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Paul Rivera

Co-Creator of HBO show “The Shop”. Co-Founder & President of ROBOT. The Paul Rivera Podcast.

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We got action... TOP BOY out NOW on NETFLIX 🚀🚀🚀

New York, New York

NEW EPISODE... On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with former VP of Design at Jordan Brand, and current VP of Brand Creative at Nike, David Creech (@dccreech). They talk kicks, his unconventional path to Nike, his big Olympics break and working alongside GOATS! *Available on iTunes & Youtube

New York, New York

The Shop is open for business tonight...💈 @HBO @Uninterrupted And @kevinhart4real get better soon brother. We got another bottle of red waiting for you.

New York, New York

Is this thing on? See you soon... @ThePaulRiveraPodcast

We’re baaaaack... 🚀🚀🚀 9/3 @HBO @uninterrupted

🍷 + 😂 + 🤯 + 🤬 = September 3

New York, New York

My team surprised me by flipping our gallery for my birthday. Being surrounded by amazing people is the greatest gift.

Man, another year of life... I’ve been truly blessed to witness my brothers, friends & family take it to another level this year. I want to thank everyone in my life for putting up with my bullshit, inspiring me & pushing me to be better. I don’t take any of it (or you) for granted. I look forward to being able to witness what incredible shit you’ll do this next year. So thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. Here’s to another year of laughs, wine, 42, late night texts & love 🖤 Let’s get it... 🚀🚀🚀

New York, New York

NEW EPISODE of @ThePaulRiveraPodcast with @MavCarter... Mav breaks down what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the value of failure, the first time he realized @KingJames would be great and being ‘More Than...’ 🚀🚀🚀 *Listen on iTunes *Watch @ link in bio


New York, New York

Want to thank everyone at @yedcorp for the hospitality today. Was great to meet so many bright & talented young minds 🚀🚀🚀

New York, New York

The 113 Year 🇪🇸 rivalry rages on for the first time in the U.S... Friday.

Manhattan, New York

Bottle of great vino & a hot mic... @mavcarter is up next on @ThePaulRiveraPodcast 8/1

Chicago, Illinois

Moderated the @nba2k panel at @complexcon. Learned from @chicagodonc @stevestoute & @karltowns today. And to the young king @choppppppa congrats on the plat plaque. Keep going 🚀🚀🚀. Chicago thanks for the love...

Chicago, Illinois

See you tomorrow Chicago....

New York, New York

NEW EPISODE of @ThePaulRiveraPodcast with Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO of Relevent Sports, Danny Sillman... We talked about how he started his first business managing athlete’s finances from his college dorm room, his genius plan on how he cold-called Stephen Ross to get a 15 minute meeting and how he’s currently bringing the biggest global soccer superstars to the US for his @intchampionscup Tournament. Enjoy... *Listen on iTunes *Link in bio to watch

NEW EPISODE of @thepaulriverapodcast... Sat with my guy @johnseymour_nyc to talk his come up, building the @sweetchicklife empire, bringing @nas on as a partner & advice on starting your own business. *Video link in bio *Audio on iTunes Podcasts

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