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Filmer at @onecastlepro. Husband to @meretseger_xo. This is my collection of life and the rabbit holes I’ve fallen in. Music. Wine. Google Search Bar

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At the end of it all, you come up with your own takeaway everyday.

Got together with everyone to celebrate @meretseger_xo ‘s birthday this weekend. It was nice being able to spend sometime in some fresh mountain air. Happy birthday, babe! Thanks to @xxtraviexx @zachbrady78 @tarabear3xo @duchlex420 for sharing the good times.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Any day I get to come home to you, i know I’ve made it.

Time, like light, moves by its own rules and both are treasures to all.

It’s exciting having the weather cool down a bit. It’s always nice reminiscing in rainy weather. I’m thankful for a lot. For the people listening, for the people who support me and the people who love me. At the end of it all, accepting that love has been all that’s gotten me through.

Yeah... that’s what my morning looks like too.

Sometimes you do just get stuck. Sometimes priorities get in the way. I woke up early this morning mobbing in the home-stretch of the current production we’re working on and... well had to leave it at the home-stretch. Plus today’s cleaning day, then previous engagements... then hopefully back to this...

I was with @demies_aesthetix for her last Saturday on campus and may have spent a little more time than I maybe needed to. We’ll see how long this lasts 👍.

Haters gonna hate.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Being in sync with what’s around you is a universal principal towards any cause. It’s easy for me to forget that, when there’s so much going on. Whether it’s the people around you, your craft, your dreams, or you as an individual - be there.

Thank you, cow.

Salt Lake City, Utah

These past few months have been a time of renewal - I’m thinking it’s time to update our own promo with some amazing faces we’ve met along the way - stay tuned 😉

Took the day off to spend some much needed time with @meretseger_xo and our critters. Exploring on early weekday mornings mean you can get a little more of the world to yourself.

Happy Friday. Get out and do something...

So if you follow @onecastlepro then you’ve already seen these, but I wanted to add them here too because today was pretty special for me. This page is my little journal of some special days in my life and although these pictures turned out AWESOME, today was all about @meretseger_xo bringing my spirits up. She took me out to one of my favorite restaurants and believe it or not, this is the first time she let me officially be her photographer. Today was so spur of the moment and I loved every second of it. Thank you ❤️

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

Date nights are my time to learn about what I love most in this world. Relationships should never be monotonous. Theres enough in a day to make anyone feel like at least one thing happened. Same goes for that one person who cares to be your other half. Oh, and this sushi was delish 🔥 ❤️

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