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ART + CULTURE + LANDSCAPE @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director

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The Arctic Cirlce

Proud to see many around the world take a stand for our current today in the . If we can’t use our voice on these platforms for positive change than we have failed... Please visit the link my profile and share the message and take part in saving this special planet for future generations. ~ Pictured here - our tiny ship dwarfed by an ice sheet and the aftermath of a gaint calving event. Seeing these events happen first hand is a startling reminder of the melting of polar regions, sea level rise and the greater crisis at hand.

planet earth

*link in profile* Getting amped for the climate strike tmr with this piece from @amplifierart of my buddy @argonautphoto’s son @hawkeyehuey!! ~ Words by @argonautphoto - Get ready for the !!! My son @hawkeyehuey has been hearing a lot about and the we are facing, and it's freaking him out! He - and every other child - has the right to a safe environment. If you are freaked out too, then join us and students around the world in the tomorrow. I co-directed this experimental animated short with @bemo_studio for @amplifierart! Please help us spread this video and support the Strike by sharing this TODAY! Full video link here and in my header: Support the movement by registering at! FridaysforFuture

Glacier Ruth, Denali National Park

After 10 years in the making our @sanctityofspace passion project is finally very close to picture lock! A film about the alchemy of people and landscape in the alaska range... ~ @sanctityofspace @welltoldfilms @freddiewilkinson @visit_films [aerial part of the national park service commission - operated/DP @ansonfogel with @timkemple on the lower Ruth glacier and @curtismorgan as cineflex elite grandfather]

Portland Head Light

That’s a wrap on our mini-Maine expedition these last few weeks. Lucky to spend some time within the mountains and oceans that started it all for me. And of course it was the farmers, fisherwoman, craftsman and all other salt of the earth that truly bring it to life. Looking forward to sharing the finished TV spot when it airs in the spring. ~ @camp4collective @ansonfogel @visitmaine @bvkhq @visitmaine @katelynkristine24 @sonycine @daharbfilm @rudy.le @styrene1014 @katelynkristine24 @nickmarrazza @thecameradivision @leitzcine @sonycine @angenieuxlenses

Onekotan, Sakhalinskaya Oblast', Russia

Moon sweeping over Onekotan Island of the Kurils. Beyond the pretty pictures of this far off landscape between Kamchatka and Japan I think we came away with a greater story of science and communication with a heartfelt cast... Looking forward to diving back into the 20+ TB harvested out there.@bigdaddivladi @taylorfreesolo @e_kaspersky @rishisugla @jtkerby @chrisburkard @_ryanhill_ @povel @ollyru999 @tomorrow_unlocked @adorama @manfrottoimaginemore @sonyalpha

Mt Everest

Secrets of everest basecamp. Unexpected frames from the 17,000 north side drive-in basecamp. our truck extracting gear as last team in camp // @coryrichards Contemplating his very dangerous first ascent mission with @estebantopomena // our climbing sherpas playing hours of cards // and drone Perspectives from basecamp // Tibetan heroes packing up loads to head to advanced base camp // blessing to the goddess mountain for safe passage // and astroturf, exercise bikes, massage chairs and movie projection screen at the fanciest of base camp. Not ours. // More Tibetan yak driver bad asses is ready to make it happen ~ Shot on assignment for @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface_climb for the assignment

Otter Cliff

Video by @jwalter1337 @pamolacreative // Great to meet Jamie yesterday who has been bleeding to get time-lapse gems like this for the last three months for a series of short films for @visitmaine @bvkhq which we will also include in the @camp4collective TV spot. These types of moments take a next level of dedication and patience to capture and it’s great to see the younger generation carrying the toil-lapse torch. ~ @ansonfogel @rudy.le @daharbfilm @katelynkristine24 @nickmarrazza


Experienced something real yesterday on location with @camp4collective for @visitmaine @bvkhq. Blaine and Virginia have been married for over 20 years and have a daily lobster fishing routine of getting up at 2am to pull their family pots and watching sunrise seep around the craggy coastal islands. Although the lobster industry is generally under threat by climate change and a sign that we need to pay attention, it was great to see the care they took to only take certain lobster and throwing many less mature or females with eggs back into the sea. Just goes to show you don’t have to go to the roof of the world to experience true grit, magic light and salt of the earth. ~ 🦞 @ansonfogel @bvkhq.@nickmarrazza @matthewturley @katelynkristine24 @rudy.le @daharbfilm @goodtimesgrip @sonyalpha @smallhd @teradek @tiffencompany @thecameradivision @angenieuxlenses ASs optimo 32-70 wide angle uncoated zoom anamorphic on the

Roof of the World Team

Kagi is smiling and Lakpah seems concerned as we hypoxically wait for the sun to hit at 28,000ft. This season past shifted my perspective on the evolving role of the climbing sherpas / high altitude guides...something that we will reveal in the upcoming @natgeo @sonyalpha films. Overall they are rightly exercising their power over the outcome of big foreign expeditions and gaining agency at the roof of the world. ~ Looking forward to sharing more soon within the film we have been cranking on with @jaymacaveli @taylorfreesolo @treefighter @lgnnelson @curtismorgan

Sheepscot General

Small farm, hard work, good people. Shooting @sheepscotgeneral today and all across Maine these next few weeks. Great to be back after after going to school here long ago to absorb the final colors of summer. @ansonfogel @bvkhq @visitmaine @camp4collective @ben10daniels @nickmarrazza @katelynkristine24 @rudy.le @daharbfilm @santwiches [@sonyalpha a7riv with 35mm at f1.4]

Sakhalin, Ul'Yanovskaya Oblast', Russia

encounter from our film. Although @tedhesser may have had a lot of sketchy prop destroying ship landings he did come back with this magical clip! ~ Words by @tedhesser: “Rare footage of the most endangered whale on earth, the North American right whale. I captured this yesterday in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and can’t believe the rainbow created by its spout. These whales were almost whaled to extinction in the 19th century. In the mid 20th century illegal whaling kept the numbers down despite many efforts to resuscitate the population. Having seen a number of whales on our trip so far, I’ve noticed that most whales dive deep upon first sight of our boat. Whereas this whale, the right whale, hovered around the surface and near the boat for hours. We think that’s why they are endangered, and apparently is even where the name came from. Essentially they were the easiest targets in the whaling frenzy of a bygone era. A friend of mine sent me a note that @nrdc_org has launched a global campaign to save these magical creatures. Let us know if you want photos or footage, we’ve got a bunch now! Pretty stoked we were able to spend a few hours with this guy yesterday. • • • @taylorfreesolo @jtkerby @rishisugla @tomorrow_unlocked @e_kaspersky @povel @_ryanhill_ @alejandroarango13 @ollyru999 @donreverendo @bigdaddivladi

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