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We ❤️ pugs! 💌

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When you and your best friend take the best selfie ever. Please follow @thispugcalledlink !

Sweet dreams! Please follow @evy_and_eugenia !

This was Wally last night. He’s such a smoosh.

Friday vibes! Please follow @beach_pug !

True ❤️. Please follow @circus_pugs !


Another pug in the tub! Please follow @pugloulou !

Bath time for Penny! 🧼 🛁 Please follow @its_pennythepug !

Be a good pug like Emmett and change into your jammies! Sweet dreams! Please follow @emmett_pug !

Look at these love bugs! Please follow @yukijiro1106 !

Buh Bye Summer. Wish you didn’t have to go. Please follow @mops_juergen !


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