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💍 @jenstateofmind 🌿 @bloomfarmscbd CPT for over 10 Years Expert in Bodyweight Fitness 220RYT

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Houston, Texas

‼️WORKSHOP ALERT‼️ Every moment has its prerequisites! I'll be leading a workshop on Calisthenics Systems at @mekanixhouston This workshop is unlike any other I have done, and will: 💪🏼 cover 16 total levels of strength movements, categorizing both Push and Pull movements 💪🏼 explain how and when to use progressions, regressions, and modifications 💪🏼 outline the appropriate prerequisites and training techniques for every level 💪🏼 categorize and breakdown over 150 movements Day 1: Foundations: Day 1 will cover the fundamental movements of Calisthenics. Progressions and regressions of the Push-up, Dip, Pull-up, and Handstand will be broken down into the first 8 levels. Day 2: Advanced: Day 2 will cover Advanced Movements and begin to categorize various Levers into the more advanced levels. Location: @mekanixhouston Houston, Texas Date: September 28-29 Register: Click the link in my bio!

My fiancé 💍 @jenstateofmind doing a 25lb Pull-up 😅💪🏼💪🏼. She's my Yoga Teacher and I'm her Calisthenics Coach. While I'm learning to become more flexible, she is learning to become stronger 😅 (gym @coreevolution ) (👟 @yorkathleticsmfg )

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Texas Parks and Wildlife

"If life on earth is temporary... than why should we think our problems are permanent? So enjoy every moment with happiness" (📷 @jenstateofmind )

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Shakey gravel equals shakey Handstand push ups. Great day of hiking at in Texas with @jenstateofmind (Music 🎼 @mychalraybeats )

Fredericksburg, Texas

Just some calisthenics in nature 🌿🌵🌳 Music: 🎼 @theevsmusic Shoes 👟 @yorkathleticsmfg Shirt : @nogravity_fitness

Brea, California

I'm half way through my 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training and loving it. I used to think Yoga was simply about stretching... how wrong I was. It's about looking inward and finding balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's about finding balance between your strengths and weaknesses. It's the inward journey of discovering who you are at a higher level, detached from your memories, detached from beliefs, detached from ego. No one has all the answers, and no one can be sure of the future, but we can learn to be unshaken with anything that comes our way. After I graduate and become an official yoga instructor, I'll have the pleasure of assisting my future wife @jenstateofmind in our next round of Yoga Teacher Training in August. If you think it's time for you to expand your knowledge of self, or want to learn a practice that can help others, consider learning Yoga. @ojas.healthfitness Sponsor: @bloomfarmscbd (Code KGCA for free shipping)

Whittier, California

🐒 monkey business with @jenstateofmind at @coreevolution 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Shoes 👟: @yorkathleticsmfg# Yoga Mat: @42birdscork

Core Evolution - LSF

Making progress 1 rep at a time! Fitness is not a race but a journey of struggle and growth. Gym: @coreevolution Shirts: @nogravity_fitness

Whittier, California

Without difficulty there is no growth! Challenges are simply opportunities to grow stronger! Gym: @coreevolution

San Diego, California

Choose a partner who can do full range of motion push ups ❤️🤣🤣🤣 partner push ups with @jenstateofmind this past weekend at @wanderlustfest 💪🏼 thanks again to @bloomfarmscbd 🔥 👟 @yorkathleticsmfg

Whittier, California

Choosing an effective exercise ultimately comes down to doing the right movement at the right time. . Dive Bomber Push-Ups are an intermediate movement meant to prepare the body for more advanced push exercises. . I recommend that you add this Push-up variation to your routine if you can perform a minimum of 5 Dips or 15 Push ups. Ultimately this movement will build your over push strength. . . PERFORMING DIVE-BOMBER PUSH-UPS: 1️⃣ Turn hands out to a 45 degree angle 2️⃣ Get into push ups position- the closer the feet are to your hands, the more difficult it becomes 3️⃣ Push yourself into Pike position 4️⃣ Lower your head between your hands while maintaining a 45 degree angle 5️⃣ As your head reaches the ground, begin to shift forward- the greater the lean, the greater the difficultly. 6️⃣ Begin your return with an emphasis on positioning yourself to push overhead, ending with your biceps close to your ears. . . ADDING THEM TO YOUR ROUTINE: 🗝 If you're between 5-10 Dips, perform them early in your training 🗝 People at 10-20 Dips should program this movement towards the middle of the workout 🗝Those who can do 25+ Dips, should end or burnout with this movement! . . WHO'S TRAINING DIVE BOMBER PUSH-UPS THIS WEEK NOW?! . . . . . _________ 👟 Shoes: @YorkAthleticsMfg 🤸🏽‍♀️ Yoga Mat: @42birdscork 🎥 Video: @jenstateofmind 🎶 Music: @theevsmusic

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