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"Had I not created my own world, I would certainly have died in other people's." - Anais Nin .

Autumn is nigh 🍂 ☺️ I personally cannot wait for everything to be chillier and dimmer ☁️ How about you ? ✨

"To say goodbye is to die a little." - Raymond Chandler

“They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.” -Dinos Christianopoulos

Stoked to share with you the cover Art I’ve illustrated for @mayssakaraa upcoming remix of her new single “Versailles” ✨ Remix by @kouganray Release on August 30th 💚

أخيراً، وجدت أمي Thrilled to share with you the latest book that I’ve illustrated 💚 Written by Doudja Ben Fredj @doudja.b I am looking forward to see this book hit the shelves because it offers space to the young children to identify with a sensitive situation and draw positives despite the pain 💚✨

"Books are a uniquely portable Magic" - Stephen King

Love, regardless 💚✨

Bringing this back ✨ Where do you find Magic? 😍💚

I’ve been always fascinated with tarot cards and the divinity its deck holds, especially the card of “The Hermit”. [The Hermit stands alone on the top of a mountain. The snow-capped range symbolises his spiritual mastery, growth and accomplishment. He has chosen this path of self-discovery and, as a result, has reached a heightened state of awareness].

"With affection beaming out of one eye, and calculation shining out of the other." - Charles Dickens.

Giving it another go with these loop animations ✨ this time it’s @ascia 💚

Tripoli, Lebanon

Thoughts & Prayers to Tripoli ✨ Eid Mubarak 💚

Beds are envelopes that mail you to your dreams.

An interview I did a while back with Zaven Kouyoumdjian on Future TV’s “Bala Toul Siré” about character design, storytelling, and my debut picture book INDIGO.

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