad of aesthetic decisions from previous owners. Where, as a tenant, one tries to make it their home in different ways leaving yet again a trail of combined preferences and visions. Beautiful home courtesy of @siddharthashok Photographed by @rhea.gupte ————————————————————————-

Red Pill Blue Pill | I created this series inspired by the concept of the red and blue pill in the movie, The Matrix, where the protagonist is given a choice between continuing on in the quest for a plausible truth or being blissfully ignorant. Even away from the fantastical world of the movie, human beings are faced with this choice on a daily basis even in our mundane lives, be it with reference to the political and social climate, our personal lives or while exploring the depths of our being. Everyday, we make the decision between red or blue. What do you choose at an individual level? I translated this concept into my work by using the colours as a driving force juxtaposed with fluid abstract forms. ————————————————————————

My series “SELF” explores deeply and emotionally, my empowering and often times soul-sucking thoughts as an artist through the mediums of collage and self-portraiture. My first artwork in the series —FRAGMENTED is a comment on the quality of human interactions and being a creative in a fast paced digital age. I stopped posting too many images of myself, as I felt, in a selfie driven culture, my work would never get as much attention as my face. So I chose to change the narrative and what people see. My face, my body, my looks are not important points to talk about publicly to me. I’d rather have conversations with strangers and loved ones about feelings, thoughts, ambitions, struggles, dreams. This piece is an ode to my awareness of how one has to work mindfully to gather and attract quality and meaningful interactions online; to avoid having a bunch of comments focused on how one looks, often ignoring the message or being too busy to delve into it. ————————————————————————

As important as learning the ropes of freelancing, working with multiple clients, juggling between various facets of the job are, just as important is to learn to say NO. Being able to say no sometimes comes with an understanding of your own privilege in whether or not you can let an opportunity go. However, many a times, on weighing, such opportunities are disasters masked as opportunities. You might have to work even harder to get to your next project by letting something in hand go, but you would be saving yourself a lot of mental torment by standing up for what you believe in and more importantly, keeping yourself safe mentally and physically. - Say no to people who do not make you feel comfortable or safe - Say no to people who ask inappropriate questions under the guise of a work meeting - Say no to people who unnecessarily ask for more of your time than a project demands - Say no to meetings that are not possible to be scheduled in a public place or on your terms - Say no to people who do not share your value system - Say no to clients who want you to imitate other people’s work - Say no to clients who do not agree to make payments on your terms - Say no to clients who’d rather chat on whatsapp than sign contracts - Say no to clients who demand more of your time than they are paying you for and make YOU feel guilty for not giving it - Say no to bosses who make you feel sorry for not working on your days off - Say no to companies who think a day off is a detriment to the company’s progress rather than a necessity for your mind and well-being. - Say no to anybody at your work place who talks or behaves with you in a way that makes you physically or mentally uncomfortable. - Say no to clients whose attitudes are misogynistic, homophobic, regressive. - Just because you are working with a client does not mean you are obliged to hang out with them outside of work if you do not wish to. Say no. - Say no to projects which don’t feed you, fulfil you, bring out the best in you or motivate you to do your best. Stay safe, keep your mental health safe and create the kind of environment around yourself which you can thrive in.

Specimen 001 from my SPECIMENS art series. I suspect this series would look beautiful printed large scale in homes, cafes and offices or as a music album cover or book cover. I’m excited for my art and photography to be part of newer and newer disciplines and industries as I grow, spanning between music, design, books and other print publications, phone and desktop wallpapers, and so much more that I possibly may not be able to imagine right now. Just a limitless number of ways to express myself and for others to express their art and thoughts through my work. To never being boxed into any one or two things. To saying no to boxes altogether and instead growing, expanding, adapting; free, tranquil and strong. I look forward to all of it and am already grateful for all of it. For all the amazing people getting in touch with me, from such varied industries, for not putting me in a box. For coming together to create something beautiful together, to empower each other. ————————————————————————

For those who need this. ———————————————————————— At times a glimmer of hope, inspiration, motivation, challenge is all that is needed to push oneself to do better, to want better and to believe that one can have and do better. Keep growing your roots and branches. Taste water and air. There is a world beyond being stone and tasting mud. Live fully. Live to grow. ————————————————————————

My new art series Specimens explores the idea of artificially grown plant forms to re-populate a barren earth with new life. It is series rooted in sadness and hope. ————————————————————————

Last year at a meeting with a huge cosmetics giant I learnt that fairness creams are still the highest grossing and highest demanded product on shelves in the Indian market. We NEED to change this statistic. This is a mindset and it is our responsibility to change it. We need to ingrain in every person and especially kids, whatever colour they are, it is to be proud of. Parents and relatives and any adults the child is in contact with, need to understand that calling their child nicknames for being dark is NOT endearing, it is rooted in deep insecurity and bias which we have had in India since colonisation. This IS the colour of OUR skin. It deserves love, affection, acceptance. Start from yourself and spread this love to the people close to you. Next time you hear somebody complain about their complexion or tell you to worry about yours, take the opportunity to start a conversation, take the opportunity to uplift yourself and the person you are speaking to. Every person, every family, every school can make a difference which can one by one empower an entire nation. My poem BROWN is published in a book titled PAPEACHU REVIEW by @papeachupress and can be purchased at ———————————————————————

There is a place in the mind where everything blooms. Stay there often, leisurely, as long as possible. Photography, Styling, Creative Direction @rhea.gupte Hair & Makeup @nummmzzz Models @irene_augustin & @tashipedy at @animacreatives Client @poshpride ————————————————————————

You know how memories work, they stick with people. They let people define you by their memories of you. However, we are not the memory of a person. We are what we are today, right now, in this moment. We have grown over the years, we have built ourselves up over time. We do not deserve to be stuck as the version in somebody’s memory of us. We deserve to give ourselves the consideration and admiration of who we are today. — Throwback to making memories with the nicest people. Photography, Styling, Creative Direction @rhea.gupte Hair & Makeup @nummmzzz Models @irene_augustin & @tashipedy at @animacreatives Client @poshpride ————————————————————————

Hello South Korea! ^_^ My work is being showcased at the CONCEPT 2019 exhibition at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (@cicamuseum) from the 28th of June to the 14th of July. A big shoutout to all the other artists showcasing too, they have such beautiful thought processes for their work, I was lucky enough to get a private sneak peek of the entire exhibit. Makes me feel so inspired and motivated. I also want to spend some more time writing a better Artist Bio for myself. All of these artists have such beautiful, detailed, open-hearted ones. I will be exploring my depths to come up with a deeper, more meaningful and soulful bio this week which fully represents me and my work. Do any of you struggle with writing your own bio too? It is a rather daunting task but we are always learning. ————————————————————————

Hello! Its me! ^_^ Some of my selected works are going to be exhibited at Kunsthaus Rhenania in Köln, Germany for the INDERNET exhibition by Masala Movement (@masalamovement) alongside some brilliant artists of varying disciplines. If any of you are around, do attend the showcase on any day from the 28th of June to the 7th of July. For those who aren’t based there, I will try and share more about the exhibit closer to the dates. Thank you for being a part of my journey.🖤 ————————————————————————

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