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Canada’s penis.


Having a blast at with the (partial) cast of @SamNeillTheProp @SusanSarandon &Roger Michell

Ran into an old friend from work at the airport... @mrcraigrobinson

One of the greatest joys of parenting is getting to share with your children the things you love most in the world. For me? Apocalypse Now. Saw it when I was 15 and it changed my life. Didn’t know movies could do what that movie did. The deepest possible dive into the hearts of darkness, the grotesque absurdity of war and the macabre shadow side we all carry. Plus Marlon Brando dropped down from Krypton hell and Dennis Hopper channeling Dennis Hopper.

Working out with Diamond!

WATCH THIS VID AND SIGN THE PETITION! @justinbaldoni ・・・ My dear friend, Isabel Bueso (Who some of you may recognize from My Last Days) is one of the brightest lights I know and desperately needs our help. . Isabel and her beautiful family moved to the United States over 16 years ago so that she could get the medical care she needs to survive. Now because of a change in policy they are being deported despite a plea from her doctors and lawyers to the government stating she would die if forced to leave the country. . Isabel's family immigrated here legally, have jobs, own their own home, and are model citizens. Isabel graduated college at the top of her class while balancing countless surgeries and weekly treatments. They are not a burden to this country and all they want and DESERVE is to become American citizens. My heart breaks for Isabel and her family and for ALL of the others like her being forced to leave this country. . WHAT CAN YOU DO? 1.Please share Isabel’s story with the hashtag on all of your social platforms. 2. Tweet the president and sign the petition (link in bio)

On my flight this sleeping guys hand came uncomfortably close to my thigh. He clearly violated the unwritten chair arm boundary rule of the skies. Perhaps it was his 3 bloody Mary’s or maybe the magnetic allure of my ‪Beyoncé‬-esque thighs? @‪Beyonce‬ Also, THE ENTIRE TIME, his iPhone flashlight was ON!!!!

ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Had 2 great drafts and ready for my 2 leagues this season - 1st up the Utopia league and 2nd the 13th year/season of our Office league. 12 team / .5 ppr. Only players in common? The new starting RB for Houston Duke Johnson Jr and Cleveland DEF. Good luck everybody! !

Sometimes there are people who come into your life at exactly the right time for exactly the right reason. When I was a senior in High School I wandered into the GREAT BOOKS class of one Ms Raissa Landor at New Trier High School. Over the course of that year we read Nietszche, Gibbon, The book of Job, Viktor Frankl, Rousseau and Kant, Plato and many, many others. And guess what? No papers. You were graded on how you LEAD the discussion and the points you made and how vigorously and articulately you defended your theses. As a teacher, she only asked questions, she never gave answers. Questions. Life’s biggest questions. Questions posed from the dawn of man when shaman/priests/actor/storyteller/madmen created our myths, through to the Greeks, the Romans, the legends of humanity’s myriad indigenous tribes, the cafes of the enlightenment through to college campuses in dorm rooms at midnight. This methodology blew my pimply mind. The connect-the-dots between all the eternal themes of philosophy, literature and spirituality. Love. The soul. Death. Morality. God. Will. Self and consciousness. Perception. The ideas fostered in that classroom would percolate in my mind up until this present day. There would have been no @SoulPancake without her. And, guess what? We got to visit again where I interviewed her for a new podcast (METAPHYSICAL MILKSHAKE coming in Sept on @HearLuminary Media with @RezaAslan). She is as sharp and vivacious in her late 70s as she was 30 years ago. And she still reads NON-STOP! Thank you, Ms Landor for showing hundreds and hundreds of young minds the way forward through the greatest sets of ideas the human mind has ever birthed. Thank you for being my teacher. And my friend.

@shaunking with @get_repost ・・・ This is where we are as a country right now. A motorcycle muffler backfired last night in Times Square here in NYC and everybody ran for their lives. It’s horrible. They thought it was a mass shooting

I’m teaming up with @Prizeo once again to make one lucky fan the assistant to the assistant to the regional manager for a day! Enter for as little as $10 and you and friend could take tour of beautiful fake Scranton, PA [Los Angeles] with me as your guide + lunch at Benihana! All proceeds benefit girls education in Haiti @lidehaiti. Enter now: [link in bio]

Denizens of the west coast... this fall PLANT SOME MILKWEED!!! The population of Monarchs in Cali declined 86% last year! This is the way to help restore their population! @eco_life @ecolifeconservation

I just LOVE flying on airplanes! Weeeeeee!!! Apparently not everyone does.... @JeffGarlin

So on our recent sojourn up the I-5 through Washington State we swung off of that mighty, life-giving freeway (the Mississippi River of the western states) to visit the houses I grew up in. We didn’t knock on any doors because that would have been weird but we did stalk some driveways (which is also weird). First up? My rental home in Olympia, Wa for K-2 (front and back), then our rented house in Lake Forest Park for 3-8 and the “fancy” condo across the street we bought and lived in for 9th and 10th grade. I also included my elementary school and it’s cafeteria/auditorium where I gave my very first performance as Schroeder in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Isn’t it incredible, for those over a certain age, the flood of visceral sensations that flow around your body when you visit childhood homes and those sacred, ordinary places steeped in memory?

Fiction lovers: you’ll dig this podcast about short stories, language and character with the wifey! Link in bio @holidayreinhorn ・・・ ❤️I loved talking about all things fiction and my newest work with Donna Ledbetter and the fabulous literary folks who —guess what!?—-champion the short story !!!!! @shortstorybookclub — have a listen (link in bio) @shortstorybookclub ・・・ Holiday Reinhorn is the author of Big Cats: Stories from Free Press. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she is also the author of award-winning fiction that has been featured in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including This Is Not Chick Lit (Random House), The Worst Years of Your Life (Simon & Schuster), and Naming the World (Random House).⁠ .⁠ Holiday’s fiction has received a Tobias Wolff Award, a PEN/ Short Story Award and a Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellowship.⁠ .⁠ In the podcast, we spoke with Holiday about her second collection of short stories in progress and one of her new stories, Our Lady of Perpetual Sadness, which appears in American Short Fiction Magazine Issue 67.⁠ .⁠ In addition to being an author, Holiday is the co-founder of Lide Haiti, an arts and literacy program that provides scholarships, tutoring, and educational support to over 850 girls in 14 rural villages.⁠ .⁠ Want to listen to the podcast? Follow the link! (⁠ .⁠

So we took a pilgrimage to @archiemcphee the other day. I’ve been visiting this Seattle landmark since 1985. In fact, @HolidayReinhorn and I got our engagement rings (Spider-Man decoder rings) there in 1994! It’s a wonderland of the absurd and joyous. Plus the worlds largest rubber chicken! Visit them online! (Not a paid ad, idiots)

My very first television gig might have included my greatest performance of all time. Casey Keegan. Homicidal Stand up comic. Because when you really think about it, you’ve only got One Life To Live. Note to all Daytime Emmy Voters: feel free to honor me in some capacity. Followers: please let me know your fave acting moments! (Swipe ⬅️ for all 5 parts)

So I did the @InsideofYoupodcast with @TheMichaelRosenbaum and they literally ANIMATED my childhood! It’s like it came to life! We talk of all manner of things, profound, vulgar and personal and he goes DEEP inside of me. Listen! [link in bio]

@angelakinsey with @get_repost ・・・ Kids. ❤️

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